Recipe: Grilled Steak, Pepper & Asparagus Wraps

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Recipe: Grilled Steak, Pepper & Asparagus Wraps is an easy-to-make dish that has low-price ingredients for limited budgets. Don’t treat yourself poorly when you are in financial difficulty, guys! This recipe will take you out of it!

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So this is a rather embarrassing and I’m trusting you all not to stop reading my blog because of this, but in the interest of being brutally honest about how hard it is for me to make ends meet, and to prove that no matter how difficult the circumstances (some have doubted the authenticity of my poverty), I will always find a way to eat well, I confess to the following:

Poor Girl forgot to pay her gas bill. *hangs head in shame*

With all the crazy practicing & performing for Easter, the increased stress at work, and some unexpected bills popping up, making this a very bare-bones. April, I both forgot to pay the bill and could not afford to do so. I came home today and found a friendly little disconnection notice on my door, just as I was thinking of this great new recipe to try tonight. I sighed, came in, and apologized to the cats for being such an irresponsible mother (not that the lack of stove & oven usage really affects them). Hopefully they – and you, dear readers, as I honestly value your opinions quite highly – have not lost any respect for me.

The gas will be turned back on in the next couple of days, of course. I’m just feeling a little stupid right now for letting this completely slipped my mind, especially when I had so much good food planned. Still, I don’t get paid well at all and am always waiting for that next paycheck to arrive just to keep body & soul together (this recession and increased price of everything out there is making matters even worse). Even if I hadn’t forgotten, I would have been subject to disconnection soon enough (PG&E is getting vicious these days). However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about always being broke is that you absolutely canNOT let it get you so down that it rules your life. Yes, it sucks. I hate living this way. But everyone is feeling the pains of this recession more and more each day, not just me. Everywhere you look you read horror stories of entire families taking the scary way out just because they can’t escape the bills, or great renters who have been evicted because building owners cannot afford their own mortgage, or thousands of more Americans losing their jobs. When you think of all these things and put them in perspective, you realize that even situations like my current one are not so dire. I have a roof over my head; I have a job; I have a ridiculously resourceful mind and spirit; I have electricity; I have asparagus and beef in my refrigerator. Life really isn’t as bad as it could be.

I was originally saving the beef for one final round of steak quesadillas before trying to quit most gooey melty cheeses cold turkey, as well as using it for easy protein in salads, etc. With the cool new idea, I had thought I could realize just tossed out the window with my blue gas flame, I had to quickly reassess the situation and figure out what to do with said steak. I had thought about throwing it in a baked potato, but that wouldn’t work because I can’t bake anything right now (and I live microwave-free, so that wasn’t an option). Perhaps as part of a taco salad? Yes, but no… not today. Then I remembered a nice little bundle of frozen asparagus I’d gotten on my last TJ’s run. Yes….. steak and asparagus, and some red pepper and feta, all wrapped up together in a tortilla (which should be whole wheat but beggars can’t be choosers). A portable, almost dirty-dish-free meal. I was all for it. The flavors blend together beautifully, the colors are gorgeous, it’s not entirely bad for you, even when made with a flour tortilla…. really, what more could you want?

This is a great way to make use of your little George Foreman grill or any other little electric grill. These little machines are very handy and are not meant for burgers alone. Is weather too bad to grill outdoors? Use this to make some tasty kebabs! Don’t have time to lug out all your grilling equipment? Plugin and grill away. Poor Girl doesn’t eat well just because she’s good at food math; she makes use of everything in her kitchen, even the most kitschy sounding gadget. If I can have a yummy dish without the full use of my kitchen or owning a microwave, so can you. Just get creative, think survival, and start cooking. Now prepare to enjoy your indoor, outdoor-tasting meal. And did I mention it’s super simple to make and relatively guilt-free, not to mention cheap? Even better!

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Marinate the flank steak in the soy sauce, vinegar, garlic salt, and both peppers for about 1/2 hour. Heat the grill and grill the asparagus; set aside. Next grill the red pepper strips. Finally, grill the steak, making sure not to overcook so it’s not tough & inedible. Cut the steak into long strips and set aside. Heat the tortilla on both sides until just golden brown, then add a bit of feta. Assemble the wraps by adding the asparagus, pepper, and steak strips, a bit more crumbled feta, then rolling together into a neat little wrap. Cut into small rounds if you like, or eat the entire wrap burrito style. Either way, enjoy it!

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