Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's In Store for August (you'll want to read 'til the end of this one!)

July was a rather slow month here at PGEW, and I do apologize for that. I had two awesome Dad recipes that I really wanted to post, but because of the unforseen work drama, the return of the Peeping Tom, and working hard on my little surprise for you all, I wasn't able to get everything done in time. No worries, though! You know I always deliver, and these two great Dad recipes, in addition to a ton of other new things I've been experimenting with lately, will be on the site this month. August is also my birth month, so I'll probably become increasingly irritating with birthday talk as the 25th approaches. I take my birthday very seriously! To me, birthdays ought to be one's own little national holiday to be celebrated with energetic style, and with all the drama & issues that have arisen lately, I may just celebrate the entire month of August because I need some good times in my life!

Anyway, here are some picture highlights from July and things to come this month on Poor Girl Eats Well...

~ Last month after the Fourth of July holiday, Sacramento locals got to partake of the very amazing Sacramento Wine & Dine Week. 50+ restaurants and several regional wineries got together to bring diners some amazing menus - complete with wine pairings - for just $30-$50 per person! It was a great way to try out some new-to-me restaurants, as well as some fantastic wine. I hit up 58° & Holding Co. and Hot Italian, and I may still post the reviews this month (they're actually worth it). Here are some of the mouthwatering pictures I took of Mom's and my meals at 58° & Holding Co.:

~ Because of my tiny windfall last month, I was finally able to get new glasses & prescription sunglasses, too! I know this isn't food-related, but it really helps when your favorite authoress can see without having to worry about her old, superglued glasses falling apart on her whilst cooking! (I am picking up the sunglasses today, so those won't be up 'til later.)

~ The new company decided to keep me on, but the offer letter I received is written in such a way that I might as well consider myself unemployed. I'm hoping when they do start laying off those of us who worked for the old company, it will be next month or something in the not-so-near future, so I can save a little bit before I am stuck competing with everyone else for the same jobs. I'm fortunate that I have a little extra time, but it sure would have been nice to have a better guarantee of employment! The panic continues...

~ I have finally gotten over my fear of making risotto and cooking with eggplant, so stay tuned for some yummy recipes featuring those two delicious items! I know risotto isn't that hard to make using the traditional ingredients, but when you're me and you're trying to mess with different styles of risotto, you never know what can happen. And the eggplant recipe, mon dieu! I even impressed myself with that one. Maybe I should take all your advice and look into the whole chef thing as a career... I could see myself enjoying this. I'm a creative person by nature, and applying that to food is just as rewarding to me as drawing, writing, singing, composing, etc.

~ So the older I get, the more I turn into my mother, and the following announcement is proof that the little mug she gave me once ("Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I am my mother after all") couldn't be more truthful! I honestly tried to hold out until August 5th to make the grand announcement, but the suspense - and all your comments about how I should do this - is killing me! (My mother's always been awful at keeping "good news" secrets, and apparently so am I.) Ergo, I would like to formally announce that yes, I will be self-publishing a slim volume of PGEW fodder for all of you! Thought a "real" Poor Girl Eats Well book is in the works, I wanted to give you all something tangible as a big THANK YOU for all of your support. It will feature some of your favorite recipes from the site, some new ones that aren't on the site (woo hoo!), as well as a couple of tips, and it will be very, very affordable! It should be available to order on August 5th, and I will have all the details for you then!

That's all for now! Hope you have a fabulous August!


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to buy your book.

  2. what great news! i can't wait to see the book!

    hey, while i'm here, you didn't happen to get my email about the food photos on your site, did you? i wanted to say that if you did and i in some way offended you, i'm very sorry - that was not my intention. if you didn't see it, and for some reason it ended up in a spam folder...well, that might also be a reason for no response. anyway...just wanted to clear the air in case you read it as "who-does-she-think-she-is?!"

    i'm still a fan, either way! :)

  3. I just cleared my spam box, Patti, so if it was in there, I didn't see it! Please re-send; I don't take offense very easily when it comes to this sort of thing, as I am still in the learning stages of photography and all the editing involved to make it look as good as possible. If you have pointers, please let me know! :)

  4. Kimberly ~

    I just discovered your blog and I love it! Congratulations on your book, that's fantastic news.
    Looking forward to August's posts.


  5. Hi Kimberly,

    I just resent the email to the address you have in your "email me" section. Hopefully it comes through this time.

    have a good night! ~patti

  6. That's fantastic! On all accounts, well, except for the turning into your mother thing. But it's true, it happens to us all! :)

  7. yea for the book. I just wanted to share that on a trip to the "99 cent only" store yesterday, I ran across them selling all different kinds of beautiful looking hot peppers, bags of them and single more than 99 cents. good for more PGEW recipes!

  8. oh, one other thing, I was watching The Next FoodNetwork Star, you should think about doing this, Im sure a show called Poor Girl Eats Well would capture alot of attention!

  9. I am really looking forward to your book! I agree with those that say you should be a professional chef. I have been coming to your blog for a few months now and I have always been able to find a yummy, affordable recipe to use. I am unemployed right now and so is my husband so we need all the help we can get. Thank you so much for your hard work.

  10. How cool is that! Congrats on your current success and well wishes for your future feats!



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