Ninja CM401 VS CP307 Coffee Makers – Close Look And Best Guide To The Winner

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Ninja CM401 VS CP307! Many coffee makers snap at these machines’ heels. You may feel confused, and easy to buy the wrong one for your actual needs.

But in this article of Poor Girl Eats Well, I will clear the air for you and let you know deeply about the differences between the CM401 Ninja coffee maker and the Ninja CP307 coffee maker. I hope that the detailed comparison can aid you to be on the right road to make a great decision even at the first time. Scroll down without any further delay!

Technical Specifications Compare

Types of CarafeThermal CarafeGlass Carafe/ Thermal Carafe
MaterialPlastic, Metal, RubberStainless steel, Rubber, and Polymer
Product Dimension11.81 x 10.01 x 15 inches11.99 x 8.75 x 15.04 inches
Weight1 lb9.24 lbs
ColorBlack, Stainless SteelBlack, Stainless Steel
Water reservoir capacity50 oz/ 10 cups50 oz/ 10 cups
Tea Brew TypesHerbal, Black, Oolong, White & Green
Coffee & Tea Brew Styles5 Styles: Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Cold Brew, & Speciality4 Styles: Classic, Rich, Specialty, and Over Ice
Serving SizesCup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Multi-Serve, Half carafe and Full carafeCup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Multi-Serve, Half carafe and Full carafe
Cord length2.5 ft2.5 ft
Drinkable Time2 hours2 hours
Programmable Delay BrewYesYes
Built-in Fold-away FrotherYesYes
Brew Time10-15 minutes10-15 minutes
Permanent FilterCoffee & TeaCoffee
Dishwasher-Safe PartsYesYes
Display & ControlsDigitalDigital
$169.99 - $397.89
Best forStreamlined designEasy-to-fill reservoir

IncludingPermanent coffee and tea filters
Separate coffee and tea baskets
Ninja smart scoop
Quick start guide
40-recipe book
Removable water reservoir
10-cup thermal carafe
Fold-away frother
Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker
10-cup glass carafe
Fold-away frother
Gold-tone permanent filter
Ninja Smart Scoop
Removable water reservoir
Recipe inspiration guide
Quick start guide
Owner's guide
Further infoThe setup is easy and quick.
The retractable milk frother is sturdy.
The hot brew tastes rich and delicious.
Flexible brewing sizes with adjustable drip tray.
The frother is foldable and sturdy.
SCA-certified for safe home use.

Similarities of Ninja CP307 vs CM401

CM401 Ninja coffee maker and CP307 Ninja coffee maker have a visible clear similarity in their design as well as features.

Cup or Carafe Brewing

Regarding serving sizes, both CM401 Ninja coffee makers and CP307 Ninja coffee makers are flexible. You can brew personal cups or large 10-cup carafes with Ninja CM401 vs CP307. To sum up, you have the proper choice and brew accordingly. They allow pod-free brewing for a customized brew and less plastic waste.

Fold-Away Milk Frothers

You can make this smooth and delicious foam for your drinks with both CM401 Ninja coffee maker and CP307 Ninja coffee maker by a milk frother built onto the side. Moreover, when you’re done frothing, you can fold the frothers into these Ninja CM401 vs CP307 that give you an extra room when you’re short on space and easy store.

Smart Scoop and Removable Water Reservoir

The smart scoops of the CM401 Ninja coffee maker and the CP307 Ninja coffee maker let you measure the coffee exactly. I often use that scoop for measuring wheat linguine or flour when cooking Linguine with Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Spinach & Ham or Burritos

Also, these Ninja CM401 vs CP307 need to be refilled with water manually,  so their removable reservoirs make the process a piece of cake. Some Ninja CM401 reviews and Ninja CP307 reviews convey that you can just slip out the tank when the coffee maker is about to empty,  and pour water in. Ninja CM401 and CP307 Ninja coffee makers also make clean-up effortless by cleaning the tank separately.

Difference of Ninja CP307 vs CM401

The distinct advantage of Ninja CP307 is its double-walled thermal carafe that keeps the coffee batches warmer longer and serves more people and its Hot and Cold Brewed System. Believe me and buy it, then this CP307 Ninja Coffee Maker brings even more versatility to your countertop. Jump into BUNN brand with the same double-walled carafe, yet a bit more affordable if you are interested.

Dimensions and Weight

Obviously, at first sight, you can easily distinguish Ninja CM401 Vs CP307. The two products have quite different designs, and the Ninja CP307 is the more stylish one. Some modern-style machines from Cuisinart are highly recommended here, read on!

But despite that, the purpose of buying a coffee machine is to have a delicious drink, not a new decoration in the home, so that alone is not enough to give the top place for Ninja CP307.

Let’s take a look at the water tank, where the main difference between Ninja specialty coffee maker CM401 and Ninja CP307 is. The Ninja CP307’s reservoir slides discreetly into the body, so it looks neat and streamlined. Meanwhile, the water tank of CM401 is visible and placed right on the control panel. The panel takes up a small space, making it a bit confusing to find the buttons at first.

In terms of specifications, it is quite hard to tell apart Ninja CM401 Vs CP307. The CM401, also known as the Ninja specialty coffee maker CM401, measures 11.99 x 8.75 x 15.04 inches and weighs 9.24 lbs. Ninja CP307, on the other hand, measures 11.81 x 10.01 x 15 inches with a weight of 1 lb. Anyway, make sure whichever you choose, CM401 Ninja Coffee Maker or CP307 Ninja Coffee Maker fits your kitchen countertop, just an extra inch can make a huge difference.

To be honest, the Ninja CP307 has to be the winner in the matter of appearance and convenience. Its control panel is user-friendly and more intuitive.


Since both the Ninja CM401 Vs CP307 coffee makers feature a 50oz carafe capacity, it is definitely hard to choose between the Ninja specialty coffee maker CM401 or the Ninja CP307. Which is better or less expensive?

CM401 Ninja Coffee Makers come with 2 versions of glass and thermal carafe. If you’re a coffee addict and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, you should opt for a thermal caramel. It works more effectively at keeping your coffee warm and flavorful for a certain amount of time. Meanwhile, CP307 Ninja Coffee Makers feature both thermal carafes. You can pick the siblings of Ninja CP307 – Ninja CP301 to get the glass version.

Brewing Styles

CP307 offers 5 brew types: Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Cold Brew, & Speciality. Ninja specialty coffee maker CM401 features 4 varied brew strengths. : Classic, Rich, Specialty, and Over Ice. We can easily realize that Ninja CP307 has the Cold Brew and multiple Tea Brew types that extract all the vital sugars, oils, and caffeine that retains the vivid taste and texture of your coffee and tea.

Coffee and Tea Baskets

The CP307 stands out from Ninja specialty coffee maker CM401 when it features the most innovative yet simplest technology of Coffee Makers in the market: separate coffee and tea baskets.  It is amazing to make both your blissfully tasty tea and coffee in the same place.
Smart Basket Recognition
Coffee And Tea Brew Settings
Brew Directly Into A Cup With The Coffee Brewer

Although Ninja CP 307 coffee maker is a bit bigger and bulkier than others, it is ideal for coffee and tea lovers due to the reusable filters for brewing coffee and tea. Firstly, CP307 has smart sizes that can brew a cup, XL cup, travel mug, XL multi-serve/travel mug, half carafe, and full carafe. For brewing, you can choose from classic, rich, over ice, cold brew & specialty. In addition, it can also brew herbal, black, oolong, white and green tea if you like that.

The bright side of the CP307 Ninja Coffee Maker includes a stainless steel double-walled thermal carafe to use if you want a pot of coffee or tea. If you prefer the glass carafe version, go for the CP301.

Nothing is better than both your tea and coffee could be made in the same place with the twist from the CP307 machine. Two smart separate baskets will hold your tea and coffee and wait for you to switch between the two at any time. Make coffee time fun like cooking Chicken, Wraps, or Hurry Egg Scramble. You will also love the way the screen on the front of CP307 is dark until I push the power button and it lights up.

Moreover, the top dial of CP307 helps you to make what you want and control how strong it is, and then you can go for tea and those settings as well. The milk frother sits on a retractable arm with which you can place warmed or cold milk in the cup on the side. Moreover, it has an in-built frothing wand that is not as flexible as high-end espresso makers. Somehow, it is functional and flavors your coffee. Also, it is easy for you to remove and clean it in a second. The measuring cup of CP307 has a unique and separate design, coffee settings on one side and tea on the flip side.

Why should you buy CP307 Ninja Coffee Maker?

CP307 is the most versatile brewer having features to make many batches of coffee and tea drinks, hot or cold, in a variety of serving sizes. Perfect sense for either a single user, a family, or many guests.

Black And Stainless Steel Finish
Specialty Brew
Fold-Away Frother

In terms of design, CM401 Ninja coffee maker  is outstanding with an intuitive interface including a gracefully suspended brew group hoisted between a support bar and a  transparent water tank market on key points to indicate the amount of water poured into. The CM401 Ninja Coffee Maker is known for specialty brews. You can brew up an intense coffee, then make whatever you like for other specialty drinks like latte, macchiato, or creamy cappuccino.

In particular, if you are a big fan of ice coffee, Ninja specialty coffee maker CM401 lets you brew up fresh coffee over ice without the water-down mess that so often results from homemade ice coffee. Many Ninja CM401 reviews say it can produce six brew sizes with incredible flavor and is never watery. To be honest, the CM401 Ninja coffee maker is a good choice for both individuals and families. It has almost everything, a permanent filter, removable water reservoir, Ninja Scoop with Onboard Storage, and Programmable Delay.

The fold-away frother of CM401 Ninja Coffee Maker makes it easy to use and store. This special feature is quite effective in turning cold or hot milk into silky froth.

In addition, the Ninja specialty coffee maker CM401 is also SCA certified and safe for the whole family. Its superb thermal flavor extraction technology ensures you get the best flavor possible. This pod-free CM401 Ninja coffee maker excels in variety and can be perfect for a customized brew.

Why should you buy CM401 Ninja Coffee Maker?

Ninja CM401 reviews show that it may not be so cheap. However, it is compact, provides a wide menu of specialty drinks, stores easily, water switch over, and works like a charm. Why not give you a chance to try this powerful CM401 Ninja Coffee Maker?

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We suggest using the Specialty Brew feature which will brew a super-rich concentrate of 4 ounces from the regular coffee grounds. This is to make coffee-based drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.
Thermal Carafes keep your coffee hot and fresh long by trapping the heat generated during the brewing process.  Glass carafes add heat back through the hotplate. It may make tasting brews burnt if left out for too long.
Yes, Ninja CM401 vs CP307 features BPA-free plastic parts for safe use.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, my comparison of Ninja CM401 Vs CP307 ends up with the winner of CP307 in terms of both streamlined design and features.

Anyway, the CM401 Ninja coffee maker also makes a good call for coffee lovers who want to save a few bucks.

After scrutinizing the differences between Ninja CM401 Vs CP307, you should do the maths yourself to know how much that difference means to you. Then, make the right decision.

Happy brewing!

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