Newsworthy: PGEW featured in The Sacramento Bee

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Once again, yours truly was asked to be featured in some local press, this time, in the Food & Wine section of the main newspaper for the Sacramento area, The Sacramento Bee. This time around, I was more the main focus of the piece and it gives a bit more insight into my background, though I’m pretty much an open book on here anyway. (Which reminds me, apparently people get really touchy when those of us with imperfect finances are honest about our respective situations. You wouldn’t believe how snarky some of the comments were, bashing me for all sorts of things from having cats, to my weight [never let yourself get photographed with a fisheye lens; really packs on the pounds! My arm is SO not that big!], to the fact that I have the nerve to own a computer. *faux gasp*)

I suppose there will be naysayers regardless of what one does, which is the price of fame no matter how slight it may be. But I don’t really have time to waste on all that, because I have a bunch of new readers I need to welcome to PGEW! I truly appreciate having you here. Hopefully, you’re all enjoying your first visits to the site, and if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line.

Otherwise, for those of you who haven’t checked out the article, you can read it here, along with a few of the recipes I’ve posted in the past. I hope you all like it (I thought it was good), and stay tuned for a new recipe tonight!

PGEW featured in The Sacramento Bee

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