Monday, November 2, 2009

What's in Store for November

Ahh, November. Unofficially my 3rd or 4th favorite month of the year (I like something about every month, actually), and for one reason only: THANKSGIVING. I love, love, love this particular holiday for a few different reasons: it brings even the most random people together for a nice sit-down meal, a rarity in this day & age of TV during dinner or eating in your car because you're in a hurry; it gets my mom into the kitchen for something other than baking and decorating adorable cakes (she's a true cake making genius but for crying out loud! Everything she makes is delicious, so it's unfair to devote all that energy to baking); and, of course, the food.

Thanksgiving dinners are like your mom's meatloaf: it's all delicious but you probably only prefer having what you grew up with. I'm definitely in that boat and am a staunch believer that my mom makes the best orange-candied yams on the planet (that recipe WILL end up here later this month!), not to mention the turkey she makes that is always juicy and never burned/dry. Throughout the years she's tried to make me take over the Thanksgiving reins so I usually handle the stuffing and mashed potatoes, but I swear things taste better when she makes them. We'll see how much dawdling I can get away with this year. Regardless, I'm really looking forward to a special Thanksgiving that may bring a couple long-missed guests to the table.

So what else is up for November?

~ The Food Blogger Festival is this weekend! Starting this Friday, November 6th, yours truly and a couple hundred other amazing food bloggers will embark on a 3-day food adventure that even I'm jealous of, and I'll be there! From the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmers Market to olive oil & cheese tasting sessions, cooking demonstrations to an Outstanding in the Field style dinner, we are going to have an absolute blast! I am seriously giddy about this and hope that my stupid ankle cooperates (I sprained my ankle pretty badly this morning on the way to work; haven't been to the Dr. yet but hopefully I can just get away with a brace and no crutches)! Regardless, I can't wait for this weekend, and who knows? I may leave with an award, too. We shall see. :) Full report of the festival to come next week!

~ It took me forever to get it all figured out and I'm pretty nervous to do it, but I've started a new little feature called PGEW TV. Yep, I've finally decided to listen to the many, many folks who have asked me to post videos on PGEW. I have never made videos before so I apologize in advance for the poor video quality & editing; all I can promise is that they should get better with practice! Still, you should be very amused at the very least because I am a naturally silly, babbly type of person, especially with a camera in my general vicinity. I plan to post a variety of videos ranging from shopping trips (which will be the first video) to yours truly in my thumbtack sized kitchen making some newfangled creation. Hopefully you'll dig them and get a better idea of how things get done 'round here.

~ I've partnered with Jenn at to do a little Poor Girl Eats Well - To Go! giveaway! This month, four lucky winners (one for each week of the month) will get a copy of the Poor Girl Eats Well - To Go! mini-book and a couple other goodies. All you have to do to be eligible is be an active member of the Foodie Blog Roll - that's it! If you have your own food blog and haven't become a part of the Blog Roll yet, sign up now! It's a great site with awesome food blog listings and incredible giveaways & contests, so you should definitely check it out.

~ I can't seem to stop creating new soups and stews for some reason, so expect a few more of those to crop up this month! Other recipes that will be coming include a delicious stuffed squash recipe, a new risotto dish, and some dessert. I can't believe I didn't make any dessert last month! I missed an entire food group. For shame... ;)

That's it for now, everyone - hope you all have a fabulous November!

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