What’s in Store for February

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And here we are in February, can you believe it?  I’m still playing catch up from last year!  But I can’t really complain, because things are going in the right direction, even if I’m busier than ever right now.  It’s a good busy that’s going to result in some fabulous things!

I wasn’t going to do a monthly What’s in Store this year, but with the new newsletter still under construction and so many announcements to make, I figured I should just continue with the series.  After all, I want to make sure everyone’s in the loop with what’s going on in PGEW land, and I know that not everyone is hooked up to Facebook or Twitter.  And there’s some pretty big stuff being launched this month that none of you should miss!  So, without further ado, here’s what’s in store – and some updates – for February 2012…

  • The first PGEW e-learning lesson is scheduled to launch on or around February 10th, and I have a funny feeling some of you may really enjoy this one!  “How to Have A Successful $25 Shopping Cart” will explain the tips & philosophies behind the popular series and how to make it work for your family’s budget.  From making the right lists to making the most of store coupons & sales, this jam-packed lesson will help you change the way you look at grocery shopping on a budget.  So far, everything looks to be on schedule for the 2/10 launch, but if something changes, I’ll post a quick update.  I’m so excited about this!!!
  • I’m also super stoked to bring you another new feature that will help keep the PGEW community connected, as well as get those burning questions answered!  ”Ask Poor Girl” will be a monthly series (to start) where you can basically ask me anything & everything related to PGEW.  Still can’t find the best way to cook quinoa?   Trying to stock your pantry with bare bones staples but not sure where to start?  Have a question on a recipe?  Send in your questions and I may pick yours to be featured in that month’s segment!  You can send your questions to poorgirleatswell [at] gmail [dot] com from now through February 15th.
  • Recipe-wise (because I know that’s what most of you come here for!), there’s good stuff on the horizon.  Citrus season is still going strong, so I’ll be featuring more lemons, oranges, kumquats, etc., and the same goes for root veggies!  I can’t seem to get enough noodles these days, so they’ll be heavily featured, and of course, there will be sweets.  After all, Valentine’s Day is coming up, so a little treat is definitely in order.  ;)
  • There will be a few more Photo Makeovers this month, and I can’t tell you how happy I am about that!  As I work on compiling the “PGEW Favorites” section of my upcoming book, I realized there are so many good recipes from the first year that often get overlooked because they’re not…. food porn-y.  They’re not unappetizing photos, not in the least!  But they could be so much better, and I really want to share them with you.  Stay tuned for one of those this weekend!
  • Did you know that PGEW is on Pinterest and Punchfork?  These two incredibly addicting sites make it even easier for you to find & share your favorite PGEW recipes.  Punchfork is a fabulous community of professional recipe sites and top recipe blogs, showcasing the very latest recipes from each.  You can find all 200+ PGEW recipes at the following link, rate them, and share them!   And then there’s Pinterest… a site that I’d (sorta) vowed I’d never get sucked into, but have with great enjoyment.  Some of you know it & love it as much as I do, so if you are, be sure to give me a follow!  I have boards for each recipe category, including special boards showcasing things like “Fun Food” (pizzas, tacos, etc., perfect for this weekend’s big game), sauces & condiments, and PGEW “splurges”, for those moments when you can afford to spend a little more.  I also share stuff from my favorite blogs and my wish list of all things pretty & girly, so if you enjoy pinning, stop on by!

Well, that’s about it for February, folks!  Mr. Groundhog has said there will be 6 more weeks of winter, but I’m not sure if he means this mild kind or the traditional, freezing kind.  Either way, I’ll have great recipes & tips to share throughout the month, so be sure to check in often!

Happy February!
:) Kimberly

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2 Responses to "What’s in Store for February"

  1. Sarah says:

    Hey! Just found this blog, its a fantastic resource! Love all the delicious and cheap ideas. Can’t wait for everything you have planned for February, should be a great month!

  2. SherryBinNH says:

    Book? Book? You are writing a book? Hooray! (I don’t get to check in here as often as I like, so if t his is old news, I missed it somehow!) Will it be self-published, or with a regular publishing house? (I’m a librarian, and I need more details!) Good luck, I know it will be great!


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