60+ Best Authentic Soul Food Recipes PGEW Swears By

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Best authentic soul food recipes! National Soul Food Month is coming soon. Never forget to try the mouthwatering and effortless comforting soul food recipes we give you below. We have all the most essential and the best-tasting soul food meals that warm your soul, from the simple breakfast to stunning dessert and from the classic favorite chicken to the outstanding green.

Fill the hungry stomachs of those you love with traditional soul food dishes. You all know Kimberly A. Morales, Food Writer of many down-home but awesome recipes on Poor Girl Eats Well. The inspiration for these amazing dishes came from her grandmother and mother. The soul food lists will recall beautiful stories and memories in you. Happy Month!

Pick yourself a super killer appetizer in these best authentic soul food recipes. Trust me! These go-to comforting soul food recipes are great all year round and for both vegan and meat-eaters. Dive in!

Veggie Soul Food Lists

We all know that veggies are not the crowd-pleasers. However, more and more people are turning to vegetarian diets today. Plus, if you’re looking for the best authentic soul food recipes that are quick, easy, incredible, filling, fresh, and tasty, and cheap, veggie comforting soul food recipes are not a bad choice.

It’s not difficult to create awesome veggie soul food recipes because Poor Girl Eats Well is here with thousands of creative comforting soul food recipes.

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Cornflour Soul Recipes

As it has been pointed out, Italian food is the best choice for appetizers in the soul food list. Let’s take advantage of the tantalizing pasta or pizza to create fresh and colorful dishes. Veggies and dressings are the perfect complements to your best soul food recipes. Our lovely and professional food bloggers are ready to share all the secrets to making crowd-pleasing soul food recipes extremely easy and don’t take much time. Plus, these flavor-filled soul food dishes will fit the budget of you all.
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Protein-Rich Soul Food Dishes

I am sure you will be addicted to the best authentic soul food recipes below. Fresh seafood, fish, and meat are the perfect way to start your next fun moments. These soul food meals combine with tons of ingredients to create dishes full of color, flavor, and nutritional content but not make you too stodgy. It just makes you crave more!
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t skip it. Poor Girl Eats Well has brought together the 10 authentic soul food recipes for breakfast ever. From low-carb, healthy to fancy-enough breakfast, plain old gosh-darn easy breakfast dishes. We’ve got you covered!


Rise and shine with a sandwich from our authentic soul food recipes. Here we have delicious dishes from typical ingredients of soul food recipes such as cornmeal, flour, egg, chicken, and so on. They take your breakfast game to the next level. Simple. Delicious. Worth getting out of bed. Trust me! These soul food dishes are your lives.

Eggs, Eggs, and Eggs

I’m a big fan of Eggs. How about you? Eggs are a classic breakfast ingredient and an integral part of many breakfast recipes. These scrumptious egg-cooked meals are sure to get your morning off to a fresh start so you’ll be ready for whatever happens during the day. Let these eggcellent dishes upgrade your breakfast without breaking a culinary sweat.
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Toast, Wrap, Pancake, Pizza

You are looking for soul food meals made from cornmeal or flour. Here you are. We’ve rounded up 5 quick and easy eye-open dishes that appeal to all ages. Meticulous step-by-step instructions to create enchanting dishes that will bring your family to the table really fast.
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Chilling in this summer with the authentic soul food recipes like ice cream, parfait, brownie, granita, and more here. Nothing is more perfect and impressive than a mouthwatering dessert recipe, right! I’ve compiled all my favorites. Tried and true!

Ice Cream & Parfait

Our lovely writer, Kimberly A. Morales was really proud to receive compliments from her mother (As she is a very difficult person, it is not easy to receive compliments from her). She made cool recipes like ice cream and parfait from fresh tropical fruits. Honestly, the soul dessert food lists here will satisfy your sweet tooth.
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Pie, Brownie, Cookie & Crepe

In the soul food lists, we will help you turn common ingredients like flour, fresh fruit, or chocolate into melt-in-your-mouth soul food dishes. Find and try a perfect accompaniment to your cup of tea.
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Surely everyone remembers their childhood with natural foods like grapes & berries. This time I recommend Blueberry Milk in our authentic soul food recipes. Who doesn’t love fruit milk? It is incredibly easy and much better than powdered drinks. Get on to the recipe!
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There are thousands of reasons to put granita in your soul food lists – a delightfully light, crunchy, cool, melt-in-your-mouth dessert that’s perfect if you’re short on time, don’t have an ice cream maker, or don’t have popsicle molds. Different fruits make complete game-changers. Try with grapefruit or mango. Yum!
These easy dinner recipes will satisfy you with down-home eats. From pasta to rice to all the cornmeal or flour recipes.

Cornmeal/ Flour Recipes

Poor Girl will show you that with creativity and a love of cooking, you can make the authentic soul food recipes super simple and super cheap. Spicy and aromatic beef marinated in sweet potato tortillas, awfully tasty butternut squash burritos, or easy-to-make wraps. They work for you all!


There’s nothing better than having some decent soup after a hard day’s work. So chock full of yummy goodness that you can’t refuse. Beef lovers, vegetarians will both appreciate these easy & delicious soups.
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Rice/ Stuffed Recipe

If you want something special from your soul food lists instead of soup or pasta, try the authentic soul food recipes from South American herb-flavored steak rice, easy and colorful Pesto Couscous, ridiculously bright vegetable brown rice, or more. Dive in!

Noodles/ Pasta

If you’re craving a late-night noodle or pasta dish or takeout on a busy weekend night, you’ve come to the right place. Plus, the best part is that almost all of these recipes take less than 20 minutes to make. So easy!
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It’s summer! Most of the time you want the drink or ice cream to be a bit cold for a refreshing and relaxing feeling. But why don’t we use some juice packed with a ton of healthy nutrients that makes you feel great and even lose weight? Every kind of juice is here (fruits, veggies, ginger, or detox)
Are you looking for lunch ideas? Poor Girl suggests you 15 delicious, healthy and easy-to-make lunches, from hearty rice to fresh salad to flavor-packed tacos. Let’s face it!


We’ve rounded up the best fish recipes for salmon, tilapia, tuna, and more. What to expect from these soul food meals? These fish dishes will be ready in 30 minutes or less. Moreover, they combine different vegetables, rice, and spices. A great way to finish out the workweek in a healthy fashion.

Pork, Beef, and Chicken

Here we have spicy Thai beef soul food recipes, super tasty pork tacos, exotic and creative chicken stew soul food recipes, or quickly stir-fried noodles for busy birds. These are very easy and no-fail recipes. Variety of choices for everyone!
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Fried Dishes

When fried food cravings flare, look no further than soul food recipes that are deep-fried, juicy, and perfectly seasoned. In addition, the fried rice dish leaves you in awe of the unexpected deliciousness of recycling rice leftovers that you might have leftover after a weekend of shopping in China and using it wisely. Perfect for making easy lunches for work.
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Fight Food Boredom Recipes

What should you do when you are lazy to cook or are tired of unhealthy or clean foods each day to maintain your figure? We’ve got lots of delicious, hearty, or even meat-free and no-cook suggestions for you below.
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Final Verdict

Did you feast your eyes on all of these authentic soul food recipes? Poor Girl’s hope that the soul food lists’ variety of chicken, fish, beef, salad, and more will make you rediscover the love and inspiration from the longstanding traditions of Southern cuisine. Don’t just try one recipe, get creative, prepare several soul food recipes at once.

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