Monday, April 4, 2011

Photo Makeover: Pork & Apple Fajitas

My first photo makeover of the month is for my Pork & Apple Fajitas, a recipe that I absolutely loved and just had to share, despite the crappy picture.  You see, it was the recipe I posted when I announced that I had finally and officially scored a full-time job, the job that I'm still learning & enjoying right now.  Like most people, I like to celebrate special occasions with food, and this was the perfect mix of savory, sweet and fun that I needed in a new dish.

Sadly, it was the dead of winter, we had about 2.5 seconds of sunlight a day, and I was forced to deal with the horrid fluorescent lighting in my kitchen.  Without a professional lighting set-up, there was no way I could possibly make these sizzling, succulent fajitas look as good as they tasted.  I did what I could in the editing department, but I was always sorely disappointed in the photo.

Luckily, I recently found myself with some lovely pork chops & crisp apples again, as well as a major hankering for these unconventional fajitas, so it was the perfect opportunity to redeem myself photographically.  I think I did alright.  A vast improvement in lighting (nothing better than natural light for food photos) and some handy little props, including a new sangria recipe, at last convey the true deliciousness of these fajitas.

For the full story & recipe, check out the original post.  Enjoy!


  1. I have to say that I will be trying this. I love the idea of apples, pork, and peppers!

  2. I struggle with food photos in my crappy-lit kitchen, always. Apple and pork? In Fajitas?? Sounds suspect, but also delicious! Will keep it in mind, I'm always looking for new ways to jazz up Mexican food, it's my fave :)



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