First batch of posts is up!

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Hi, folks!

It’s been a little slow going, but the first batch of back posts is finally up here on PGEW Classic! I struggled a bit with the decision of starting back in 2011 and working my way up to current times, or working backward from more recent posts. Because of the many missing images I’m trying to replace and save from different sources, I decided to go with the latter and my way back through the older posts. This way there’s more content available for you to sift through now, while I keep piecing things back together.

I’ll add a brief update post every time a new batch goes up, but I’m also itching to share a couple recipes that have been on the back burner for a few months, so you’ll have a smorgasbord of tasty things to peruse in the next few weeks. To stay up to date with everything PGEW related during this transitional time, be sure to subscribe to receive email updates, and stay connected on Facebook, Instagram (@poorgirleatswell), Pinterest and Twitter (both are @poorgrleatswell).

And now, for the first batch of post links…

Not sure what happened and what we’re doing here? Check out my last post to catch up.

Hope you’ve had a fabulous week, everyone!

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