Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Recipe: Brown Rice, Lentil, and Feta Salad

It’s not that I don’t adore my hummus & tomato sandwiches for lunch. But after having them for two weeks straight, I was starting to get a bit bored. I had just scored some Black Beluga Lentils at Trader Joe’s, and I figured they’d go nicely with a few other ingredients that I had at work for random lunches.

Besides being a ridiculously healthy and tasty lunch, this is totally dirt cheap to eat. A Trader Joe’s meal from beginning to end, here’s the breakdown on the ingredients: the lentils cost $1.99; the pre-cooked brown rice, also $1.99; low-fat feta cost about $2.29; the 6-pack of tomatoes & bunch of green onions, $1.99 and $1.19, respectively. Even if I’d used all these ingredients in their entirety, this is still a great deal for a healthy meal. However, when you’re trying to make lunch for one, you don’t need all that food – it’s just too much! Instead, I split the packages of rice & lentils and had plenty for three days worth of lunch. Of course, this probably means I’m going back to hummus & tomato sandwiches by Thursday, since my palate does get bored w/the same thing very easily, but I’m still loving the simple guilt-free flavors of this dish. You could probably jazz it up a bit by making an actual dressing for this, but I found that the fresh tomato, green onions, and lemon juice blended together nicely with the rice & lentils. The feta just adds that extra zip to the dish, and of course, you can’t go wrong with plenty of fresh ground pepper.

I’ll stop babbling now and give you the easiest recipe ever. :)

Brown Rice, Lentil, and Feta Salad (serves 3-4)
1 bowl Trader Joe’s pre-cooked brown jasmine rice
1 package Trader Joe’s black beluga lentils (any black lentil will do)
2 small Roma tomatoes, chopped
4 green onions, chopped
2 oz low fat feta cheese
Juice of one lemon
Pinch of salt
Lots of fresh ground pepper

Cook the rice & lentils in the microwave per package instructions. Add the rice, lentils, onions and tomatoes in a bowl and toss together. Add the lemon juice and stir until well coated. Crumble the feta cheese on top (you can either toss it into your salad or leave it on top for garnish). Finish with plenty of fresh ground pepper. Enjoy!

(PS – You don’t have to use Trader Joe’s rice & lentils, it just makes it that much easier to make a quick lunch at work.)


  1. Kimberly,

    I am so happy to read your blog and advertise it on my blog :) This sounds delicious!! I am so excited to get healthy, wonderful recipes for less. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Blog on, my friend, blog on!

  2. This looks great Kimberly! I am excited to try this as an alternative to my PBnJs, which do get oh, so old.
    Thanks for your blog and keep up the good work!

  3. Um, YUM, and I'm picking up the ingredients to have this for lunch next week... thanks!

  4. Looks delicious and I can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Can't wait to try this!

  6. i made this for me and my husband today! FANTASTIC!!!!! thank you!

  7. My roomie ate three helpings of this the last time I made it!

  8. How many ounces are in each package of Trader Joes black lentils and Trader Joes jasmine rice? There are no Trader Joe near where I live, but I want to make this recipe.

  9. I just tried this recipe and added a little mint, too. Delicious!

  10. I made it with just the lentils, rice and green onions. And it is yummy. But I have a suggestion for the "dressing", I drizzled a bit of sesame oil over it with a little bit of salt. The flavors work really together, and you only need a little of th sesame oil, because a little bit goes a long way.

  11. Love the idea of adding mint--so nice with feta. Adding sesame oil packs great nutrition. Am going to pull this together tomorrow. No feta here this late in the month, but I do have cottage cheese and plenty fresh herbs. Can you please list amounts rather than 'package'? No clue what size TJ packs his goods; no TJ's here. Domo arigato!

  12. Yes, please post either cooked or dry by volume on the rice and lentils please. Thank You! Looking forward to trying this!

  13. What is the recipe for the dish you have pictured at the upper right corner of your website? Looks delish!



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