PGEW Gets a Makeover!

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In case you’re rubbing your eyes in confusion right now, don’t fret! Thine eyes doth not deceive – Poor Girl Eats Well just finally got its makeover! *cue applause* I’d like to thank all of you for being so patient and putting up with my whining & complaining (particularly those of you on Facebook & Twitter; you’re all champs!). Creating the new look wasn’t as much of an issue as making the darn thing work, but I’m happy & proud that I finally got it to work.

There are some definite changes but I think you should still feel right at home despite the facelift. As you can see, I didn’t completely let go of my favorite blue background. How come? A) Once I made the announcement that the look would be changing, a lot of you actually wrote back saying you’d miss the cool background; and B) I love my blue! I think it’s part of what makes PGEW unique and I didn’t want the changes to be too drastic (I had a very scary white layout going on for a while…). However, the changes that have been made should make both readings and navigating PGEW a lot easier.

  • All recipes & posts are now on a lighter background, so folks who had issues reading the white print on the blue background should now have a much nicer reading experience
  • The new menu bar makes things a lot easier to get around PGEW! Major categories like About PGEW, Recipes, Tips, Reviews, Press, etc., all have their own tab now, making certain posts more accessible. Recipes & Tips are further broken down into sub-categories, which should help cut back on searching for things on the site.
  • You can still search for posts by the label, but even that’s a little more streamlined as you can now search by ingredient or by post/label type.
  • NEW features include the Basic Recipes & Methods and the Glossary. I created these with the novice cook in mind, in order to help take some of the mystery away from certain terms used on PGEW. I’ve received a lot of feedback from folks who are either new to cooking or new to a lot of the less common ingredients I use in my recipes, so I figured having these very basic guides on the site would be quite helpful. NOTE: These two features are still working in progress, so stay tuned for more info on each in the next few months!

I hope you all like the new look & features! It’s not a huge change but just enough to keep things interesting around here. 🙂 If there are any broken links or other issues, please let me know so I can get them fixed right away. Don’t forget to stay tuned for a new recipe based on this weekend’s backyard adventures!



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