Last-Minute Thanksgiving Ideas! PGEW in 2011

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Well, tomorrow’s the big day! Last-minute Thanksgiving ideas (the real holiday this week) is practically on top of us and I couldn’t be more excited! Though the real message of Thanksgiving is not lost I my world (Lord knows I have more than enough reasons to be thankful), I do have to admit it has always been my favorite food holiday. Growing up, it was my family’s way of going all out for the big,elaborate dinner, and the dishes served are still some of my favorites.

But with the way this year has flown by and everyone doing his or her best to make it through this hectic life, I know some of you may have been blindsided by good ole Thanksgiving. Maybe you didn’t have the time to plan something, or perhaps it’s just too much to afford right now. You may just want something different to serve this year, without having to buy a zillion new ingredients. Whatever your reason, here are some new & old PGEW recipes to help you create your own holiday traditions…

Lists of Last-Minute Thanksgiving of PGEW in 2011 - Menu Ideas

For even more ideas, check out last year’s post!
I hope you all enjoy a truly terrific Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones!

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