Amazon Prime Day 2022 – Best Ads, Deals, and Guide

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Amazon Prime Day! Are you looking for a big sale to buy a variety of items you want and save a lot of money? If you are a crazy fan of shopping for bargains on Amazon Prime Day, you will not ignore the event this year.

This great deal will be applied to hundreds of products from toys to technology devices on Amazon Prime Day.

Moreover, Amazon also adds in lots of other big discounts compared to what you can see anywhere else. Are you planning your shopping strategy to buy as many bargains as possible? In this article, Poor Girl Eats Well will introduce some impressive information about this Amazon Prime Day as below.

When will Amazon Prime Day 2022 start?

Prime Day was set to kick off Monday, July 11. This discount was through Tuesday, July 12, and is exclusive to Prime members only. It will begin at midnight Monday, June 21. As soon as the calendar turns to Monday, Amazon will update the Prime Day sale event in the wide range of products.

What is Prime Day and how does it work?

What is Prime Day?

The sale, which takes place annually, includes big discounts on many kinds of items throughout the site. This attractive event is open exclusively to customers who have a Prime account on Amazon. If you are not yet a Prime member of Amazon, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial. When using this trial, you can take advantage of this deal event. If you want to get a lot of information about the next discount, you can pay for a membership. If not, you have to cancel before the trial period ends.
You will pay $13 per month or $119 per year for Prime membership. Once you are a Prime member of Amazon, you will be offered a variety of perks. They include fast delivery time on select products or access rights to Prime Video and exclusive deals. One important thing is you can sample during the trial. It’s so great, aren’t you?
Another thing you have to note is that you will not even find most of the discounts on Prime Day without a Prime membership. That means some deals are visible if you log in to a Prime account.

How does Amazon Prime Day work?

As mentioned before, to take part in Prime Day and get the best bargains, you have to be a Prime member of the Amazon site. If you haven’t registered to become a prime member, you can join the free 30-day trial, and then you will pay $119 per year (or $12.99 per month) to be a formal member. Once you sign up for Prime and sign into your account, you will find Prime Day prices displayed on the Amazon website and apps. Now, you just need a click to add your favorite items to your cart and pay for your bill with discounted prices. I think that you can sign up for a monthly Prime account and then cancel it later if you want to save money.
Besides, for a limited time, new members who access the Prime account by using the Echo device will receive a $5 Amazon credit. You just need to say “Alexa, sign me up for Prime”, it’s too simple, isn’t it?

5 tips to find the best Amazon Prime Day deals

You can not immediately see the best deals on Amazon. Moreover, they can be sold out fast because thousands of customers also take the big sale like you. So you will need to have a good plan in shopping for the best bargains. Here are some tips for bagging the best discounts that I had from the last Prime Day deals.

You should look for a free Amazon Prime trial but don’t rely on it.

As you know Amazon Prime Day is only for Prime members. However, Amazon’s website usually provides free trials for customers to make sure that they can attract a large number of potential customers. If you have not subscribed, you can find a free three-weeks trial in advance. However, some stores like Walmart and Best Buy also have big deals on Black Friday. That means you can be shopping around to find as many of the best Prime Day discounts as possible. I found that some deals may not even be on the Amazon website at all.

You have to know what products you want to purchase

If you know exactly what you want to add to your cart, you will not waste your time looking for lightning deals. One important thing is you must check these items carefully such as features, design, specs before you make the decision to buy them.

You should stay flexible when shopping

Do you find deals on any item you are going to buy while getting this item does not help you save your budget? I think it takes too much time! Moreover, you may be missing out on other impressive discounts from the same products that have lower prices. At the events before, I liked many products from well-known brands, but I considered their prices, features, designs to get the best option.

Access Amazon early to get the best deals

When Prime Day takes place, you will want to be the first person to get the best deals for the items you want to buy. The best discounts on the hottest technology devices and kitchen devices will run out after only a short time. So I often access Amazon as soon as possible because they wouldn’t wait too long if I do stumble for a perfect price as I like.

Always check back during the deal event

When I was shopping at the last Prime Day event, I saw a lot of new deals were released. Although I add many items to my cart, I still cancel my original order to get better options. So, I think you should check all the discounts on the items that you want to purchase before clicking the order button.

When does Prime Day end?

In the 24-hour lightning deals, you will find a wide range of products that have impressive discounts, from 30% to 70%. According to Amazon, the official Prime Day deals end on Tuesday 22nd June at 11:59 pm BST. And in fact, a lot of the best-selling products have already run out of stock after the first day of the Amazon Prime Day sale. That means, if you see any product that has a great deal, you should add it to your cart as soon as possible.

How long is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day 2022 sale is a big two-day deal event that many customers expect. During this time, you will be excited with a lot of impressive discounts across a wide range of products and categories from many brands around the world. Although this Amazon deal day will be held for two days, you’re more likely to see better discounts during the first day of the deal event. So, hurry up to get the items you want at a good price.
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