Top 3 Best Angel Juicers Review – Buying Guide, And FAQs

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Best Angel Juicers! You’ll want to consider Angel Juicers – they’re known for being both high quality and affordable. Whether you’re looking for a juicer for personal use or for commercial purposes, Angel Juicers is a great option to consider.
So, if you’re looking for a juicer that’s both affordable and high-quality, Angel juicers from Poor Girl Eats Well are a great option. Our reviews will help you choose the best Angel juicers for your needs, and we’ve also included some quick practical guides and FAQs to help you get started.

Quick Summary: Top 3 Best Angel Juicers Review

Angel Juicers vs Other Juicers

First, you need to know what type of juicer you want.

There are two main types of juicers: High-speed juicers and low-speed juicers.

High-speed juicers, known as centrifugal juicers, produce lower-quality juice, but of course, they will make your juice faster. They will also have more powerful motors, making them quite noisy, but they tend to be much cheaper than low-speed juicers.

Low-speed juicers, like these best Angel juicers, make high-quality, nutrient-rich juices that will squeeze out every ounce of your fruits and vegetables very quietly, but they take more time.

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The main parts of the Angel Juicer 8500 are made from high-quality surgical-grade stainless steel (SUS-316). This steel is durable, hygienic, and easy to clean, as well as looking luxurious. Surgical-grade steel is even more hygienic than standard stainless steel, making it the perfect choice for juicing.

With Anti-Jamming Auto-Reverse Function, a safety mechanism will stop the motor and prevent overloading or damage. In the event of a jam, the engine will need to be reversed for a few seconds to move the jammed ingredients backward.

There are six built-in safety features:
1. The device can only be operated when it is fully assembled.
2. A switch on the back prevents accidental activation via the digital control.
3. A built-in thermostat prevents overheating.
4. Engine is protected from damage if a knife, bell, or other object ends up in the input shaft, due to a built-in clutch.
5. There are two layers of protection against electric shocks from the switch.
6. The engine and chassis are isolated from each other to prevent electric shocks.

Angel’s Shattering Helical Gear (SHG) Technology: 3 HP Grinding Force. 82 RPM. The secret to the superior performance of the Angel juicer 8500 is SHG technology. The amount of nutrients extracted depends on how thoroughly a juicer is able to grind.

LSCS (Low-Speed Cone Screw) and MSE technology allow for more nutrition and juice to be extracted from fruits and vegetables. The high-speed blades and gears of ordinary juicers are not able to crush fibers and often destroy nutrients with the heat they generate.

The Angel is simple to assemble and disassemble, and easy to clean. All parts are dishwasher-safe. Also, The Angel’s powerful engine delivers a low, relaxed sound.

The 3-horsepower motor and 82 rpm cold press ensure minimal friction and prevents heat buildup, resulting in a beautiful, pulp-free, “live” juice that can be stored for up to 48 hours in the refrigerator.

This angel juicer amazon is covered by a ten-year warranty.

Angel Juicer AG-7500 Stainless Steel Premium Cold Press Slow Juicing Machine, SUS-304 Food Grade, Anti-Jamming Auto-Reverse Function, 10-Year Warranty
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The Angel Juicer 7500 and Angel Juicer 8500 models share many of the same features and functions. The primary difference between the two is the type of stainless steel used in their construction. The Angel Juicer 8500 model uses SUS-316 stainless steel while the Angel Juicer 7500 uses SUS-304 stainless steel.

If you don’t mind the difference in materials, then you should definitely go for the cheaper option—you’ll save about $300 when by this angel juicer on amazon.

The Angel Juicer 5500 model is very similar to the Angel Juicer 7500, with only a few minor differences, which is made of food-grade stainless steel SUS304 and has a MANUAL reverse system to free jammed ingredients when overloaded inside the screen housing, while the AG-7500 is made of food-grade stainless steel SUS304 and has an AUTO reverse system to free the jammed ingredients. Although the manual functions may take a bit of time to get used to, you can save around $100 by using them. However, if you want everything to be automated, the Angel Juicer 7500 may be the best option for you.

When compared with the Angel 8500, the surgical-grade stainless steel SUS316 construction with the AUTO reverse system is more hygienic and resistant to salt-based chemicals.

Buying Guide

With the widespread popularity of juicers, confusion has also arisen about choosing the best Angel juicers. Here are the main criteria we used to rate the best Angel juicers. Hope with the information we provide you will find the perfect choice!


In these Angel juicer reviews, we offer most of which are in the $1500-$2000 price range. We guarantee these best Angel juicers are worth your money.


Most of the best Angel juicers have a simple and luxurious design.

The more expensive ones come with better Auger, stiffer bodywork, and an improved gear system. The Low-Speed Cone Screw (LSCS) and Multi-Step Extracting (MSE) Technology used in Angel Juicers helps to preserve more nutrients and extract more juice from fruits and vegetables. High-speed blades and gears of ordinary juicers can damage fibers and often destroy nutrients with the heat they generate.

The Angel Juicer uses Shattering Helical Gear (SHG) technology to extract more nutrients from fruits and vegetables than any other juicer on the market, with 3 HP Grinding Force and 82 RPM speed Angel juicers allows the juicer to grind more thoroughly, extracting more nutrients in the process. And over 35 years of research and development, the Angel Juicer is the superior choice for those looking for the highest quality juicing experience.

Single auger juicers can juice everything like leafy greens and wheatgrass at quite an affordable price. However, using these juicers regularly will quickly reduce their lifespan.

Double auger juicers can juice all available ingredients without any trouble for long-term usage.


Most of the best Angel juicers are made with surgical-grade stainless steel, ensuring its durability, hygiene, and easy-to-clean properties. The luxurious look and feel of the juicer will make a lasting impression. Surgical-grade equipment is more hygienic and resistant to salt-based chemicals. Newer versions will provide more durable textures. If you have enough budget, buy the upgrade for comfortable use.

Cleaning and Maintenance

While all the best Angel juicers are designed for easy assembly, disassembly, and cleaning. Its three-step design makes it quick and easy to take apart, and all parts are 100% dishwasher-safe. Anyway, whichever one you pick from the best Angel juicers, cleaning doesn’t take much time.

Juicing Habits

If you’re a frequent juicer, you should opt for a newer model with excellent construction, an improved drill, and other fine-tuned features. If you don’t juice often, any of the Angel juicers models below would be a good choice. Sometimes a romantic meal calls for spontaneous juice.


The majority of top-rated Angel juicers come with an extended product warranty, while some newer models boast a 10-year warranty.

Additional Tips

  • Write down your wishes at the best Angel juicers. Each juicer has unique capabilities.
  • List the ingredients that you squeeze. Remember that not all juicers can handle juicing different types of fruits and vegetables.
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As we introduced above, we don’t have the all-best angel juicers. We only have the best Angel Juicers for your specific needs. If you’re looking for a luxurious juicer with superior materials and full automation, the Angel Juicer 8500 is for you.

The Angel Juicer 7500 is a lower-priced option that includes full automation functions. Its construction with lower-grade materials makes it more affordable.

The most affordable option is the Angel Juicer 5500. It is made with the same material as the Angle Juicer 7500, but the anti-jam function only works manually. This is the reason why it is the lowest price of the 3 top best angel juicers.

Yes. The Angel juicer is a high-end, twin-gear masticating juicer designed to maximize extraction from all types of produce. It is made entirely of 100% food-grade stainless steel, making it the most hygienic and long-lasting juicer available.

South Korea.

Angel Corporation Limited was founded in 1981 and has been solely dedicated to the research and development of the twin gear juicer for over 40 years. Manufacturing is headquartered in South Korea.

Yes, all parts are 100% dishwasher-proof.

1. Use a juicer to process 2-3 lemons, including the peel.
2. Once juicing is complete, remove the housing and augers and place them on a plate to dry (this will take 2-3 hours).
3. Soak the parts in warm water for 3-4 hours, then scrub them clean with the cleaning brush.
4. Rinse the parts off and allow them to dry completely.

Final Verdict

Honestly, our aim when writing these Angel juicers reviews is to make a profit for you all, NOT just to sell the juicers. We only choose products that really deserve it. We hope our information will be helpful to you in making your purchasing decision.

Anyway, listen to your heart and choose the best Angel juicers that suit your needs.

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