Sunday, September 20, 2015

Review: Farm Fresh To You - Organic Fruits & Veggies Delivered To Your Doorstep

Many thanks to Mom It Forward for sponsoring and providing compensation for this post. All produce was provided by Farm Fresh To You and Mom It Forward; however, the opinions are entirely my own and do not reflect the views or opinions of either company. 

A couple weeks ago, I was approached about an opportunity to try Farm Fresh To You, a well-known CSA service here in California. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to apply - I mean, an organic fresh fruit and veggie delivery service isn't exactly something I would ignore. I was thrilled when I learned I would be part of this special project, and just as excited to tell you what I thought. I'm also pretty giddy about a special discount I get to share with all of you later in this post, but first things first!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Realities of Recovering from the Recession, Part 4: The Good News

Wow. What a summer. When I left you last, I was on a roll, ready to give you the final installment in this series to show you that it's not 100% gloom and doom. And then everything from Part 2 piled up at once and I've been on a crazy Race Against Time roller coaster all summer. First, it was the internet getting shut off; then the rent; then the electricity; two weeks later, another internet disconnection (because the $50 restoration fee keeps adding up, making my past due balance bigger and bigger every month, so they disconnect me about every 10-14 days), and so on and so forth. My bake shoppe has been helping here and there, but it's been difficult to keep up with the fees and ingredient costs, so growth has been slower than I'd hoped for the summer.

To top it all off, my mom also lost her job this summer (she's a nanny and once the kids are ready for preschool, they usually let the nanny go even if there's still a need). That may not seem like a big deal to some, but for her, being 71 and not that well-versed in technology, it's harder to get hired in today's job market than it is even for me.


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