Affordable Superbowl Party Treats & Tips

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I’m not the biggest sports fan out there, but I have my moments of sports spectatorhood.  Except for small doses of basketball or soccer, the only other sport involving props that I’ll bother watching is football.  And only when it’s Superbowl time.  I figure that’s the only real brewhaha to watch, and since Superbowl Sunday is somewhat of an unofficial American holiday, I feel it’s my duty to help celebrate in some way.  Even if it’s to jinx the team I like by watching – or even just listening to the game.

In a perfect world, my 49ers would be playing  in the Superbowl this weekend.  Alas, it is unfair to lead such a charmed life.  So instead of prepping to root for my team, I’m going to help you prep to root for yours with some fun PGEW dishes.  Chips & dip can be fun and all, but there are plenty of other interesting – and relatively healthy – things to serve at a Superbowl party.

But sometimes these shindigs can get expensive to put on, whether you’re doing all the cooking yourself, or hosting a potluck (bringing even one dish to a potluck can make a dent in one’s pocketbook if one is really struggling financially).  Food prices are going through the roof these days, so cutting costs & stretching ingredients as much as possible is essential.  So, rather than just give you a list of mouthwatering options for this weekend’s big game, I’m going to include a few helpful hints & tips throughout this post, so you can make the most of your game day treats.  Let’s check out the grub!

Southwestern Baked Potato Skins

Chicken & Guacamole Wraps

PGEW Tip: Prepare wraps ahead of time, cut them into 1-2″ thick rounds and arrange on a large platter for guests.  Individually sized portions help stretch your ingredients so they last longer!

Spicy Baked Falafel Sandwiches…

PGEW Tip: Don’t want to use up a bag of pitas on individual sandwiches?  You can either A) cut up pitas into quarters & serve next to falafel & fixings so guests can assemble their own; or B) skip the pita & just serve the falafel rounds & fixings!

Fiesta Corn & Potato Chowder…

PGEW Tip: Leftover corn from the Southwestern Baked Potato Skins can go into this hearty, flavorful soup!

My Favorite Grilled Steak Sandwiches

PGEW Tip: No need to waste extra avocados on this sandwich.  Use some of the guacamole you made for the Chicken & Guac Wraps as a spreadable avocado option instead!  Extra flavor & zero waste.  

Sweet & Fruity White Wine Sangria…

PGEW Tip: No need to buy the most expensive wine when you’re making sangria!  The fruit & other additions blend with the wine to create a truly unique experience, so if you can’t afford more than 2 Buck Chuck or similar, that’s perfectly okay.

Mixed Mushroom & Leek Pizza…

PGEW Tip: Just like with the sandwiches, stretch out your pizza by cutting it into individually sized squares or slices.  A little goes a long way!

Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Dessert Shots…

PGEW Tip: Keeping desserts in small, individually sized portions makes it easy for guests to enjoy their sweets without creating a big mess.  Don’t have enough shot glasses?  Use Dixie cups or small plastic cups instead.  They may not look as pretty, but I have the feeling most folks will be watching the game & not the dessert shooter.  ;)

Curry Chicken Tacos with Thai Cucumber Relish…

PGEW Tip: Serving up different kinds of tacos?  Set up a taco bar to keep things organized & easy to serve.

Hearty Steak & Red Bean Chili…

PGEW Tip: Too much steak for your chili?  Use it to make more Grilled Steak Sandwiches!

Polenta Mini Pizzas

PGEW Tip: Leftover mushrooms from the big Mushroom & Leek Pizza can be used on these tiny treats!


PGEW Tip: Don’t have enough cash to get two different kinds of wine?  No sweat?  Use the Sweet & Fruity White Wine Sangria above to make a white sangranita.  :)

Hope everyone has a safe & wonderful weekend!  And go…. TEAM!  (You didn’t really think I’d jinx the team I’m hoping will win by posting here, did you?  ;) )

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