Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourth of July Recipe Ideas (and some PGEW updates)!

I love July.  Summer's in full swing, it's the time to celebrate my Daddy's birthday & Independence Day, and between BBQ's, picnics, and oodles of frozen confections to enjoy, food couldn't be more fun if it tried! (It's also just one month 'til my birthday & blogiversary, but that's a whole other animal. :) )

Since it's going to be another crazy busy month here in PGEW-land, I'm going to skip the What's In Store feature for July.  Instead, I'll combine a few awesome updates & announcements with some fun recipe ideas you can use over the long holiday weekend. 
  • First & foremost: I got my first freelance writing gig!  *cue applause*  Over the next couple of months, I'll be writing a few articles for the "Best of: Restaurants, Bars & Food" section of CBS Local.  From interviews to restaurant recommendations, I'll be covering some different topics than those I discuss here on PGEW.  I'm super excited for the opportunity and couldn't be happier to reach new readers in a different forum.  I'll be posting the links to my stories on FacebookTwitter, so be sure to follow them to stay in the loop!
  • Poor Girl's First Pie: No, it's not the first pie I've ever eaten; it's the first pie I will make from scratch.  EVER.  Thanks to Shauna of Gluten Free Girl, Garrett of Vanilla Garlic and a few others, an internet-wide Pie Party is happening on July 5th to help celebrate (and get over the fear of making) pie from scratch.  Since I'm not a baker, it should be very interesting to see how well I do making my first pie crust, but I'm determined to give it a go!  Love pie?  There's still time to RSVP!  Check out the event page on Facebook and be sure to follow the party on Twitter by using the #PieParty hashtag.  Should be fun!
  • As far as what's in store recipe-wise, all I have to say is... I'm going berry picking tomorrow, so beware!  Blueberry, blackberry and (hopefully) raspberry recipes will surely flood this dear blog of mine for the next few weeks.  :)
And now for the recipe round-up. 

I thought about going the whole red, white & blue route, but then I realized A) everyone is doing red, white & blue recipe round ups, and B) I don't have enough blue food on this site to make it worthwhile (though I just realized the PGEW color scheme is quite patriotic).  So I decided to celebrate our nation by highlighting the "melting pot" aspect of good ol' USA.  These aren't the most authentic recipes out there, but they were inspired by the many cultures that are represented here.  And as always, I've made sure there's room for dessert.  :)

(Title links to recipe)

Have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday, everybody!  :)


  1. Polenta mini pizzas, how great is that? That's the second unusual pizza recipe I've seen on your, thank you! Feeding kids can be a challenge and knowing lots of different pizza recipes helps.

  2. The pictures of the recipes you posted for the 4th are excellent just looking at them makes me sooo!!! hungry I wish I can snap my fingers and say I"LL TAKE ONE OF EACH PLEASE, THANK YOU.And then sit down and have a feast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after all today is celebration day. Perfect to be watching the fire works and be drinking SANGRANITA. Thank you.KIMBERLY you ROCK!!!!



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