8 Best Hurom Juicers Review – FQAs and Advice

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Best Hurom juicers review! Are you looking for an amazing juicer that can juice all the fruits like carrot, ginger, orange, or even wheatgrass?  All these best Hurom juicers are what you need to upgrade your wellness standard. 

Whether you are a lazy person in juicing but still want to enjoy a healthy life, these best Hurom slow juicers will satisfy all your juicing needs without wasting your time. 

Quick Summary: Top 8 Best Hurom Juicers to Buy

It is a sad reality that a large number of shady juicers without a reliable manufacturer are widely sold on the market. Those poor-quality juicers can waste your money and juicing time without keeping much of the nutrients in your juice.

According to various Hurom slow juicer reviews, this brand is well known for its high reliability in producing premium quality cold press juicers. That’s why we decide to spend time exploring these best Hurom slow juicers with the hope that the below-detailed review of the 8 best Hurom juicers, along with some frequently asked questions will ease your confusion and help you have a wise buying decision. 

Check out the list on PGEW and grab the optimal cold press juicer for your own kitchen. It’s well worth the investment!

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Buyer's Guide

All the best Hurom juicers we review today have good points in their own way. Thus, it will be a bit confusing for you to come to an ultimate decision. Don’t worry! Here is the guide that we have carefully prepared for you to make a perfect choice.

Hurom juicer series

Hurom is not only the best brand making excellent cold press juicers but also offers a wide range of juicer series to meet various juicing purposes of customers. 

– As the name suggests, the Easy series is designed with the Easy wash and Easy Assembly function to provide you with an effortless juicing experience from the start till the end, and the easiest way to clean in just 2 minutes. Those best Hurom juicers of this series also have great abilities that can satisfy all the juicing needs of hectic people. So if you are always in a rush, this series will be your match! 

– The Classic series is the all-time best-selling slow juicer of Hurom. The stylish and economical Classic series will bring about the classic juicing performance yet premium quality. Further, this timeless juicing classic also delivers the highest quality juice just at a super affordable price that fits all budgets! 

– The Premium series with the trendy look will exude the unparalleled elegance you cannot miss in your kitchen. Although these best Hurom juicers have high-end prices, the highest quality materials with excellent capabilities far beyond making juice, and superior style in the Premium series haven’t made anyone regret it! If you are in good financial condition and are looking for the best cold press juicer for a long juicing term, the Premium series is well worth your investment! 

– The Basic Series offers the Best Hurom juicers with a compact design and easy-to-use features, which is so ideal for first-time juicers. Having a simple design doesn’t mean the juicers in this series cannot do a great job of juicing. This value-for-money series consists of all essential features as in other best Hurom juicers. So if you are a beginner looking to join the juicing world, you can never go wrong with this piece! 

With the basic information about various Hurom series on hand, we hope you will find out the most suitable cold press juicer for your juicing purpose. 

About Hurom manufacturer

Founded in 1974, Hurom is a well-known kitchen appliance brand coming from South Korea. With a mission to bring all lives closer to nature through a daily juicing routine, this trusted brand has spent over 40 years seeking ways to offer new value and be a part of every modern life more than a kitchen appliance brand. 

An innovative squeezing method from these best Hurom juicers is an advanced version of an existing squeezing method, minimizing the loss of natural nutrients and vitamins as much as possible. 

Their core principle in technology development has made Hurom become the best-selling cold press juicer on Hurom slow juicer amazon and the top pick products from different Hurom slow juicer reviews. 

Enjoying a cup of detoxifying juice made by these best Hurom juicers every morning helps your body naturally maintain its healthy balance, boosting your energy level and revitalizing a new day for you. Hurom will be a source of happiness in your life!

Why should you buy a Hurom juicer?

From what we have investigated and from other Hurom juicers reviews, we’d like to say that these best Hurom juicers have all what you need:

  • A sleek compact design fits any kitchen
  • The innovative slow-squeezing technology for quiet and faster extraction without damaging the natural taste and nutritious enzymes
  • The versatility for processing different types of ingredients
  • The ultra-durable and safe BPA-free parts for a long-lasting juicing journey 

All in all, this is what the best cold press juicer should be! 

HUROM HZ Slow Juicer, Silver
135 Reviews
○ Material:
    • Body: Stainless Steel & ABS
    • Squeezing Screw: Ultem
Wattage: 150 watts
Item Weight: 11.9 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 8.1 x 9.3 x 16 inches
Color: Rose Gold, Silver
Warranty: 10 years on motor; 2 years on parts

These best Hurom HZ Slow Juicers are top-of-the-range in the Alpha series using the latest technology to optimize your daily juicing and extract the most natural tasting juice for you. 

The stainless steel body construction and the LED indicator make these best Hurom HZ slow juicers stand out among other Hurom juicers. This LED indicator is used to indicate whether your machine is in extract or reverse mode to make you know exactly the current juicing status. 

The unique feature in these best Hurom HZ slow juicers is the citrus squeezer. This is so convenient to squeeze your favorite citrus juice in seconds without having to buy another citrus juicer. 

These best Hurom HZ slow juicers also include two strainers for different pulp controlling purposes, an ice cream strainer to make your creamy treats every day, and a tofu press to help you easily make delicious tofu for a healthy salad at home. You can try our recommended recipes: Quinoa broccoli salad, and white bean veggie salad. 

Why should you buy these best Hurom HZ Slow Juicers?

Only with this vertical masticating juicer, you can efficiently juice all types of fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, beans, nuts, or even various citrus fruits. With a 15% discount on Hurom slow juicer Amazon, the price for experiencing these best Hurom HZ slow juicers couldn’t be better. Take your chance right now!

Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer, Matte Black
346 Reviews
    • Body: ABS Plastic
    • Strainer: Stainless Steel
Wattage: 150 watts
Item Weight: 10.6 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 7.1 x 8.8 x 16 inches
Color: Matte Black, Rose Gold, White
Warranty: 10 years on motor; 2 years on parts

Hurom H-AA slow juicer from the Alpha Series, featuring the newest Alpha technology retains all of the natural nutrients in your juice. Having a streamlined design incorporating smooth wavy curves on the body, the best Hurom cold press juicer brings a high level of elegance and modernity to your kitchen counter. 

The Hurom H-AA slow juicer is equipped with heavy-duty Ultem auger and strainers to handle your long-term use and make your juice extraction more efficient. The auger squeezes operating like a hand-squeezer helps you create the purest tasting juice. 

This model is one of the best Hurom slow juicers having the ability to make ice cream from the chamber with frozen ingredients, which is perfect for those who want to make healthy frozen treats daily. 

Why should you buy Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer?

With a 10% discount on Hurom slow juicer amazon, this is a great time for you to experience this best Hurom cold press juicer and enjoy the healthiest juices. Grab it right away before you can’t!

Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer - Pearl Black
73 Reviews
    • Body: ABS
    • Squeezing Screw: Ultem
Wattage: 150 watts
Item Weight: 22.9 pounds
Package Dimensions: 15.5 x 14 x 14 inches
Color: Pearl Black, Matte Silver
Warranty: 10 years on motor; 2 years on parts

As the name suggests, the Hurom H101 has some changes to fewer the number of parts to clean, which makes the cleaning much easier and faster for users.

This best Hurom cold press juicer features scrub-free cleaning by replacing the small holes strainer with the grooved one, allowing the users to rinse the parts underwater easily without scrubbing. 

The pulp outlet in the Hurom H101 can open 180 degrees, offering an easy way to wash away any remaining pulps inside the chamber. With all these easy-to-clean features, you can enjoy all the benefits of juicing without worrying about the messy clean-up afterward.

Using slow squeeze technology, the H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer can also juice different types of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and soybeans to make a variety of fresh cold-pressed juices, smoothies, nut milk, and more.

Why should you buy this Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer?

With an easy-clean design and all the juicing abilities, this best Hurom cold press juicer will make your juicing experience more enjoyable than ever. The current 15% discount on Hurom slow juicer Amazon would be a great bargain to you all. Solid choice ever!

Hurom HH-SBB11 Elite Slow Juicer with Cookbook - Noble Silver
25 Reviews
Material:  ABS Plastic Body
Wattage: 150 watts
Item Weight: 13.6 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.7 x 15.6 inches
Color: Noble Silver, Sandy gold, Ferrari Red, White
Warranty: 10 years on motor; 2 years on parts

Hurom Elite Slow Juicer, the second generation model, has a contemporary design that will bring a luxurious look to your counter. 

The twin-winged Ultem auger rotating at half of the speed of other masticating juicers makes the juicing power doubled. The innovative design helps the Hurom Elite slow juicer efficiently process all types of ingredients ranging from soft fruits to hard veggies and leafy greens and even make soy and almond milk. Simply add yogurt or frozen ingredients and enjoy your own healthiest ice cream.

The Hurom Elite slow juicer includes completely BPA-free parts, Ultem auger, and strainers, which are much stronger than ordinary plastics to ensure your juicing journey lasts for years. 

This Hurom Elite slow juicer is equipped with two strainers that allow you to easily control the amount of pulp in your juice to suit your taste preferences. While the finer strainer is ideal for pulp-free juice, the coarse one allows more pulp to go in your juice if you want to make some smoothies.

Why should you buy the Hurom Elite slow juicer?

The Hurom Elite slow juicer has been the brand’s flagship product and one of the best-selling juicers on Hurom slow juicer amazon. All the features from this cold press juicer won’t let you down!

HUROM Slow Juicer'Advanced 100' (Deep Wine)【Japan Domestic Genuine Products】【Ships from Japan】
60 Reviews
Material: ABS plastic
Wattage: 150 watts
Item Weight: 12.76 pounds
Product Dimensions: 8.31 x 11.54 x 18.19 inches
Color: Deep wine
Warranty: 10 years on motor; 5 years on parts

The Hurom Slow Juicer Advanced 100, also called the H100, has a new dual strainer juice separation, which consists of two parts put together instead of using a sieving screen around the auger. This new feature allows your juice to pass through very long thin slits to get the softest pulp-free juices. This dual strainer can be separated to make your clean-up easier than ever. 

Another great feature in this best Hurom cold press juicer is a switch above the output to control the amount of pulp ejected instead of using the common clever. This customized switch is easily adjusted according to the user’s purpose. 

The dual-wing auger in the H100 helps you efficiently extract plenty of ingredients ranging from various fruits, vegetables, leafy greens to nuts, soybeans in a short time, but also retains all of the natural nutrients and vitamins in your juice. 

Why should you buy the Hurom Slow Juicer Advanced 100?

If you are looking for the best Hurom cold press juicer processing all types of ingredients and having an easy-clean design, this premium juicer is what you need. From different Hurom slow juicer reviews, this H100 hasn’t let anyone down.  It’s worth every penny!

Hurom H310A Personal Self Feeding Slow Masticating Juicer (HP Green)
465 Reviews
Material: Stainless Steel
Wattage: 150 watts
Package Dimensions: 20 x 11.5 x 8.5 inches
Item Weight: 16.32 pounds
Color: White, Mint Green, Pink

These best Hurom HP slow juicers are the second generation vertical slow juicers working efficiently on fruits, various vegetables, leafy greens, even nuts and beans, which will meet all your juicing needs. Let’s combine a glass of fresh green juice with some delicious recipes like shrimp noodle soup, or roasted chicken with broccoli to make your meal more flavorful! 

Using slow squeeze technology, the best Hurom slow juicers mimic the motion of hand squeezing juice to ensure your juice stays in its most natural and freshest state. These best Hurom HP slow juicers feature a cooling system with built-in integrated heat vents to prevent the motor from overheating in a long-term operation. 

Unlike the annoying noise in other juicers, the near-silent AC motor in these best Hurom HP slow juicers will bring an enjoyable juicing experience at home to you all.

These best Hurom HP slow juicers, the Hurom’s most affordable juicers, with a compact and stunning design are ideal for those looking to try the quality of Hurom products without having to spend much money on the first try. 

Why should you buy these best Hurom HP slow juicers? 

If you are looking for the best Hurom cold press juicer having the lowest cost on Hurom slow juicer amazon, these best Hurom HP slow juicers won’t make you regret it!

Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer, Silver
548 Reviews
Material: ABS Plastic
Wattage: 150 watts
Item Weight: 12 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 9.76 x 6.76 x 16.6 inches
Color: Black, White
Warranty: 10 years on the motor; 2 years on parts

Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer was the first slow vertical juicer providing many years of quality juice for thousands of juicer enthusiasts. 

Using Hurom’s cold-pressing system and the 80-RPM vertical auger, this best Hurom cold press juicer extracts your juice without damaging the pure nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins. The augers in these best Hurom slow juicers are made of Ultem, which is so durable that you don’t need to worry about using it for years. 

Like other best Hurom juicers, the HU 100 can easily process various types of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, and beans, which will satisfy all your juicing needs. 

The motor only uses 150W of energy to make your extracting almost silent. You can make a variety of juices, milk, sauces, even baby food in the most pleasant experience ever. This saves you more time in making fruit-based sauces to spice up your meals like gnocchi tomato sauce, or mushroom asiago alfredo sauce.

Why should you buy this Hurom HU-100 Juicer?

This best Hurom cold press juicer with a long record of quality will give you the best juicing experience at the most affordable price like using other high-end juicers. What a great choice for juice enthusiasts!

Hurom CJ Citrus Juicer (Silver)
124 Reviews
Material: Stainless Steel
Wattage: 100 watts
Item Weight: 5.29 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 9.4 x 7.5 x 18.4 inches
Color: Silver, Blue, Pink
Domestic Warranty: 1 Year

Coming in a stainless steel finish, Hurom CJ Citrus Juicer brings about an aesthetically pleasing design and a sturdy, easy-to-wipe surface.

With a powerful motor, the automatic operation in this best electric juicer makes your daily juicing much easier than ever. Just simply press the handle down, the motor will automatically mimic the motion and squeeze out the freshest juice, completely leaving empty rinds for you.

The Hurom citrus juicer features a one-size finned cone that fits all citrus fruits, helping you get the maximum amount of fresh juice without having to choose the right size cone for each press.

Whether extracting large oranges or small lemons, this best Hurom juicer is ideal for squeezing the freshest juice with ease. Thus, it helps you save more time when cooking some meals that need orange juice for a more delicious taste such as orange scented quinoa, or spicy orange beef brown rice. 

Why should you buy Hurom CJ Citrus Juicer?

With an elegant design and affordable price, the Hurom Citrus Juicer will become the greatest right-hand man in your long juicing journey!

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Definitely yes, all the best Hurom juicers are cold press juicers. These best Hurom slow juicers use a vertical auger slowly squeezing out the ingredients at a high pressure to bring the most benefits to the users.

A slow juicer, also known as a masticating juicer or a cold press juicer (such as these best Hurom juicers, Champion juicers, Kuvings juicers, or Omega juicers) operates by crushing and pressing the juice out of ingredients through a slowly rotating auger. This slow squeezing technology makes the operation much quieter and extracts higher yields of juice than other juicers. 

Centrifugal juicers can offer you speed and convenience at a lower price, but indeed, they typically have spinning blades that juice the fruits quickly but not completely extract all amount of juice and also cause annoying noises. Another drawback is that these juicers heat the juice up, which can destroy all the natural vitamins and enzymes in your juice. 

From all the aforementioned points, we highly recommend you to buy a slow juicer!

All the best Hurom juicers are designed to use and clean as easily as possible for every user. The brand doesn’t recommend putting all the parts into the washing machine for long-term use. Thus, these best Hurom slow juicers have easy-disassemble parts and include a cleaning brush in each model to help your clean up faster than ever. Simply rinse the juicing parts underwater and your clean duty is done! 

For further cleaning feedback, you can check more images on Hurom slow juicer amazon.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we hope our Hurom slow juicer reviews above will provide you with an insight knowledge about these best Hurom juicers as well as the differences between masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers.

If we have to choose the best Hurom cold press juicer, Hurom HZ Slow Juicer is our top pick. Anyway, be confident to believe in this reliable brand and you will make a wise shopping decision!

Whichever Hurom juicer you choose, make sure to check the discount on Hurom slow juicer Amazon before buying. There will be some great deals you shouldn’t miss!

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