Newsworthy: Cocktails, Anthony Bourdain, and SF Chefs 2010

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Cocktails, Anthony Bourdain, and SF Chefs 2010

It’s been another super busy summer month so far, and there’s a lot more cool stuff to come!  Here are a few events I’ve been asked to share with you fine folks, as well as an opportunity to have a couple of your questions heard by one of San Francisco’s premier chefs…

  • Some of you Sacramento locals have been enjoying the fun of Midtown Cocktail Week and from what I’ve been reading on Twitter, it’s been a blast!  Mixologists in the area are certainly taking cocktails to a new level, and this week’s event at Grange Restaurant will feature some fabulous selections!  On Friday, August 13th, Scott Beattie, author of Artisanal Cocktails, will be working with Grange’s bartender Ryan Seng to create a number of specialty farm-to-glass cocktails. From the classic Mai Tai to the mysteriously exotic East Indian Sidecar, each drink will highlight the best of California, featuring locally made spirits and seasonal produce. Cocktails are $16 for 2, or $9/each. 
  • The fine folks at Grange will also be hosting a special dinner and book signing on Wednesday, August 18th, as part of their Summer Author Series.  Celebrating Joanne Neft, author of Placer County Real Food Cookbook: Recipes & Menus for Every Week of the Year, who along with Chef Laura Kenny have created some lovely dishes using the rich produce, meats, and cheeses of the area’s foothills, this event will feature an exclusive book signing by Joanne Neft and Chef Kenny, as well as a special dinner from Grange’s Executive Chef Michael Tuohy.  The dinner will be based on one of Chef Kenny’s recipes and is offered at $45/person.  For reservations, please call 916-492-4450.  
  • Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I scored some press passes to check out none other than Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations LIVE next month!  I’m super stoked to go to this event and listen to his stories (and hopefully ask a question or two!).  Mr. Bourdain will be here in Sacramento on Friday, September 17th, and tickets are still available.  I’ve been asked to share a special first-come, first-served $5 discount with all of you, so if you’d like an opportunity to see the man behind the hit show live, now’s your chance!  Click here for tickets and enter “TRAVEL” as the discount code.  
  • Last, but certainly not least: as a great PGEW birthday present, I found out yesterday that I will have the opportunity to go to this year’s SF Chefs event to interview one of San Francisco’s premier chefs this Saturday!  Chef Jason Berthold is the executive chef of RN74 and winemaker of his private label, Courier, and I couldn’t be more excited to interview such a talented & creative chef.  I already have a few questions in the works, but I also wanted to give you folks the opportunity to ask a question or two.  If there is something you’d like to ask Chef Berthold, please comment below.  I’ll select a couple of my favorites and add them to my other interview questions.  

That’s all for now!  New recipe featuring some of my awesome $25 Shopping Cart finds coming up soon, so stay tuned!



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