Posting from my phone…….

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I honestly have no idea how this will look once it’s posted but I had to write!  There are things I need to clarify & things I must update you on, even if it is from the confines of my phone…

~ I am completely sans the internet right now. I can’t afford it & there’s no one nearby to help me with it, not even a cafe (which is ever so irksome).

~ I did not stop writing because of Project Food Blog. As per my previous post, I am rather happy to be out of that contest!

~ Project Food Blog & October: Unprocessed are NOT the same thing! So those of you who thought so, please know my last post was about PFB, not Unprocessed!

~ I have about 7-8 posts to share w/all of you, but until I can get online again, phone blogging may be it! 🙁

~ I miss writing & interacting w/all of you more than you know! Pray that I can update you properly soon – you wouldn’t believe my last $25 Shopping Cart!

Thanks for putting up with this evil glitch!



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