Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's in Store for February

You'll have to forgive my silence lately. I won't lie to you folks (never have, so I don't aim to start now), but I am definitely experiencing some of the darkest days of my life right now. I still don't have full-time employment (though I'm lucky enough to have scored a couple side jobs here & there), I can't pay my rent, and I've had to go looking for aid in places I never, ever expected I would have to resort to. Writing & cooking are so much a part of me that it kills me when I just don't feel emotionally well enough to do either, but I have to admit that I've never, ever, EVER been in as bad a situation as I'm in now, and it's affecting my desire to do what I do best. One thing was having a tiny income; it's totally different to have NO income whatsoever and not know if I'll have a roof over my head next month.

Still, I have no time to wallow. I have 8 days to figure out how to pay my rent and must continue to send resumes out right & left, in the hopes that SOMEONE will call me for an interview. In the meantime, I'm selling a lot of what I own to make ends meet (I'll be tweeting links to some of the better things like nice purses & shoes this weekend, so stay tuned if you're into that sort of thing!), and kicking myself in the ass to return to my one true love: this blog. With the way things have been going, I truly feel this is the only good thing in my life (besides the amazing, selfless love of my mother and the support of my fans & friends, of course. And the kitties. Pets are the best therapy!), and with all of the kind words and encouragement I get from everyone, I cannot possibly let this one good thing go. Especially when so many people seem to rely on me for advice these days!!! I say it a lot, but I'll say it again: THANK YOU, for being such an amazing group of fans. You keep me going and because of you, I keep PGEW going.

/end sappy note

Anyway, for this month's What's In Store, I'm not really going to say much in terms of what I might be working on because I honestly don't know what this month will bring (I'm rootin' for a full time JOB, though). However, I do want to call attention to a couple of things that have been added to my plate of poo lately, so that you, the greatest readers on the planet, can help the little blog that could.... continue:

~ Regarding printing recipes: I have this site set up this way for a couple of reasons. 1) I really like white writing on blue background; and 2) It makes it more difficult for people to steal my content. NOT that I'm saying you actual fans steal, because I know that is not the case, and that is exactly why I wrote the mini-book - so that you wouldn't have to run back and forth from computer to stove just to make your favorite PGEW recipe. However, I've been dealing with a lot of stolen creative content for the past year and a half: from the very title of this blog to actual recipes (I'll expand on that in my next point), and this set up makes it a little harder for content thieves to do their thing. I am working on a way to bring you all a print option for my site, but I'm still not sure how exactly to approach it, so bear with me here. I know several of you have figured out how to get around the printing issue, but if you're still wondering how to print out your favorite recipe, email me directly and I'll walk you through it. I'd rather not discuss that in the comments of individual posts for reasons you'll read next.

~ 17 of my recipes have been stolen by some fool who runs a "food blog" that claims these recipes as his own. I put "food blog" in huge quotation fingers because this is nothing but a stolen content site. He not only rips me off, but he rips off sites like 101 Cookbooks and other amazing foodies who, like me, put our hearts & souls into what we do, and that is just WRONG. It's bad enough that I have had to deal with that woman back East pretty much taking my name and making money off of it (and she is CLEARLY not poor), but to have my 100% original recipes stolen and put on someone's bogus food site is just the ultimate violation. My Facebook fans have done an awesome job at researching this jerk's site and I am already taking action against him; however, it still doesn't erase the fact that I've been the victim of a thief. It's something I just don't have time for right now and makes me completely nervous about posting anything new! But don't worry... I will. This guy WILL be brought down and I refuse to let someone like that stop me from doing what I love. I do, however, want to ask for your help in alerting me of anything else like this if you see it. I don't delude myself into being the only food blogger whose stuff you read (though it's quite flattering when some of you say I'm the FIRST site you read!), so if you do come across something shady, please let me know so I can proceed accordingly.

~ I haven't forgotten about the PGEW Shopping List post! I was about to post it when my temp assignment unfairly ended and I had to put this kind of thing aside for a bit. The good news is that I now have a much better story angle to work with (ever the writer, no?), so I think this will be a much better post now that I'm unemployed.

~ Did I tell you I tried out for MasterChef with Gordon Ramsay? I didn't make the cut (too many qualified folks), but I had a LOT of panicked fun putting my stuff together for the judges. I think it's also cured me of my fear of trying out for other shows, so you never know.... PGEW may be on TV sooner than you think! Stay tuned. :)

~ I know this was a rather sad post, but I promise February will not be negative all the way 'round! I have a couple old January recipes to start you off with and because I got help from an unexpected place, I was able to do a good shopping run at TJ's the other day, so I'm armed with all sorts of good ingredients that I must make last for the next 4 weeks (eek!). I'm up for the challenge, though! And that means all of you will benefit.

That's it for now! New recipe coming later today!



  1. Big Hugs to you, and best wishes. I'll light a candle for you after Mass this weekend.

  2. I am sooo sorry to hear about your job loss. It is tough out there, my family has been dealing with this for awhile(my husband is out of work) and I am very thankful I have a full time job. Anyway, I love your blog and your ideas. Just think of all the bad karma the guy stealing your ideas is acculmulating! You are very talented and I am positive that you will find an even better job!
    Sending you light, hope and lots of hugs,
    Susan C.

  3. I really like your blog, and it has helped me plan my meals better being on a tight budget and having to support family members. Going through difficult times is made much easier when you are made aware that you are not alone in your circumstances. Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone, and brighter days are ahead. ;)

  4. Have you tried applying for temp work? They usually have positions there that can suppliment your income till you find a decent job! I don't want you to quit PGEW and I hope things perk up for you right away! Good luck!

  5. Hard times like this makes you more strong, I am sure you will come out of all this emotionally stronger, with many more original recipes!! Good luck girl!

  6. big hugs! you're my favorite blog to read, and I'm so glad I found you. I graduated from college in May have been unemployed ever since (after being an unpaid intern in DC for more than 6 months). it's tough out there - but you make cooking for a 22 year old with no money and no prospects and no health insurance easy, and fun. so just remember that!

    and it looks like no one reads that site anyway...and I've checked this blog everyday since your last post wondering what was happening, and since you posed this maybe an hour ago, you've already had a few responses. so you've got the love, sister :)

  7. keeping you in my prayers

  8. If you have a college degree think about substitute teaching. Most states only require a degree and not teahcer certification and pay about $100 a day. Perhaps you could add a paypal link and fans could help you out making small donation until you find full time work?

  9. I sincerely hope your situation improves. I'm sad knowing how you're struggling financially and emotionaly. I really enjoy your honesty and love most of your recipes. I find you inspirational. Thank you.

  10. many hugs and good vibes at ya. i agree w/ having a donation link. who knows, you might get a ton and be able start a non-profit for other poor girls who need to eat well too! :)

  11. And I love that you're honest enough to say you love "most" and not "all" of my recipes, Rich! That's awesome. :)

    Thank you, everyone... you are truly the best folks ever. I didn't want to be a downer, but I wanted to let you know why I'd been so absent lately. Hopefully things will get better soon......

  12. Look up, if looking down makes you dizzy! I'm a reader of your blog, not a poster but wanted to let you know many of us are feeling it too. The other poster is right...bad Karma to the stealer guy...Appreciate your recipes..Thanks !!

  13. I'm sorry about your situation. I'm sure it's no consolation that many people are feeling the same as you. I don't know how isolated you are, or if you are where you live, but...have you thought about catering, on a small scale, the delicious food you make. Just a thought.

  14. I get the unemployement thing. I came back from the Peace Corps in July and have yet to find work. Because I was with the Peace Corps I'm not allowed to collect unemployement. Ditto for my husband. We are living with his mother to keep our costs low. We make ourselves feel better by telling ourselves that if something comes along we'll be ready to move, no tying up loose ends or dealing with an apartment lease. Most of our stuff is still in storage.

    One thing I did get out of Peace Corps was the belief that it is okay to fall back on friends and family. As Americans we are very independant. I've learned to ask for help and it's humbling, but I also feel closer to my friends and family than I have ever felt before and there is no way we could have stretched a couple thousand dollars as far as we have.

    I don't know what your exact situation is, but I'm sure you will work something out. Best of Luck.

  15. Congratulations on your Masterchef try out!
    Good luck. It is SO hard when you fear you may lose your home. Good wishes are heading your way from Australia!

  16. Kimberly,
    I want to tell you that I know God is going to bring you through this. I knew something was going on when you hadnt posted in awile. I live in Fayetteville, NC and I read your post, EVERYDAY. I just love it...I am a devoted foodie. I believe with you that your situation is going to turn around and encourage you to keep your head up. From the time I started reading your blog, you've been through some things...I know you'll come through this. The bible says, "weeping may endure for a night, but JOY comes in the morning". Believe and be at peace.

  17. My heart hurts for your situation. May God bless you abunduntly

  18. Hey Kimberly

    I totally understand your frustration- I had a similiar inccident recently with a blogger I actually know! Sadly there's not much that can be done - the laws on intellectual property are vague and it's hard to copywrite things that you publish on a public website.

    That said, I ran a whois on the site and everything you need to know is here
    The name of the guy is listed but he registered the site in Moldova ( which doesn't surprise me since a lot of those recipes sound like they've been run through a bad translator)
    Maybe a simple cease and desist letter is all that's necessary.

    Best of Luck!

  19. Kimberly,

    You never, ever know what is in store for you so please keep focused on what is good in your life and put idiots like that theiving food "blogger" out of your mind. The truth always come out in the end.....and when it does, everyone will know that YOU, Kimberly Alexandra, are a girl worth watching.

    Trust me, we have ALL seen days like you're seeing right now - some bad, some not so bad, some really really bad - and getting through those days makes us stronger in the end.

    You will adapt and find a way - and then when you least expect it, something wonderful will happen. Please let me know when it does so I can say (with a smile)....I told ya so.

    Caroline ;-)

  20. Hey, I just want you to know that I really appreciate what you do with this site. Believe it or not, you are the only food blog I read. I may stumble around on Google for other sites now and again but I don't keep up with them. Why? Because you're the only person who caters to people like me. People who want good food and can't really pay for what other food bloggers call "good food". Also, I haven't tried all of your recipes but I haven't found a single one that I haven't liked yet.

    Anyway, enough kissing ass. Please do keep us informed on any other food shows you try out for. If there's a way for us to vote for you and try to help, please let us know.

    I wish I could help with the cash/job issue or even the bastard thief issue but sadly, I don't know of any way. Still, any printed material that comes out from you, such as your mini-cookbook, I will buy.

    Good luck with everything and I hope things turn out well!

  21. Hey Kimberly,
    I just discovered this blog the other day, and I think it's great. I'm so sorry to hear you're doing so badly. If I may make a suggestion, if you set up the Google checkout to take donations, I'm sure a few folks would contribute. I don't have much to offer, but I'd kick in a few bucks for the benefits I've received from this site so far. If a bunch of readers did that, maybe we can help. You deserve to be compensated for your work on this.
    Wishing you much better luck in the coming weeks...and sending hugs.

  22. Hey Kimberly,
    I just discovered this blog the other day, and I think it's great. I'm so sorry to hear you're doing so badly. If I may make a suggestion, if you set the site up to take paypal donations, I'm sure a few folks would contribute. I don't have much to offer, but I'd kick in a few bucks for the benefits I've received from this site so far. You deserve to be compensated for your work on this.
    Wishing you much better luck in the coming weeks...and sending hugs.

    PS: To everyone reading this: click on the Google ads on this web site. By visiting Kim's sponsors, you help her make money!!!

  23. I don't know you, but I sincerely wish good things for you. I hope they improve VERY quickly. So sorry to hear about the people stealing from you. That is despicable and I hope he gets his just punishment.

    I love the site and share with lots of my friends frequently. Good luck to you! Maybe your followers can help...let us know!

  24. Another way we (the readers) could help Kimberly - is to send donations to her and help keep her blog going. If she doesnt have a roof over her head, she wont be able to write.... I'll be sending some help out to you today.

    Hang in there, it may not be better tomorrow, but it will get better.

  25. Wanted to send help too, but not sure where to send it.

  26. The Google Checkout idea for donations is a great idea. Also, if you haven't already, it might help to get onto LinkedIn. It's great for networking. I'd love to help you find some steady work, but I'm not sure what work you're looking for. I'm sure lots of us have friends in the industry you're vying for. If/When you do add your resume for the world to see, please let us know!!

  27. I'm sure you've probably considered this, but in case you haven't - have you applied to be a census taker? Yeah, it's a temporary job, but it pays fairly decent wages, and it's *something*, anyway. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!



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