Thursday, May 5, 2011

Photo Makeover: Sweet & Fruity White Wine Sangria

It's Cinco de Mayo!  This is one of those holidays that has always made me giggle a little, simply because a lot of folks in the U.S. have no clue what they're celebrating.  Many people think that it has something to do with Mexican independence day (which is actually in September), while others have no clue what's being celebrated and are just happy that there's another excuse to go out drinking. 

The cool thing is that everyone that does celebrate usually does so with some pretty amazing food & drinks.  From tacos to nachos, Dos Equis to Pacifico, most folks are going to do some serious grubbing tonight. 

Since I haven't posted a drink recipe in awhile - and because I ate my latest fish taco recipe last night before photographing it (oh, the trials & tribulations of a food blogger! The tacos were really good, though...) -  I thought I'd make my Cinco de Mayo contribution by sharing the first drink recipe I ever posted: Sweet & Fruity White Wine Sangria.

There's nothing to this, really: just a simple combination of crisp white wine, sweet fruits, and a little something sparkly to tickle the nose & tastebuds whilst you're sipping away.  Looking through these older posts, I realized that the original photo wasn't as bad as some of my other old school shots, but it did need a little sprucing up.  Since I can always use the photo practice, I figured it was important to make a pitcher of this fabulous little drink.

That, and I needed something cool & refreshing to wash down those delicious fish tacos...  ;)

Original post & full recipe available here.


  1. This looks so refreshing.I admit, I wiki'ed what Cinco de Mayo was celebrating today because I didn't want to celebrate something and not know what I was doing it for. Young people just think of it as a free license to get wasted lol!



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