10 Best Orange Juicers – Top Picks, Buying Guide, and FAQS

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Best orange juicers? Are you looking for them? Orange juice has become one of the most popular drinks for every age in this hot summer. Enjoying a glass of orange juice smoothie from the best orange juice maker with a good-quality breakfast can revitalize and strengthen your health.

You can make some quick breakfast recipes like a steek omelet, berry salad, or grilled chicken tacos. Start your healthy life right now!

Quick Summary: Top 10 Best Orange Juicers of 2021 - Reviews and Top Picks

Among the various best orange juicers in the market nowadays, choosing the most suitable orange juice squeezer for your kitchen is not an easy task. To make it less confusing for you, we provide an in-depth review, go over the good points and the not-so-good points of various best orange juicers, as well as a guide for buying and answer some common questions.

Let’s read on the list of our 10 Best Orange Juicers and find out the best buy juicer for yourself!

Buying Guide

Among the various best orange juicers, here are the summarised buying tips to help you make the right choice without working in the juicing stores to know which is the best orange squeezer need to buy.

What do you need to consider while buying a juicing machine?


The best orange juicers with quality material will be a stable choice for your long-lasting juicing journey. Stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion, is the most suitable choice for a stable juicer. It may not react to your fresh juice while squeezing over time. Plastic squeezers are likely to break if you squeeze large citrus fruits with a strong force.


When making a glass of fresh orange juice smoothie, the seed is an annoying problem. The best orange juice maker with small holes to filter out all the seeds and an adjustable filter to control the juicing pulp in case you don’t want to waste them will help you a lot in your daily juicing.


If you want a cold press juicer for commercial use, we recommend the large-size manual juicer to juice different citrus fruits easier and faster. For frequent juicing in your small kitchen, a citrus juicer electric or manual juicer with a compact design is a logical choice.


Daily juice will make you have to wash it off after use. Look up the best orange squeezer that features removable and dishwasher-safe parts to make the cleaning easier.

Warranty and returning term

Warranty and returning policy is a factor worth considering when buying the best orange maker. Choosing an orange juice squeezer coming with a lifetime warranty and a long return period is a smart purchase.

Which type of juicer is better? Manual or Electric?

The choice of the manual juicer or auto orange juicer is entirely up to you as oranges are not difficult to juice. If you want your juicing experience to be much faster and more automatic, those best electric orange juicers are more suitable. A manual extractor is much quieter and more convenient to use in places without electricity.

How much should you spend on an orange juicer?

While buying the best orange squeezer, the price is the deciding factor. Choosing the best juicer within your budget is a prerequisite. For daily juicing, the suitable price of an orange squeezer will range from $20 to $50 for an auto orange juicer and under 20$ for a hand squeeze juicer.
 Color: Silver
Material: Stainless steel
Brand: Eurolux
Item Weight: 4 Pounds
Item Dimensions: 12.2 x 9.5 x 8 inches

Eurolux Electric Orange Juicer is an ideal auto orange juicer you should have in your kitchen. Thanks to the powerful 160W motor and automatic one-touch operation of this best electric orange juicer, it is super easy to use. Just plug it in and push it down on the handle.

This citrus juicer electric is also built with quality materials. The locking spout, handle, and filter are all made of stainless steel. The juicer has detachable parts for easy cleanup.

We are also impressed with the suction cups on the bottom of the best orange juice maker to keep it from moving around.

We appreciate that this best electric orange juicer provides maximum juice extraction no matter the size of your oranges. However, if you force large quantities of fruit at a time, the motor will overheat. So, be aware to wait for it to cool down again.

Why should you buy this citrus juicer electric?

This auto orange juicer is ideal for hotels and restaurants. It’s worth the money because of its impressive durability. Make the best investment and enjoy a fresh orange juice smoothie daily.

Brand: Cuisinart
 Type: Electric juicer
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions:  6.75 x 7.88 x 12.25 inches
Weight: 4 pounds
Color: Black/Stainless, Cool Grey, Polished Chrome, White

Cuisinart CCJ-500 is a good option for the best orange juicer machine. Made of stainless steel material and with an auto-reversing cone, this citrus juicer electric helps you extract more juice efficiently. The auto orange juicer is also equipped with an adjustable filter with three levels of pulp control settings according to how much pulp you want in your orange juice smoothie. Combining a fresh orange juice smoothie glass with a healthy lunch (Potato Salad with Sunflower Seed Dressing) can fuel you up with a refreshing mood all day! 

A unique feature in this best electric orange juicer is the final spin extraction, which helps to maximize the amount of juice from the pulp. All parts of the citrus juicer electric are dishwasher safe and easy to disassemble. 

Why should you buy this auto orange juicer?

With a sturdy design and affordable price, this best orange juicer machine can offer you many benefits over other manual juicers. It’s worth a try!

Color: Black/Green
Type: Electric juicer
Material: Stainless Steel & Plastic
Dimensions: 8 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches

Weight: 2.18 pounds

LUUKMONDE Electric Citrus Juicer is a potential competitor for the best electric orange juicer position. With a simple and sturdy design, this best orange juicer machine has slow-speed electric squeezing, which doesn’t heat the juice to preserve maximum vitamins and nutrients in your juice. 

This citrus juicer electric is equipped with a powerful motor and a large stable base to make less noise and no swagging while operating. Compared to other citrus juicer electrics, this auto orange juicer has been upgraded the juicing capacity up to almost 41-oz and the jug also has measure markings. This is more convenient if you want to juice for the entire family or the parties. 

Two cones in this best electric orange juicer allow you to extract various citrus fruits. The citrus juicer electric has a removable strainer for keeping pulps if you don’t want to waste them and the non-slip feet to keep it more stable. 

Why should you buy this best electric orange juicer?

The quality of an orange juice smoothie coming from this best orange juice machine is surprisingly good at under $30. This amazing auto orange juicer is what a juicer should be!

BLACK+DECKER 32oz Electric Citrus Juicer, CJ625, Pressure Activated, Adjustable Pulp Control, Dishwasher-Safe
29,679 Reviews
 Material: Plastic
Type: Electronic juicer
Dimensions: 7.68 x 7.68 x 9.5 inches
 Weight: 2.42 pounds

BLACK+DECKER Citrus Juicer is one of the best orange juicers featuring auto-reversing juicing cones. Two cones rotating both ways can provide maximum juice extraction. The small cone helps you squeeze more juice from small fruits whereas the large cone is ideal for grapefruits. 

The design of this auto orange juicer has a switch that you can freely adjust the size of the seed strainer, which allows you to get the amount of pulp you want in your orange juice smoothie. The auto orange juicer’s container is a pitcher for you to contain a large amount of fresh juice. All parts of this citrus juicer electric are easy to disassemble and be able to put into the dishwasher.

Why should you buy this best orange juicer machine?

At a price that couldn’t be more reasonable, under $20, this is the best electric orange juicer for you to make a pitcher of fresh orange juice smoothie every day. Let’s give it a try and you won’t regret it!

Brand: Zulay Kitchen
Material: Cast Iron Stainless Steel
Type: Manual juicer
Dimensions: 11.25 x 7 x 15.75 inches
Weight: 15.06 pounds
Color: Black, Blue, Cream, Grey, Light Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Pomegranate Red

Made of durable and heavy-duty cast iron, this best orange juice maker is ideal for commercial use in bars and restaurants. The best orange juicer machine uses leverage and gravity to help you extract the freshest juice without any effort. 

This best orange juice maker has a powerful and safe crushing ability, which makes you feel comfortable when juicing in your kitchen. The 5inch diameter cup allows you to juice different sizes of fruit including large grapefruits. This best orange juicer machine gets the job done much easier. What’s better than enjoying an over-the-moon dinner having various fresh juices and delicious meals like pepper shrimp, or chicken mushroom sauce with beloved people?

Don’t worry about the cleaning task being difficult due to the large size. This orange juice squeezer can be wiped clean in seconds and all parts are detachable for dishwasher safe.

Why should you buy Zulay Citrus Juicer?

With a stable and sturdy material, you can enjoy the fastest and easiest juicing experience at home. Try this best orange juice maker and you won’t regret it!

Type: Manual juicer
Material: Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Plastic
Dimensions: 17.9 x 11.9 x 7.8 inches
Weight: 13.82 pounds
Color: Black, Green, Grey, Orange, White, Yellow, Silver

The ROVSUN Commercial Grade Juicer is one of the best orange juicers using a hand press. Made of heavy-duty cast iron with stainless steel strainer, this orange juice squeezer is perfect for bars, restaurants, families, where you need lots of fresh juice. 

This best orange juice maker is not like other auto orange juicers. The orange juice squeezer will not rub the rinse so that there is not any bitterness from the rind in your juice. This best orange juicer machine uses gravity to make squeezing much easier and extract every last drop out of fruit. 

A unique feature of this orange juice squeezer is the safety hat, which is used to lock the handle in a permanent position to prevent the handle and press coming down accidentally. A long and light handle with a comfortable rubber grip will reduce pressure on your hand and make you enjoy your juicing more.

Why should you buy ROVSUN Citrus Juicer?

This best orange juicer machine will bring premium quality to you with a satisfying juicing experience at home. Grab it and enjoy your freshest orange juice smoothie at the best price ever!

Brand: Etinslant
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Manual Juicer
Dimension: 6.77 x 5.28 x 2.8 inches
Weight: 10.7 ounces

Etinslant Citrus Juicer is one of the best orange juicers having a manual operation. Made of food-grade stainless steel 304 material, which is stable and anti-rust, this best orange squeezer is much sturdier and healthier than other plastic squeezers to helps you extract more juice and get more vitamins.

This best orange squeezer is not only for oranges but also ideal for various other citrus fruits. The juicing container has convenient handles on two sides for better grip and two pour spouts for easy dosing. Seeds and pulp strainer are lockable, detachable, and fast-draining through the slots. 

This orange juice squeezer has compact size and lightweight, which makes it portable for traveling or camping. You can quickly squeeze a glass of fresh orange juice in minutes without electricity. 

Why should you buy this best orange squeezer?

Compared to other orange juice squeezers, this best orange juice maker with a handy classic design and a reasonable price won’t let you regret buying.

Type: Manual Juicer
Material: Food-grade ABS, Silicone
 Manufacturer: Mueller Austria
Dimensions: 6.38 x 5.67 x 4.21 inches
 Item weight: 4.6 ounces
 Color: Orange, Beige, Grey, Mocha

Mueller Citrus Lemon Orange Juicer is made of food-grade ABS material, a safe plastic used in food processing. Although the juicing cone is not made of stainless steel material, it is so sturdy that you don’t need to take much force to squeeze. You can easily enjoy a glass of fresh juice in minutes for daily vitamin supply. 

This orange juice squeezer is equipped with a lockable squeezer and a rubber bottom to keep it from slipping around. Also, this best orange squeezer strains the pulp and seeds so well that there is not a single seed slipped through. 

Why should you buy Mueller Citrus Juicer?

With ABS material, you don’t need to worry about having hand-cut by sharp edges like that in stainless steel materials. At an affordable price, this orange juice squeezer is super convenient to use daily and carry on everywhere.

Brand: Chef’n
Type: Manual juicer
Style Name: Lemon/Lime/Orange
Material: Nylon
Dimensions: 4 x 5 x 15 inches
○ Item Weight: 11 ounces

This handy orange juice squeezer is a great option for those looking for a small manual juicer to fit in a drawer. Unlike other hand manual juicers, this best orange squeezer has an innovative dual-gear mechanism that increases pressing power to reduce hand fatigue. By pressing half of an orange or a lemon, you can get up to 20% more juice than conventional orange juicers. This tool makes you easily and quickly add lemon juice to dishes that require a squeeze of lemon to enhance the flavor like Beet Fettuccine. 

This easy-to-use utensil is made of durable nylon and stainless steel to ensure a long lifetime using. This best orange squeezer is also easy to clean by hand and top-rack dishwasher safe. 

Why should you buy Chef’n Citrus Orange Squeezer?

This orange juice squeezer has a good lever action that makes operation much easier and is very handy for cooking at home on a daily basis. Help you get closer to a healthy life!

Brand: New Star Foodservice
Type: Manual juice
Material: Aluminum/Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 7 x 2 x 2 inches
Weight: 10.9 ounces
Color: Orange, Green, Yellow, Silver

With a handy design and eye-catching color, this best orange squeezer is perfect for restaurants, bars, and cafes and also convenient to use in your small kitchen. The tool has four different sizes suitable for various citrus sizes. If you look for an orange hand squeezer, the orange color tool is more suitable. 

Made of coated die-cast aluminum, the best orange squeezer is so durable and not likely to rust over time. This squeezer will leave pulp, seeds, and peel behind and you won’t be spritzing any on your hands. With this orange juice squeezer, you can quickly squeeze an orange or lemon to make perfect cocktails or daily breakfast drinks, and enjoy quick recipes like Bay Scallop Ceviche or corn burritos. In case you are a coffeeholic and cannot start a day without a cup of coffee,  we highly recommend some of the best Ninja coffee makers. 

Why should you buy this best orange juice maker?

Simple to use, clean, and store, this best orange squeezer will meet the demand in your kitchen as well as restaurants at a very good price.

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There is no need to peel the citrus fruit. Every best orange juice maker allows you to make juicing as simple as possible. Before juicing, don’t forget to wash the oranges thoroughly to remove dirt and harmful bacteria, then you just need to cut half an orange, squeeze it, and enjoy your fresh orange juice smoothie.

Most of the best orange juicers are dishwasher safe. Remember to disassemble each part before washing. If you use a hand-squeeze juicer, all parts can be washed in the dishwasher. For a citrus juicer electric, the main motor must not be washed by hand nor in the dishwasher. To clean the main body of the auto orange juicer, use a wet cloth to wipe off all the dirt.

Most of the best orange juicers will be able to filter out all the seeds for you. If you want some pulp in your orange juice smoothie, choose a juicer having an adjustable filter controller. Otherwise, an orange juice squeezer with a fine mesh strainer will be more suitable for you.

Absolutely yes if you have a large and sturdy juicing squeezer. Cut grapefruit and pomegranate in half like oranges and you don’t need to peel them before juicing. If you want to juice a large grapefruit, be sure to cut it into thirds or small pieces to fit your juicing cone.

However, these best orange juice machines cannot help you juice other vegetables like carrot, ginger, or wheatgrass. If you want to add these veggie juices to your daily life, let’s try our recommended slow juicers: OMEGA NC900HDC, Champion Juicer, or Kuvings C7000.

Final Verdict

The orange juicer is an indispensable item in the kitchen of every home. Thus, we hope that the above quick reviews, buying guides, and FAQs of these best orange juicers will help you shop wisely and choose your own best orange juice maker.

Our top pick among the best orange juicers above is Eurolux Electric Orange Juicer due to its notable features. However, all of these best orange juicers have different strengths and weaknesses in their own way.

The most suitable one depends on what you want from an orange juice maker!

Whichever option you choose, we hope you all have a pleasant juicing experience and enjoy the freshest orange juice smoothie right at your home!

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