What’s In Store for January

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So things are taking off here in PGEW-land, and it’s forcing me to get a bit more organized with posts, pictures, etc. Since I also have a lot of random notes and ideas to share, I figured I’d start a new monthly feature called What’s In Store. In it, I plan to feature the aforementioned random thoughts, recipes, and tips I plan to feature that month, news regarding this little endeavor of mine, and anything else that tickles my fancy. And since it’s January, I figure now’s as good a time as any to get this started.

~ I’m sure those of you that have been with me since I started this last August have noticed some changes around here. Black has turned into different shades of blue (I think I’ve finally settled on one), you can sort posts by different labels, and my photography is starting to get a little better (though I can’t help it if all I have is my phone when I do work lunches, so please forgive me). The biggest change, however, has been the addition of my Foodbuzz Featured Publisher widget, of which I am very proud. I joined this outstanding community just last month, and though I’m still trying to figure the whole place out in terms of navigation, I am really loving being a part of this site. The best part for me was having been turned into a Featured Publisher pretty much 24 hours after having joined the site. It’s brought a lot of new readers to Poor Girl Eats Well, and I’m truly enjoying getting to know fellow foodies out there. I’m also toying with the idea of submitting something to the 24, 24, 24 feature in the next couple of months, but I’m feeling a little shy about doing it so soon, especially since I don’t feel I have enough time to prepare. We’ll see what happens!

~ I was visiting 101cookbooks.com the other day (perhaps my very favorite online food journal) and Heidi were talking about her newly painted kitchen cupboards helping her feel like she was getting a fresh start for the New Year. She asked her readers to share some resolutions and there were several postings. Those of you who know me well know that I prefer goals to resolutions since I feel they have a more positive connotation, something you can work towards and look forward to, as opposed to resolving to have to do something. One of the many goals I’ve set for myself this year that relates directly to my blog is to get more creative & adventurous in my cooking. Sure, sure, I harp all the time about getting creative with limited ingredients because one is broke; but what if I got more creative with the acquisition of said ingredients, so more interesting things can happen in my little kitchen? I’ll still get a lot of my favorites and combine them in different ways but I plan to branch out a lot over the next few months, trying things I’ve been meaning to try, or perhaps stuff that I’d not been too familiar with until recently, like harissa (HOW could I have not known about this?). Fortunately for my readers and for me, I like to eat pretty much anything, so this can only be a good thing for all of us.

What’s In Store for January

~ For you locals, don’t forget to hit up Dine Downtown Restaurant Week here in Sacramento! Some of the best restaurants in Sac offer special 3-course prix-fixe menus for just $30. How’s that for eating well on a budget? I’m still not sure which restaurant I’m heading to (with a blind date no less, eek!), but I’m finally going to give this event a try. And of course, write about it. Visit http://www.downtownsac.org/DSPAPP/V/promo/dine-downtown.html for full details and menus.

~ I mentioned in my last recipe post that I’ve gained some extra pounds and do not like them on me. Since January is the time when most folks are all gung-ho about weight loss (the “resolutioners”, as a friend of mine, calls them), you’re going to see some stuff here & there that is going to reflect my own need to get back to my normal size. Don’t worry, though; part of my success in keeping most of my weight off for over 5 years now has been never to deny myself, so there will still be yummy indulgences here & there.

~ Speaking of yummy indulgences, a lot of folks have been inquiring about the Spicy Shrimp Quesadillas that I talk about all the time, so that is definitely going to be a featured recipe this month. I have some fun ideas for this great Mahi Mahi I bought at Trader Joe’s the other day, so look for that to show up this month as well. And because it’s cold, stay tuned for some new soup and chowder recipes too.

~ Last, but not least, I wanted to share with you some random pictures from the New Year. Have a great month and keep sending in those comments and suggestions! It’s fun getting to know you all. 🙂

What’s In Store for January
It was cold on New Year's Eve, but the ball drop was fun!
What’s In Store for January
The California State Capitol, New Year's Day
What’s In Store for January
I was trying to clean out my cupboards and ended up with a kitchen assistant instead...

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