Friday, April 22, 2011

Last minute Easter menu ideas!

It seems almost impossible to me that Easter is this weekend.  Between new jobs, writing gigs, health stuff and everything else that life keeps throwing my way, I've been too busy/distracted to notice how swiftly this year is moving.  If I had some place to go this Easter weekend, I'd be completely screwed due to unpreparedness.

Alas, I have way too much to do and no Easter meals to crash in Sacramento, so technically I'm "safe".  But if I did have somewhere special to go on Sunday, I would turn to some of these tried & true recipes to help me look a little less out of it without spending too much.

For all my fellow distracted people, this post is for you.  Whether you're hosting a brunch or heading over to a loved one's for dinner, any one of these recipes will be a lovely addition to your Easter spread.  Feel free to mix & match to create your own menu!  Enjoy, and I hope you have Happy Easter!

(title links to recipe)

(title links to recipe)

(title links to recipe)


  1. Phenomenal. I have to say the baked tomato dish is something I'd like to try.

  2. I have to agree with Chad, the baked tomato/egg combo looks incredible!



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