Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Posting from my phone.......

I honestly have no idea how this will look once it's posted but I had to write!  There are things I need to clarify & things I must update you on, even if it is from the confines of my phone...

~ I am completely sans internet right now. I can't afford it & there's no one nearby to help me with it, not even a cafe (which is ever so irksome).

~ I did not stop writing because of Project Food Blog. As per my previous post, I am rather happy to be out of that contest!

~ Project Food Blog & October: Unprocessed are NOT the same thing! So those of you who thought so, please know my last post was about PFB, not Unprocessed!

~ I have about 7-8 posts to share w/all of you, but until I can get online again, phone blogging may be it! :(

~ I miss writing & interacting w/all of you more than you know! Pray that I can update you properly soon - you wouldn't believe my last $25 Shopping Cart!

Thanks for putting up with this evil glitch!



  1. Public libraries always have free internet access. Hope you can get back online soon.

  2. Best wishes to you and a speedy return to online life! At my brokest, I went for about 9 months without home internet, and got very crafty. A hearty second to the library idea.

  3. You're still a more frequent poster than I have been, so I say kudos to Kimber!

  4. We'll still be here when you get back.. good luck living through the glitches!

  5. Awaiting your posts and looking forward to your return...

  6. I love your posts. They focus on problems we all have in trying to deal with every day issues. Hope you get back online faster.

  7. This blog is a wonderful idea and beautifully presented. Your situation is reflective of the times and that is why your ability to get back online will be important for everyone with the same problems...however you do it.

    Ah...and I see you are a singer - that's why I clicked. You are a multiple creative soul. This is what we do - we suffer for art! : )

    Take your time. Do what you gotta do get back to work. Ain't none of us newbies or fans going anywhere.



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