Thanks for your patience during the Great Blogger Crisis of ’11!

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Hey there, PGEW readers!

Just a quick note to say hello and all is right in the world once again, now that Blogger is back up & running (semi)properly.  As many of you know, either from visiting PGEW readers or working on your own blogs, Blogger ran into some serious technical issues after a routine maintenance update done this week.  As a result, not only were we unable to blog, but some posts actually went missing. 

According to Blogger, in order to get things back up, they had to remove all the posts that were added after a certain time on May 11th, which means that my lovely little Homemade Vanilla-Citrus Ice Cream recipe went completely MIA!  No worries, though.  It was one of those rare posts that I actually had backed up somewhere, so I will be able to post it momentarily.

Anyway, I’m glad things are back to normal because I have some fun posts to share with you this weekend!  For now, I’m just happy that almost 3 years of work was not lost.  I have definitely learned my lesson and will be backing up my work from now on, on the off-chance this happens again (which it never has in all my years of using Blogger).  Like many Blogger users, I’m happy with this platform & its stability in general, so this was definitely a fluke!  Hopefully, it won’t be a recurring one.

Thanks again for your patience, and stay tuned for the ice cream recipe coming up in 5, 4, 3, 2……

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