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I was recently invited to be a Guest For Dinner on one of my favorite food blogs to read, What’s For Dinner? In addition to her daily postings of what her dinner was for the day (I wish I could be as disciplined!), Mara, the creator of What’s For Dinner?, often spotlights other food bloggers from her enormous blogroll to write guest posts in addition to her postings about what dinner was for that day (I wish I could be as disciplined and post everyday!). I was asked to write about one of my favorite budget dinners, and I chose the Herbed Chicken Crepes with Fresh Rosemary Cream, so you can revisit that one in case you haven’t given it a try.

Definitely check out What’s For Dinner for my little guest posting and Mara’s great chronicles of good, healthy dinners, her personal weight loss saga, an incredible blogroll of some pretty great food blogs, and fun features like Cute Food Saturday. Have fun!

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