Christmas Giveaway #2 WINNER!

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Holy Hannah, people!  If the first giveaway for the Get Spicy gift set was filled with a ton of awesome, fun-to-read comments, this one definitely beat it!  You responded with over 100 comments & tweets with your dream kitchen gadgets, a lot of which are on my list as well.  Though this little elf can’t grant you all those wishes, I can still give you some pretty awesome gadgets in the form of the Go-Go Gadget gift pack.

Since I’m pretty sore & ready to get my grub on, I won’t waste any more time in announcing the winner of this awesome prize!  The lucky random winner of the Go-Go Gadget gift pack is…..


Tabetha’s dream gadgets (among many others) include a candy thermometer, a mortar & pestle, and a flour sifter; all things Poor Girl dreams of having in her kitchen someday, too!  For now, though, she’ll be getting a corn peeler, berry colander, French Press coffee maker, and several other goodies to add to her kitchen collection.

Congratulations, Tabetha!!!  I’ve got your contact info (thanks for leaving that in your comment!), so I’ll get in touch w/you for your shipping info shortly.

Thanks to all of you who entered this contest with such awesome wish lists!  If I were Santa, I would grant you each & every wishes you desired in a heartbeat (after buying stock in KitchenAid and VitaMix first, LOL)!  Who knows, though?  I’m a firm believer in throwing things out into the universe to see what happens, so you never know what may happen…

And thanks to those who mentioned they were sending good thoughts & prayers my Daddy’s way.  I really appreciate it, and I hope that they’ll help him feel better soon!

The last giveaway post will be up tomorrow!  It’ll be a bit different but awesome nonetheless.  AND there will be more than one winner, so you’ll have a much better shot at winning!  Stay tuned!

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