Juicing For Weight Loss In No Time – Must-read Recipes And Best Guide For Amazing Results [2022 Updated]

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Juicing for weight loss! This is the perfect time to do it. Drinking weight loss juice is not only the best way to give you good metabolism but also detox your body in no time! However, in that journey, you have to determine and patient. Together with that, you need to know the right juicing recipes for weight loss and desired results for yourself because there are some types of fruits high in sugar and low in fiber.

Also, we know that many busy bees prefer bottled weight loss juices. But the sad news is some brands add sugars, artificial flavors, and preservatives to the mix. 

Don’t worry. This article in Poor Girl Eats Well will give you the DIY methods of juicing for weight loss as well as proper guides. Scroll down!

The reason most of you can succeed in juicing for weight loss

If you:

  • Not patient enough to work out every day in the gym
  • Not determined enough to pursue strict diets
  • Not reckless enough to accept risks from cutlery interventions

Weight loss juice is a viable option.

1. Easy to start and easy to maintain

The juice diet weight loss is extracted at home by yourself. Therefore, it will be delicious, and you can customize the ingredients to match your habits and hobbies. Eating should be joy, don’t try to force yourself to leap in the dark to drink the weight loss juice you don’t like, just because it helps lose weight!

Moreover, it is easy to drink weight loss juice. Another thing is that when drinking Weight Loss Juice instead of eating, you will have more time to relax, get your tasks going on or take care of your family.

2. Juicing to lose weight with no side effects

Weight Loss Juice will not have negative impacts such as water dehydration/water retention, liver failure, kidneys failure, darkening, exhaustion when practicing other methods of losing weight such as a too-strict diet or drug products with no certificate of quality or origin.

In contrast, weight loss juices will help the body relieve and be healthy, bring you plump skin, and make your organs discharging.

It is probably something that everybody wants when deciding to do juicing for weight loss.

3. Juicing to lose weight bring sustainable efficiency

There is no divine method to help you lose weight once in your life. Fat will continue to appear after a while you neglect it.

Therefore, the hardest failure is not weight loss but maintaining the ideal weight. Weight loss juice will help you achieve that!

  • Weight loss juice from organic veggies and fruits will not add toxins to your body.
  • Weight loss juice promotes the body’s poisoning mechanism that takes place stronger.
  • Weight loss juice helps your taste shift more and more positively.
  • A diet rich in vegetables does not make you accumulate excess fat. 
  • In addition to a fit body, you will have healthy skin, a happy spirit, positive thinking, and abundant energy source.

The right way of juicing to lose weight

1. Add juicing for weight loss to your diet

Drinking weight loss juice 30 minutes before a healthy meal (Fried Eggs and Salad, Kamut Berry Salad, or Fudgy Quinoa Brownies) is a good way. World-famous stars like Miranda Kerr, Pharrell Williams apply this method for many years to maintain an ideal weight and improve long-term health.

2. Drinking weight loss juice as a meal replacement

In many cases, drinking a glass of juice (especially fruits) will make you load more calories and be capable of gaining weight. If you have a goal of reducing a few kilograms of excess fat, try choosing weight loss juice instead of a rice meal on the day! You will simply have a more light “meal” from fresh vegetables and fruits. The amount of calories decreases, the amount of plant nutrients increases, how ideal it is for weight loss and fat burning, right?

3. Drinking weight loss juice for completely solid food replacement

This method is called Juice Cleanse, asking you to give up solid food for a short time, so that the digestive system is temporarily rested. About 2 liters of nutritious drinks every day (juice, smoothie, milk grain) – little calorie, nutritious and colorful juice recipes for weight loss!

Who should not Juicing for Weight Loss

Before applying any juice recipes for weight loss, talk to your doctor if you have a chronic medical condition like diabetes or hypoglycemia before juicing for weight loss at any time. “The sugar in fruit can make your blood sugar go up,” Taub-Dix.

If you have had a medical condition related to food or dietary diet before, it is also better to avoid juicing for weight loss, as it can encourage disordered eating.

How to buy the best weight loss juicer

 There are two main types: high speed (also called centrifugal) or low speed (also called masticating, or cold-press).

High-Speed ​​Juicer

The plus point of Centrifugal juicers is the juicing speed and super affordable price. Basically, these juicers use a cutting disc to cut the ingredients and then spin the pieces to separate the fresh juice and pulp. They are strong enough to juice much hard produce like carrot, or ginger. However, proponents of the raw food movement say the heat produced along with the high speed may shatter some of the nutrients when the juice is extracted.

We highly recommend the Breville Juicer which is easy to use, effective, and can produce nutritious juicing recipes for weight loss quickly and effortlessly.

Low-Speed ​​Juicers

Lower-speed juicers process fruits and vegetables at lower speeds, thus generating less heat and noise and extracting more juice than high-speed juicers. For greens juice recipes for weight loss, a low-speed juicer is the best. Stay tuned and explore the best Omega low-speed Juicers here.

Pickle juice weight loss recipe

Benefits of the pickle juice recipes for weight loss

Pickle juice for weight loss is a fat-free fermented food, good for your digestive system. Pickle juice weight loss recipes can boost gut health. Moreover, a study of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise shows that the pickle juice weight loss recipes help you relieve muscle cramps and stay hydrated during workouts. The vinegar in pickle juice for weight loss aids in your weight-loss efforts and controls blood sugar. You can check the apple cider vinegar and lemon juice weight loss recipes for the same effect as pickle juice weight loss recipes.
Juicing For Weight Loss pickle juice 1



Step 1:

Put all ingredients for the pickle juice weight loss recipe into a big pot.

Step 2:

Simmer the mixture until the sugar and salt have dissolved.

Step 3:

Turn off the gas and let the mixture cool down.

Step 4:

Now strain the mixture into a quint jar or a bottle using a fine mesh or a strainer.

Step 5:

Pickle juice for weight loss can be stored in a refrigerator for up to one month.

Prunes juice weight loss recipe

Benefits of the prunes juice recipes for weight loss

According to research by Science Daily, eating prunes as part of a weight control diet can improve weight loss.

Prunes juicing recipes for weight loss give you a good source of energy, and they don’t cause a rapid hike in blood sugar levels, but decrease appetite. Prunes juicing recipes for weight loss also bring you juice high in fiber, which can help you regulate your bowels and your bladder.

prunes juice juicing for weight loss
prunes juice juicing for weight loss 2



Put dried prunes into 1/4 cup water
Keep covered and set aside for 15-20 mins
Add soaked prunes, 1 cup water, then add sugar to a blender.

Blend it until smooth and strain prunes weight loss juice 

Extract the juice completely by pressing with a spoon. Add lemon juice
Add ice cubes into a glass, then pour prunes weight loss juice in and serve immediately.


Adjust sugar according to taste as prunes is tangy

Pick the best juicer for citrus to aid in juicing lemon and more.

Celery juice weight loss recipe

Benefits of the celery juice recipes for weight loss

Celery juice weight loss recipe has recently become one of the most popular juicing recipes for weight loss. The celery juice recipes for weight loss make juice not only low in calories but also comprises more than 95% water. Moreover, the juice fast weight loss is loaded with anti-inflammatory antioxidants and other beneficial plant compounds.
celery juice juicing for weight loss 1
celery juice juicing for weight loss 2



Choose yourself the best celery juicer for this section
Wash the celery stalks, then shake off the excess water.
Cut off the tips of the leaves and put the stalks in the juicer.
After finishing with the celery, put the apple, lemon, and ginger in the juicer
Drink the juice fast weight loss immediately, or keep the celery juice weight loss recipe in a sealed jar. May last from 1 to 3 days in the refrigerator

Celery Juice Weight Loss Recipe With A Blender

Put all the ingredients and add half a cup of water in a blender to blend them all. Set a sieve filter or mesh cloth over your cup, pour the liquid into the strainer, and press down to extract all the juice fast weight loss.
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#1. Is orange juice good for weight loss?

The orange juice weight loss diet is extremely low in calories and fat-free. Therefore, orange juice fast weight loss orange juice becomes a great choice if you are looking to lose an extra kilo or two.

However, nutritionists often recommend eating whole oranges instead of squeezing for juice diet weight loss. Juicing an orange can consume a large amount of fiber which is beneficial for weight loss. Eating whole oranges will help retain the fiber, helping you feel fuller for longer. Accordingly, you naturally binge less if you feel full. Dive in here to find out more about the best juicers for orange.

#2. How much weight can you lose in a month?

That answer depends on many factors, like age, sex, baseline weight, calorie intake, calorie deficit, and exercise.

According to founder Sarah Gold Nutrition, a safe and sustainable amount to lose is between 4 and 8 pounds per month.

The number on the scale cannot tell you whether the weight you are losing is water, muscle, or fat. Excessive dieting leads to weight gain in the long run and slows down your metabolism.

Let you make small changes over time. You should eat better foods that are veggies and protein, not eating fewer. Drink healthy with juicing recipes for weight loss, cut liquid calories from alcohol and sugary drinks, eat mindfully, exercise fitness, and adopt a long-term mindset. You will feel better for a sustainable long term.

#3. How to start juicing for weight loss?

The first step for you to start a plan of juicing to lose weight is to buy a juicer that will be your essential tool for your juicing recipes for weight loss.

The second step of juicing to lose weight is buying a variety of fruits and vegetables. You can vary your juice fast weight loss flexibly by purchasing both fresh and frozen products (it should be 75% veggies and 25% fruits to reduce sugar). Also, you need to prepare sample weight loss juices to avoid wasting items you may not enjoy in your juice diet weight loss. You should prepare only 1-2 servings of fresh juice fast weight loss at a time to keep it away from harmful bacteria.

The third step of juicing to lose weight is designing your juice diet weight loss. You ought to purchase juicing for weight loss resources, write up a meal plan of the juicing recipes for weight loss, and weigh yourself and give you insight into how effective or ineffective a juice diet weight loss is for you.

The fourth step of juicing to lose weight is planning for juicing recipes for weight loss that are healthy and safe. You can speak to your doctor before starting any juicing recipes for weight loss.

Final Verdict

If you’re unhappy with your unhealthy diet or your oversized body, juicing for weight loss is a great way to start your weight loss journey. You can try juice juicing recipes for weight loss on an empty stomach or simply incorporate more juice diet weight loss into your daily routine.

The juice recipes for weight loss in this post of PoorGirlEatsWell will help you burn your fat, boost your vitamin levels, and support the immune system that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Don’t hesitate to leave any comments and questions about juicing to lose weight here!

Happy diet!

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