Monday, November 2, 2009

The $25 Shopping Cart, Version 6.0 (the video edition)

I'm not usually nervous about doing a $25 Shopping Cart post, but I'm also not usually doing most of it on video. That's right, folks! I've decided to listen to the many who have written in and will start to post the occasional video blog (I think the kids are calling 'em "Vlogs" these days, right?). Though I'm no video making expert by any means - in fact, this is the first video I've ever made - this was still fun to do and I hope you have fun putting up with my silly ramblings (if you think I'm weird now, just give me a camera and let me babble for awhile and see what happens). Hopefully I won't bore you! Anyway, as I mentioned in the video, this time around I hit up Save Mart, which surprised me in many ways. Check out the video then come back for what I was able to buy with my tiny little budget.

Hey, you're still with me, hooray! That means you didn't fall asleep, so that's good. :) Anyway, here's what I was able to get:

1 can Bush's dark red kidney beans - $0.89
1 can black beans - $0.89
1 can petite cut tomatoes - $0.99
1 can chicken broth - $1
1 16 oz. package of rigatoni - $1.39
1 8 oz. block monterey jack cheese - $2.99
1 bunch of cilantro - $0.50
1 head green leaf lettuce - $.99
2 bunches of green onions - $1.00
1 1lb butternut squash - $1.32
1.3 lbs Roma tomatoes - $2.51
1.25 lbs yams - $1.27
1 1.74lb London Broil - $3.04
1 lb fresh frozen prawns - $5.93
3 Haagen Dazs single serving ice cream cups (my splurge) - $1/each

Cat food was also purchased so I did go about $3-4 over with that, but the grand total for human food came out to $27.77. This, of course, was after I was refunded my money for being overcharged for my mini-pumpkin (It was on sale for $0.50 and I got charged $4. YIKES!!!). Still, considering I wasn't expecting their prices to be what they were, I did get a pretty decent amount of food and cat food for just $28. Just goes to show that a little patience and savvy shopping will definitely stretch your dollar no matter where you shop.


  1. Nicely done! Congrats on your first vlog!

    I have to say I just got back from a shopping trip at SaveMart and it was insane! SaveMart is my sort of "go to" store. Unfortunately, I didn't look at the ad to see what was on sale or else I might have made a trip to another place instead. Typically, I will defend their prices - when things are on sale. SaveMart is where I walked out spending under $60 for a weeks worth of groceries once for 4 dinner meals, all my produce, and lunch items plus some what I'll call "luxury items" (like cat food) - and this is for a family of 4. This trip however, I was hard-pressed to find good deals. Eggs were a good deal, pork was on sale for a good price, but overall, things were really pricey this time around. Bummer indeed. I really felt like I was shopping at Raley's - like you said on your vlog.

    Hopefully things will be better next time!
    Thanks again for sharing your $25 trips with us...I always enjoy seeing what you find since I'm a total budget shopper too!

  2. I agree about their sale items, Patti! The only reason I was able to get the goods I got was because most of what I got was on sale. I was flabbergasted at the prices of some things! It was a good exercise for me though; I can do these so easily at Trader Joe's I can practically get $25 worth of goods with my eyes closed. This really forced me to pay attention!

    Thanks for the video kudos! I'm sure the vids well get better in time. :)

  3. Very neat site! I am mom of three kids and I cook good food as cheaply as possible. Don't forget adding coupons to the sale items to get things like toothpaste and other toiletries for FREE. You can get cleaning products, snacks, cereals and other great products for less than $1 each, too, with double coupons and sale prices. It takes a little work, but when you shop for a family of 5, you find yourself looking for deals everywhere. Another cost costing measure is to stock up when good cuts of meats are selling for 69¢-99¢/lb. Love your site and I will check out your recipes!

  4. Another really great way to save money is to buy dried beans! It's amazing how much food you can get out of $1 worth of dried compared to canned.



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