Recipe: Quinoa, Edamame & Sweet Pepper Lettuce Wraps

  • Quinoa, Edamame & Sweet Pepper Lettuce Wraps
  • Quinoa, Edamame & Sweet Pepper Lettuce Wraps
  • Quinoa, Edamame & Sweet Pepper Lettuce Wraps
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Recipe: Quinoa, Edamame & Sweet Pepper Lettuce Wraps – an ideal low-price, healthy recipe for vegetarians or those on a diet. Picking up some carrots, some baby spinach and red bell peppers, quinoa mixture on top, then a great lunch is ready to enjoy!

Recipe Description

Quinoa, Edamame & Sweet Pepper Lettuce Wraps

Now that I’ve returned from my berry-filled trip to Portland & Salem this past weekend, I’m happily ensconced in my nano-apartment once more. Between the berries, the unusually gorgeous weather, the fabulous company, and all that incredible food, I had a wonderful time in the City of Roses.   

But all that food, as fantastic as it was, left me feeling a little woozy.  Before I can even write about my trip to berry heaven I feel like I need a solid week of cleansing veggies, grains & tea to get me back on track. 

So much so that I even stopped by the 99-cent store on my way home from work yesterday to pick up some super cheapie veggies with my last $5 to last me ’til next payday.

Quinoa, Edamame & Sweet Pepper Lettuce Wraps

And you guys know I hardly ever do that. I really do try my best to work with what I have on hand before I go out shopping for new food.  But desperate times call for desperate measures (can you tell Poor Girl eat a little too well this weekend? I had every reason to; wait ’til you see what they served us! 🙂 ).

Since I didn’t have much to spend and the 99-cent store isn’t exactly known for its large selection of produce, I only picked up a few things that I knew would go well with what I still had at home.  I picked up some carrots, some baby spinach, a couple of sweet red bell peppers, and the most unlikely find: ahead of hydroponic butter lettuce.  Fresh, unwilted, and just $0.99?  Yes, please!

Quinoa, Edamame & Sweet Pepper Lettuce Wraps

By the time I walked home, I had a plan.  With such beautiful butter lettuce, I couldn’t just hack it all up, put it in a bowl with other things and call it a salad.  It was the type of lettuce that was meant for lettuce wraps, so I set about making a quick filling with the peppers, some shelled edamame I had in the freezer, and some freshly cooked quinoa.  I whipped up a simple sauce out of my last resort stash of soy sauce & a few other ingredients, and voila!  A light, easy to prepare a meal that was perfect for the warm summer evening.

Of course, not all of you will have access to 99-cent hydroponic butter lettuce, so if you can’t find it at an affordable price, by all means, use another type of lettuce.  Green leaf lettuce is far less expensive and will have a sturdy, yet more pliable leaf than Romaine.  Other than that, there’s not much else to note for this one!  It’s simple, nutritious, ever-so-tasty, and a nice, easy-to-stomach $1/serving.

Welcome home, Poor Girl!  😉

Details Recipe Information



Combine the last 4 ingredients in a bowl and whisk together until completely combined.  Set aside.
In a larger bowl add the quinoa, edamame, pepper, and onion and toss together.  Pour the sauce over the quinoa and mix together until the mixture is completely coated.
 To serve, place a couple of tablespoons of the quinoa mixture into each lettuce leaf, wrap it or roll it up, and enjoy!
Note: This should be enough sauce to keep the mixture moist but not over-dressed.  If you like a lot of dressing or want some extra sauce for a dip, simply double the ingredients for the sauce, use half for the quinoa mixture, and the other half on the side.

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