Poor Girl’s Loss Is Your Gain! (free stuff inside)

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Sometimes I am an idiot. They say that admission is the first step to recovery so I’m really hoping that this means I will be less of an idiot as time goes on, but so far it hasn’t happened. The good news about my idiocy this time around is that some of you will truly benefit from this.

So what did I do that was so dumb? I unknowingly enabled a small accident this morning by putting the following into an equation of disaster: PGEW Book Workspace + Orange Spice Tea + Cat on Crack (I’m sure it was just catnip, but with StuKitty, you never know). You can probably guess what happened from there.

Though I was able to rescue most of the books from being ruined, 7 of them did end up getting slightly wet along the bottom edge of the book. There’s less than ½” of tea stain on each book which definitely makes them imperfect, and though they are still perfectly fine and legible, I can’t sell them. It kills me because I know people want them and I need to sell them, I just couldn’t sell them to anyone like this.

But I can give them away. 🙂

The first 7 readerswho do not mind and a small tea stain along ½” of the bottom of their books, of courseto email me will get their copy for FREE. Okay, not entirely free, since I will ask that you still pay for shipping but the book itself will be free.

This is probably the last time this will ever happen (unless I win the lottery and can afford to do giveaways all the time), so you should really take advantage of this truly bizarre little offer. Once I receive your email, I’ll send you the invoice for the shipping amount and we’ll go from there. It’s not the best thing for me saleswise, but there’s not much I can do with 9 imperfect books, right? I suppose I could use them to wallpaper my kitchen but I’d much rather share them with you fine folks. And cookbooks do eventually get dirty if you use them often enough, so you can pretend you’ve already put this one to good use (which I hope you end up doing!). 😉

Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson and will now subtract Orange Spice Tea from the original equation. Cat on Crack can stay though since he’s cute and keeps me entertained. And if you’re not one of the first 7 to write in, no worries! I have plenty in stock right now, so you can order away. 🙂

UPDATE: I didn’t expect them to go this fast (within 10 minutes of this blog post), but the 7 copies Poor Girl Eats Well – To Go! (The Tea Edition) have all been claimed! Congrats to Jonathan, Brian, Sabrina, Cecily, Kristi, Brittany, and Devin for snagging a copy. And thanks for being such troopers and accepting less-than-perfect books!

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