Friday, August 27, 2010

IFBC Pt. I - Greetings from Seattle!

So I made it to lovely Seattle safe & sound and was happy to find that all the rain had evaporated into the ether so that this California girl wouldn't go into culture shock.  Though I'm super bummed that I can't use my phone to talk or to access the internet, I'm happily ensconced here at the lovely Hotel Monaco and enjoying their free wi-fi.  Along with me is Ms. Munchie, and hopefully we'll be seeing Alison of Lemon Basil soon.  Ms. Munchie and I are eagerly awaiting the beginning of the reception so that we can finally get our goody bag!  For now, please enjoy some of the shots from this afternoon's lunch and brief stroll through Pike Place Market, which is pretty much urban foodie heaven...
Fish tacos at Anthony's on the waterfront...

Off to get my swag bag and schmooze with some new bloggers!  Catch up with all of you in a bit!


  1. Great photos of the Market! Welcome to my fair city! Wish I were participating in the IFBC...have fun!

  2. Wish I could get some of those "bloo berries" are they a new hybrid?

  3. Beautiful pics. I appreciate them since I did not have time to see much of Seattle while at IFBC.



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