Thursday, March 5, 2009

Newsworthy: "Rachael Ray of Blogging" - PGEW featured in the Sac News & Review this week!

A couple weeks ago the Sacramento News & Review (a free local paper equivalent to the Guardian in San Francisco) had a cover story called "Will Work for Minimum Wage". Considering I've become somewhat of a consultant in similar matters, I decided to keep myself current and read the article by Nick Miller. He described pretty much what I go through most of the time: trying to budget here, needing to spend on something unexpected there. I felt badly for him because he didn't seem to have the best restraint when it came to food (I know the feeling!). I shot him an email telling him to check out my blog for the next time he decided to go the minimum wage route, and he actually told me he'd thought about including my blog in his article; instead, he did a separate feature.

In the SN&R's 15 Minutes feature, local folks from the Sacramento region are featured for doing cool things like having an awesome coffee house, opening up a new barbershop, even food blogging. :) Nick asked me some questions, I answered them, they sent Anne Stokes to my apartment for a mini photoshoot (Stuart made sure he was part of it) and just a few weeks later, I'm in print (and on the cover, no less), being hailed as the "Rachael Ray of blogging" with delicious food pics to boot. Not too shabby.

Sac locals (and Davisites, etc.), you know the SN&R is free, so pick one up this week! Everyone else can read the story here. Thanks again for everyone's support!

PS - This was too cute not to share: though Hana was a bit tired & shy the day of the photo shoot, Stuart made sure to flirt his way into his own 15 minutes of fame... (show off!)

Photo Courtesy Anne Stokes


  1. Great to find another Sac Food Blogger! =)
    Love your blog!

  2. Thank you, Garrett! You have one of my favorite food blogs out there (can't believe it's not in my fave links yet! Will fix that now), so I truly appreciate the kudos from you. LOVE the Banana Wonton recipe, btw... I'm definitely trying that one!



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