Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo Friday: Olive Oil Tasting Dinner at Greek Village Inn

Last night I joined a group of other Sacramento food bloggers for a fantastic dinner hosted by Star Olive Oil.  The company has just released their first California olive oil blend, and after hooking up with Ms. Munchie, we lucky bloggers were treated to an olive oil tasting and a fabulous five course meal prepared by the fine folks at Sacramento's Greek Village Inn.

Paired with wines from Sean Minor Winery, we feasted like kings & queens!  Being bloggers, we also took about 7.4 million pictures, and while they're not the greatest photos I've ever taken, it was a lot of fun being with others who share my obsession with photographing sexy food.

It was such an amazing spread of delicious, traditional Greek food that I swear I'm still full!  So how about we all sit back, relax and enjoy (albeit only visually), this lovely feast for the eyes, palate and soul...

Our olive oil tasting included Star's Extra Virgin (the one almost everyone knows!), Garlic, and the new California blend.  All three were fantastic, but the Garlic & California ones were by far the best!

Our delightful menu for the evening.  I was in feta BLISS, I tell you!!!

Grilled Artichokes w/Lemon Thyme Remoulade...

Spicy Feta Dip & Grilled Pita Bread.  Also known as The Snack I Could Eat Forever...

And then they brought us MORE cheese!!!!!  (Sadly, I wasn't able to get an action shot when they flambéed this tableside, but it was quite impressive!)

Well, hello there, heirloom tomato, kalamata olive & feta bliss... :)

Our entrée: Lamb Shank & Roasted Lemon Potatoes.  Best. Potatoes. EVER.  No, really.  EVER!!!

Grilled fruit drizzled with olive oil & served in a sweet meringue cup ended our fabulous meal...

Or so I thought!  With our dessert we were treated to a nice glass of ouzo!  Opa!  (Or yamas.  I think that's how it's spelled, but I'm not sure.  Any Greek readers have the right spelling & saying for those sweet ouzo moments?)

No party is complete without party favors!  Tiny & portable, these are so going in my "at work" pantry!  

It was a fabulous evening with great conversation, great wines and fantastic food.  Thanks to Star Olive Oil, Ms. Munchie & the incredible staff at the Greek Village Inn for such a wonderful evening!  I can't wait to go back & try more of what this Sacramento favorite has to offer... that spicy feta and the saganaki already have me sold!

That's it for this edition of Photo Fridays!  More recipes coming next week, so stay tuned for those.  Happy Friday, everyone!  

:) Kimberly


  1. Kimberly I can see why you were in Seven Heaven last night that is a very good looking meal from start to finish I am glad you were able to go and have a great time, and also take those wonderful pictures for all of us who were not invited. Maybe some day we'll be lucky and can try the rest of the menu. Thank you.

  2. I think you have the perfect name for that spicy feta dip! I brought some home for hubby.....and have only snuck tastes a couple times! I am thinking I could survive on a quart a week.....

    and it was wonderful to officially meet you!

  3. yasas...and then drink...OPA!!

  4. I second what Susan said - it was great meeting you AND that spicy feta dip was amazing. Loved the lemon thyme remoulade, too - wonder what else that would be good with?
    I need to hang out with food bloggers more often. Y'all know how to party.



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