What’s in Store for December

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December.  I truly can’t believe that 2010 has flown by so quickly that we’re now at the end of it!  It seems like it was just a couple of weeks ago that I was writing December ’09 posts, prepping for Christmas and the approaching new decade, but alas, it really has been a whole year.  I can’t say that I’m all that sorry to see this year come to a close; it’s been a tough one for me and for many of my friends and loved ones.  But it’s also been filled with new adventures, new opportunities, new friends and a lot of good food.

So to celebrate the good and say “Good riddance!” to the bad of 2010, I’m going to make December as fun as possible (within my still-unemployed means, of course)!  Here’s what’s in store for this last month of the year…

  • GIVEAWAYS!  ‘Tis the season of giving, and though I don’t have much, I do have some fabulous stuff to share with the most generous audience in the blogosphere.  Books?  Perhaps.  Gadgets?  Huge possibility.  Food?  You never know!  You’ll have to stay tuned to see what this little elf has to share with you. 🙂
  • The PGEW newsletter is almost here!  That’s right, folks!  PGEW is really growing up & I want to make sure everyone is kept in the loop!  Though I keep folks updated on PGEW happenings on Facebook & Twitter, I know there are some of you who either don’t use these services regularly or are just allergic to them in general and refuse to use them.  Sadly, this means these folks miss out on a lot!  Hence the newsletter.  Sent twice a month, it will be chock full of news featured recipes & tips, and plenty of other fun stuff.   It should be ready to launch within the next week or two, so be on the lookout for a special post announcing how/where to subscribe.
  • It’s baaaaaack!  PGEW – To Go!, the mini-book I self-published last year, is back.  Only 10x better!  PGEW – To Go! Vol. 2 will not only feature new recipes & tips, but it will also be available as an ebook!  Due to popular demand (and thanks to all of you who have been asking and/or patiently waiting for me to do this), I decided to release the 2nd edition that with 20 recipes not featured in Vol. 1, some new tips and the ability to download or print at your leisure.  No more waiting!  If enough folks dig the new format, I’ll look into making Vol. 1 an ebook as well.  In the meantime, look for Vol. 2 to be available by December 15th.  
  • I posted about this last month, but in case you missed it, I’m selling some of my photos as greeting cards, postcards, etc. on RedBubble!  From some of my better PGEW food photos to random shots of cool architecture, nature, or fabulous felines, there’s a little something for everyone, and I add new pictures regularly.  The postcards & greeting cards would make fun & unique Christmas gifts, so if you’re looking for something different, stop on by my RedBubble profile here and take a look around!    
  • But Poor Girl, what about the food?  Well, folks, we’re Bare Bones in’ it this month!  I have just a few cents left to my name and a very demanding landlord, so I’m really tightening my belt this month. Even I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out what to make from what little I have left in my kitchen!  But because I follow my own advice (thank goodness), I have a fair amount of bare-bones staples on hand, plenty of turkey & veggie stock in the freezer for soups or stews, and some lovely squashes to make things colorful and interesting.  And because I have such an awesome mom, I have some lovely salmon to work with, too!  I haven’t had fish in a long time, so it’ll be fun to come up with something new!  

Things are looking up for me though, and with some luck & perseverance, I should be seeing some light at the end of this tunnel soon!  If I can’t get a new $25 Shopping Cart post up this month, I’ll definitely have one up by the New Year!  Some folks are already giving me suggestions for my next few $25 SC’s, so if you have any ideas of places in Sac that I haven’t hit (and that I can get to on transit), feel free to comment!  I’d love to hear your suggestions.

That’s all for now, folks!  Happy December!



What's in Store for December

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