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Hello, again!

It’s been a hell of a long time, but I’m glad to be back. For those of you who don’t follow me on social media, I’ve basically been trying to recover from the hit called 2016, lol. I got hit with shingles right after New Year’s, found a job, was hospitalized for pneumonia where I ended up with heart complications from which I’m still trying to recover, lost the job because of the pneumonia, then promptly took a temp job just a week after being released from the hospital, and I’ve been out of breath trying to catch up ever since.

In the meantime, the internet got turned off because temp pay was only enough to take care of essentials like rent and food, and trying to do anything but go to work and come home to collapse was pretty much impossible. I’ll elaborate on everything later, but let’s just say that I’ll take shingles ANY day over more heart issues. It’s been over six months and I just now started feeling well enough to walk and exercise at my old pace, so even things like going to the nearest store on my own have taken a backseat until very recently. But boy, am I grateful to finally be at this point!

Then last week, right after I learned that this temp assignment was being terminated two weeks early because new management was not on board with dealing with someone who has my health issues, I came home to find my gas was shut off. JUST when I’d treated myself to birthday internet so I could start blogging again! I know there are those who will say it’s impossible to have this much crap thrown at you constantly; but I can assure you, it’s true. And even though I was at my wit’s end with pain and the frustration of another employer betrayal (seriously, I’m just keeping my mouth shut from now on), all I could do was laugh it off and start figuring out the next plan of attack. I’d let the difficulties of 2016 rule my life enough; I wasn’t about to let the lack of my beloved gas range and oven stop me from taking the reins again, now that I can be upright and have internet, however temporary that may be.

It hasn’t all been awful, though. I turned 40 last month, and despite the rocky beginning to this decade, I’m absolutely LOVING being 40 for some strange reason. I had to put my dreams of a big fabulous birthday vacation on hold, but I had the most wonderful time with my mom, and the belated birthday love from friends still keeps coming, so I don’t mind waiting a little longer for that. And like I said earlier, I’m finally feeling like my heart is getting a little closer to normal, which gives me a little more of the energy I used to have so I can take care of the things that are important to me: like writing and creating again. I’m definitely looking forward to what this new decade will bring.

So, right now that I have the free time until the next temp gig arrives, I’m taking advantage and uploading a lot of the recipes from the WordPress site to PGEW Classic (which is what I affectionately call this temporary home). I’m also tinkering with different electronic cooking gadgets that either my mom has given me, or that I’ve scored at yard sales or with birthday gift cards, so I will have some interesting new tips and recipes coming in the (hopefully) near future.

What I’m not going to do is put exact dates or expectations on myself like I’ve tried doing in the past. With my health and everything else still being so precarious, I can’t make guarantees. I wish I could, because I’m a control freak like that, but I can’t. It’s not fair to you, my readers, and it’s not fair to me to have that added pressure and stress. I will update as I’m able, and right now, that may be fairly regularly, so those old posts don’t get forgotten. But no matter how important it is to resurrect my blog and keep creating, my first and foremost priority is my health. Without my health, I cannot do ANYTHING, whether it’s work a “real” job to be able to pay my rent, or keep up with my creative endeavors. Having PHN for five years has definitely given me a taste of that; but it was the scare of being so critically ill in the hospital, and the incredibly long, lonely road to recovery from the heart problems, that made me realize everything else can wait. I know I’ve lost a lot of followers, and it sucks that I’m not at the level I was even just a year ago, but that doesn’t matter as much as being well.

I have remained as active as my health and slow phone data connection have allowed, and as I transition back into posting more regularly, I ask those who want more updates or ideas to please follow me on Instagram at the very least (username updated to @kimberlypgew, for those who haven’t visited in awhile). It’s where I’m most active, since it’s easier to do smaller captions on a tiny phone keyboard, so that’s why sharing photos and videos there is ideal for me. The food related content has slowed down a bit because of not being able to link to any real posts until now, but get a more personal look at what goes on in Kimberland (more on that part in the near future), and a lot of cute StuKitty posts, so if you’re his fan, you’ll definitely get your fill. 🙂

It’s like I said in my one post in January before I got so sick: I’m looking at expanding what I do, pursuing different ideas, instead of just boxing myself into this budget blogger niche. Not that I don’t love that, because it’s what launched so many opportunities for me, and is a real way of life for me until something good and stable comes my way. But it’s not all I can do, and I want to show people that I’m much more than just PGEW. This blog, like I am, is a work in progress, and will continue to evolve like I do. So, for now, I’m going to do my best to bring as many old recipes back so that your favorites are accessible once again, and will produce content as I am able.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you who continue to love and support me from afar, even though it’s been such a long hiatus. Your understanding and kindness help immensely, and it’s nice to interact with you on a more personal, non-food related level (hello, solo Sound of Music singalong last night!). For you newbies, welcome to this little hybrid of super old, not-so-old, and brand new posts. There are other things in the works that I will reveal when they’re more concrete, so while the return will be slow, there’s great content on the way. Thank you for your patience and support, and stay tuned for the first set of reposted recipes in the very next post!


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