Photo Friday on a Sunday: Food As Art

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This weekend, I went back to my beloved hometown of San Jose to celebrate Easter and my mom’s birthday.  We’ve both had a very rough beginning of the year, so she thought it best to stay home, cook ourselves an awesome meal, and just hang out without any specific agenda.  I can’t remember the last time we did that, and it was very much needed on both our parts.

One thing she really wanted to do was share her new hobby with me.  Though my mom has always been a wonderful cook and fabulous at plating, etc. she just recently got into fruit & vegetable carving.  I wasn’t entirely convinced I could do some of the things she was excited to show me, but I gave it a shot.  After all, the birthday girl does get to call the shots!  I found it remarkably soothing and truly enjoyed the quiet time with my mama.  Here’s some of what made this weekend so lovely…

Strawberry-Banana Quinoa Muffins (sans banana for mom)

Sweet little Easter scene eggs (quail egg sized, can you imagine? I could never do something that precise!)

This, on the other hand, I found I could do. (Honeydew rose)

Practice makes perfect!

More of my mom's genius: Deviled Pickled Eggs (to DIE for!!!)

And of course, there are the lovely fennel & baby corn Easter “lilies” above (though I didn’t make those… I was too obsessed with making melon roses, lol).  Like I said, this wasn’t something I expected to be able to do with any sort of skill (there’s a reason why I never became a surgeon – unsteady hands are bad for one’s patients, lol), so I was pleasantly surprised with my work.  Mom’s work didn’t surprise me at all because she’s always been good at that sort of thing, so she just continues to be awesome.

It was a lovely weekend, albeit a short one (they get shorter as we get older, don’t they?  Meh…).  I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend, whether you celebrated Easter, Passover, or just a couple of nice spring days.  Stay tuned for new recipe posts this week!  Hint: one of ‘em will feature a brand new pizza.  ;)

Happy Easter!

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