Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Menu Ideas

With Mother's Day right around the corner, many of you are probably joining me in harried preparations for making Mom's special day a memorable one.  Some are picking the right floral bouquets, while others are rushing about making last minute brunch reservations.  I know I'm starting to panic.  My cute little mom is scheduled to arrive this evening, and I'm still putting the finishing touches on the special menu I have planned for Mother's Day dinner, which is my big gift to her this year.

See, even though things are slowly getting better for me, this perpetual game of financial catch-up makes things like fantastic day trips or cool new gifts impossible to get.  So to get around that, I will cook.  I know she'll appreciate the meal, and she's the type that prefers the personal touch of doing something special vs. getting a gift. 

If you're in a similar financial bind - or if that nice restaurant you were planning to take Mom to is all booked for brunch or dinner - why not consider making a nice meal for her instead?  Here are some ideas (including dishes from last year's Mother's Day brunch menu) to help make Mom's day truly special.  Just like with my Easter menu ideas, just mix & match and voila!  Instant meal.  :)  

(Title links to recipe)

Dinner (entrees, appetizers, sides, etc.)...
(Title links to recipe)

Stay tuned for the recap of the special dinner I'll be making for my mom this Mother's Day!  Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Oh, hey! This post reminded me; did you ever get the recipe for spiced pecans out of your mother?

  2. Hey Kim....I gave you a shout out to all my facebook friends :) Have fun with your mom!!!!! I know she'll love her brunch, but most important--your company! cheers! *sandra

  3. These look soooo good! I'm making Mediterranian shrimp :)

  4. For Mother's Day this year, my gift to my mum was making her a lunch consisting entirely of salads. (She loves when other people cook for her, but she's always complaining that we don't ever serve enough veggies - so I decided to overcompensate.) I went trawling through all my favourite food blogs, and 3/4 salads I made ended up being off your site. I did the one with the chocolate dressing, that you linked above, and also the Spicy Edamame Succotash Salad and the Red Quinoa & Asparagus Salad. To my surprise, the chocolate one was the real flop. I was trying to appeal to the picky eaters in my family, thinking that a more traditional leaf-lettuce-style salad would go over better - whoops! Apparently they just couldn't handle chocolate in their vegetables. Oh, well. /I/ thought it tasted great. :) The Succotash and the Quinoa salad were huge hits, though - Mum couldn't decide which one was her favourite, and she made me send her links to both the recipes. Thanks for helping me make this Mother's Day a good one!



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