Christmas Giveaway #2: Go Go Gadget!

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Just 9 days left ’til Christmas, can you believe it?  Perhaps it’s part of the aging process, but all I’ve been doing this year is marveling at how quickly time has flown by!  Regardless, I’m looking forward to the holiday.  It’s always a special, magical time, and even if it will be very meager for me and I’m concerned about my dad’s health again (get well thoughts & prayers would be greatly appreciated if you do that sort of thing), I still have a LOT for which to be grateful.  There’s the new job, I might be able to keep my apartment (provided my landlord remains in the holiday spirit), and I have been shown incredible amounts of support & kindness from you fine folks.  You’re truly amazing.

So I’m here to play Santa’s Elf once more, to show how much I appreciate the greatest readers in the blogosphere.  My first Christmas Giveaway for the Get Spicy gift set was a lot of fun, and hopefully, you’ll all be just as excited about this one!  It’s chock full of great goodies that should make any cooking aficionado a happy camper! I’m calling it my Go Go Gadget gift set.

That’s right, my kitchen gadget-loving friends!  This little prize pack is made up entirely of super awesome gadgets to make your cooking experience just that much more fun.  They’re all fabulous, high-end pieces that have come in the swag bags from some of the great foodie events I attended this year, so rest assured that they’re of the highest quality.  But there are only so many duplicates one can have, especially when one’s kitchen is approximately the size of a thumbtack and there’s hardly any storage space.  So my loss is your gain!  Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Sur La Table Collapsible Berry Colander
  • Citrus Reamer w/pit catcher from Joseph (awesome, but I already have 3 reamers)
  • OXO Good Grips Corn Peeler 
  • Polka dot vinyl table runner (super cute, but too big for my table)
  • Sur La Table Cupcake Corer (for adding yummy fillings to your cupcakes!)
  • Bodum Brazil Cafetiere French Press (the piece de resistance of this set!)

This fabulous prize package is worth almost $100!  It’s definitely a good one, so if you’re into fun kitchen equipment, you won’t want to miss out on this one!

To enter, please comment below with your 3 dream kitchen gadgets.  These are things that you don’t already have, but have been dreaming about using for all of your cooking life!  I’m always wishing for stuff and love learning about other folks’ wishes, too.  Particularly if they’re kitchen-related!  Perhaps you want to get your hands on a Microplane?  Or something simple like a tomato shark so you don’t waste all that delicious, juicy tomato flesh?  Maybe you’ve always wanted the perfect candy thermometer and just haven’t gotten your hands on one yet.  Whatever your dream kitchen gadgets are, I wanna know!  One lucky winner will be chosen at random to get this awesome set of swag.

But because Christmas is RIGHT around the corner, you must enter by 6 pm Pacific Time on Sunday, December 20th!

As usual, bonus entries are available through Twitter.  To take advantage of this, tweet the following: “PGEW Christmas Giveaway #2: Win the Go-Go Gadget prize pack from @PoorGrlEatsWell at! #giveaway“.  Remember, tweets only count as bonus entries; you must comment below to be officially entered into the drawing.

So start commenting, folks!  The entries for the Get Spicy set were a ton of fun to read, so I’m sure there will be a blast, too!  Have fun!

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