Voting for Project Food Blog Challenge #1 is now open!

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Hey, PGEW readers!

Just a quick note to let you know that the voting for the very first challenge of Foodbuzz’s Project Food Blog is officially open!  You have until 6 a.m. Pacific Time September 23rd to cast your vote for yours truly and help me advance to the next challenge.  

To vote, you may either click on the cute little Project Food Blog widget in the left sidebar or click on this link.   To view my first entry, click here, or simply scroll down a bit to the previous post.  🙂

A couple of things to note:

  • If you’re not a member of Foodbuzz, there will be a short sign-up process.  Don’t worry, you will not be spammed or required to do anything else but vote.
  • Some folks have been a bit confused by the “Remaining Votes” tally at the top of the voting page.  After you vote (for PGEW, of course), you will see that number go down from 400 to 399.  This does NOT mean you have 399 more chances to vote for me!  It means that there are 399 other bloggers you can vote for if you choose.  If you click on “Vote” again, it will cancel the vote you already cast, so be sure to click one time and one time only!
  • From what I understand, you can only vote once (not once a day, etc.).  If I find that information is incorrect, I will let you know here, on Facebook, Twitter, via smoke signal, carrier pigeon, and through Brian Williams’ Nightly News Broadcast (sorry… I have a serious crush on that man, so it’s bound to come up from time to time).
  • When you vote, please remember to use the Facebook “Like” button and the Tweet button to share with your friends and encourage them to cast their vote as well. 
  • This really means a lot to me.  I know the pleas and solicitations for votes may get a little tiresome after a while, but I truly appreciate the time you’ll spend both reading my entries and voting for them.  There are some awesome challenges coming up and I’ve already planned ahead for a lot of them, so if you want to see what Poor Girl can really do, please be sure to cast your vote!

That’s all for now, folks!  Bourdain recap is next, I promise.  Pinky swear, even!  🙂

Thanks again for your support!



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