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With just 2 days left on my current temp assignment and no other job opportunities in sight right now (despite countless resumes & applications being sent all over the place), I’m in the same dire predicament that I was in earlier this year.  Not having enough time to recover from that blow, things are even tougher now, so I’m trying to find other ways to rake in an income, no matter how small it may be.  On my other blog, I’m starting to sell some of the things I was hoping I’d never have to sell (there are only a couple things on there right now but I’ll be adding more stuff over the next few weeks). But that’s just stuff.  I want to help others with my knowledge, too, beyond what I already do here on PGEW.

Which is why I have set up my Hire PGEW page.  I actually set it up several weeks ago, but don’t know that I promoted it heavily enough, so I figured I’d just write an official post about it and let everyone know that Poor Girl is for hire right now (not that way, though, for those of you with dirtier minds…)!  From freelance writing for food sites or major blogs to workshops and classes on how to be a savvy food shopper and cook simple, tasty, and affordable meals at home, I am available for a variety of different assignments.  Please take a look at the Hire PGEW page for more details and how to contact me for rates, as well as my contact page on my other blog for non-food related projects that I can do.

If you’re a business who would like to sponsor PGEW for a week or even a few months, I am also starting a sponsorship program to allow your business or website to reach a different audience through PGEW.  Please email me for rates and more information.

Of course, if you just want to help (and I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate asking for help like this, but desperate times call for desperate measures), you can also click on the darling little “Donate” button on the left sidebar and send some virtual spare change.  You’re not obligated to do this, of course, but even $1 here and there will help.  As long as I can keep a roof over my head and pay my utilities, I can continue to bring you all the tasty recipes and awesome tips I’ve been able to share with you for the past couple of years.

Sorry for the shameless self-promotion… thanks in advance for all your support!



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