5th batch recipes of PGEW has online now! 60 Best Recipes Ever

5th batch recipes Hello, loveliest people! And almost goodbye to the year 2020.

Even though we have many things that we were worried about, I want all of us to celebrate a new beginning for the new year. I am delighted to be back in 5th batch recipes.

Er, on New Year’s Eve, I don’t care about who’s kissing who when the clock strikes. All I want to know is what you are putting in your mouths. And, maybe you too LOL.

Many of you may expect these new 5th batch recipes. I did not break my promise, did I? These 5th batch recipes are ideal for the chilly winter-spring. Newbies, you will now have them to try!

I am all into keeping stuff chronologic, so I posted previous ones of the 5th batch recipes with their original publishing dates. Anyway, if you want to find things (before these 5th batch recipes) that you missed, use the search function in our PGEW.

You know, this time I am with researchers writing reviews for juicers.  I hope that they are helpful for you folks.

We need to complete the arduous journey of the reviews right before New Year Eve.

On the way home, after a tiring day, I thought that no one remembered my birthday (It was sad, really). However, when I was about to get into my house, my friends surprised me with a party. Together we cook some of the 60 best recipes and celebrate the super simple home-made birthday party.

The dishes at this party, I think, are the most suitable for a festive spirit upcoming like this.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Please keep sending another request for 2021 recipes!

And now… 5th batch recipes!

Lists of 5th batch recipe of PGEW - 60 Best Recipes Menu Ideas





By sharing about these 5th batch recipes of mine, you not only find attractive recipes but also enjoy and listen to our shared joys and hobbies – food and recipes.

I hope you like 5th batch recipes (delicious and fun recipes). Try to do it at home and share some of the 60 best recipes with everyone. Think positively and smile while thinking about how you follow one of the 60 best recipes and where you find great ingredients.

The Covid-19 pandemic is spreading globally. We try to keep each other safe while transitioning through upheaval.

Anyway, wishing you all a better year!

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