What’s in Store for January

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So I was seriously considering ditching my whole What’s In Store feature for the new year because frankly, I’m not that good at keeping up with it. I have all these newfangled ideas in my head at the beginning of each month and then life happens, making all my plans go awry. Like my newest installation for PGEW TV (technical issues) and my granola recipe (coming way sooner than you’d think, though). I am filled with the best of intentions that cannot always be fulfilled. Still, I rather like having a touchstone for every month and shall, therefore, continue with my little monthly blurb. And so it goes for January of 2010…

~ Buñuelos are still on the way, yo. I swear. I cannot blame this on anything other than sheer fear that I will not explain it correctly, so I may need to consult my mommy for technical support on this one. But it’s coming, cheese fritter lovers, I promise.

~ I am on a very serious mission to be a size 4 once more (hey, that rhymed) and I’m taking you along with me. Except for the occasional dessert and evil crepe here & there, expect to embark on a journey of many, many uber-healthy things this month. I don’t do resolutions, I go on missions, and I want you to join me! 🙂

~ I’m FINALLY working on something that a lot of you have been writing/asking/waiting for: a PGEW shopping list. This is a goal I set for myself back in November of 2009, so this will DEFINITELY be making an appearance this month. I hope this helps those of you who are PGEW die-hards!

~ I have a new breadmaker (that I scored for FREE, as those of you on Facebook know) and so far, it appears to work. If you have a good, low-cost bread recipe that you’d like to share, email me! I’d love to get some suggestions. 🙂

~ If you’re not a fan of Facebook, you should definitely become one! I’m not the best Twitter user so a lot of my updates come from FB, and as PGEW grows, that means that cool things like giveaways will be made more readily available to anyone who’s a Facebook fan. Don’t be shy, join today!

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for new crepe recipes, another $25 Shopping Cart excursion, and all sorts of other random stuff on PGEW this month. Happy New Year!!!



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