What’s In Store for March

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It seems I got a little overly ambitious last month; February really was too short a month to get to everything I was hoping to post, and I do apologize for that! Having a pretty nasty flu didn’t help (fortunately, I’m over it). But don’t fret: the TJ’s 101, broccoli recipes, and first product review will make their way into March’s postings, along with some other great surprises. Here are some highlights of what’s to come this month, as well as some updates:

~ There have been a couple of changes to my site, the biggest one being the domain name! Poor Girl Eats Well is now officially https://www.poorgirleatswell.com/. 

~ I know many of you follow PGEW.com through Blogger, but there are many out there who are not part of this community. I’ve now made it possible for all loyal readers to subscribe to PGEW.com via email so you never miss a recipe or tip! Simply enter your email address in the small form to the left, make sure to answer the confirmation email, and you’ll start getting your PGEW emails with the next new post. NOTE: Please let me know if the feed doesn’t work this way! Some folks were having issues with it and I want to make sure it works for everyone. Thanks!

~ My obsession with cheese may finally be giving way to my obsession with Greek food (don’t hold your breath though… I just spotted some great deals on Gruyere at TJ’s the other day, so that’ll be making an appearance this month). I love to eat it and now I’m trying to learn to make some of my favorite dishes. I’ve almost got the spanakopita down to a science, so be on the lookout for that in March. Other fun recipes will include another grown-up grilled cheese concoction, a twist on tuna salad, delicious baked potato variations, and more dessert!

What's In Store for March

~ A couple of weeks ago my mom came to visit me and we hung out in the kitchen, just gossiping & cooking. She’s always been into catering and making beautiful food for parties, etc., and we worked on what I like a call the Deviled Egg Party. It’s a spin on the traditional deviled egg plate that can sometimes look boring and plain without the proper garnish, and offers calorie-conscious folks a couple of different options for hors d’oeuvres: there’s your traditional deviled egg (my moms are the BEST!), some stuffed with guacamole, and others with pico de gallo. The combination of colors is simply lovely and it’s a really fun twist to a standard appetizer! This is great for parties, and not all that hard to make.

~ Yours truly will be featured in some local publications this month, so I will keep you posted on those! If they’re not available electronically, I’ll either scan ‘em in for you or just quote the text and include it here. 🙂

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