Thursday, May 19, 2011

BlogHer Food '11, Part I: Greetings from Atlanta!

Well, I made it, folks!  After a long night/morning of traveling, I am finally in Atlanta, waiting with eager anticipation for BlogHer Food to officially begin tomorrow.  But the fun starts tonight!  Volunteer meetings, exclusive blogger party at Hard Rock with some of my favorite food blogging friends... it should be fun, and hopefully I'll get some good shots to share with you.

Education Pavilion (aka the Carnegie Monument). This is all that's left from the original Carnegie Library
Upon arriving, I took an unexpected tour of Atlanta on their light rail system (very nice, btw.  Reminds me a little bit of BART in SF), found out exactly where to go should I have enough time to visit the Margaret Mitchell house & museum (Gone With the Wind is my favorite movie, so I'll totally geek out like crazy if I go), and took a short walk around downtown to kill some time while a room opened up for me.

On my walk I ran into several friendly downtown guides, one of which agreed with the concierge's recommendation to give Corner Bakery Café a try for breakfast.  Not wanting to have some large carb-ridden breakfast after my trail mix dinner (why didn't I pack a sandwich?), I was a little skeptical about going there, but I'm glad I took their advice.  It was just the place I needed: bright, bustling with morning diners & commuters, and filled with plenty of great-smelling food.

Breakfast is served! Baked French Toast & Eggs with Homemade Chicken Apple Sausage
Bleary-eyed and exhausted, I quickly skimmed their breakfast options, but only one screamed out at me: Baked French Toast & Eggs.  For only $6?  Yes, please!  Served with a choice of bacon or homemade chicken-apple sausage, I opted for the latter, got my drink and found a free table.

Within minutes I was presented with two thick slices of baked French toast, eggs, and two thick sausages.  And it was all good!  The French toast was moist, lightly swirled with cinnamon, and not overly sweet; the eggs were light, fluffy and well-seasoned with plenty of black pepper; but the sausage - now that was the best part!  Tender, juicy, meaty and lightly sweetened by the apples, I felt the chicken-apple sausage was even better than the French toast.
About the only thing I felt was lacking was decent syrup: the one they served was thin, runny and had no real maple flavor.  Other than that, it was a very satisfying breakfast for a very sweet price, and made me feel much better after having had such an inadequate dinner the night before.

After breakfast I walked a bit more, went back to the hotel, happily found out that my room was ready, and eventually fell into a two-hour coma on my bed.  I'm not 100% rested but I feel much more refreshed and ready to take on tonight's meals & festivities!

Be sure to stay tuned here, on Facebook and on Twitter for all the BlogHer Food coverage you could possibly want.  Catch you later!

:) Kimberly


  1. Sounds like a ton of fun is going to be had. Enjoy every bit of it!

  2. Patricia Calef5/20/2011 11:31:00 AM

    Can't wait to see the posts.

  3. Wonderful meeting you at BlogHer Food. Fun to see what is going on in Atlanta outside the hotel ;)

  4. Did you make it to the Hard Rock? They were very excited to be hosting this year. (my old coworkers were boasting on facebook)

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Grilled Calamari is a Favorite and we look forward to have you back.


  6. Great getting to meet you at breakfast in Atlanta. I was at the Meebo presentation :) Still haven't figured out how I missed out on the light rail from the airport. Guess I should've done my homework. I'm having fun reading about what everybody else did while there -- Sounds like you made the best of it!



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