Photo Fridays: In Poor Girl’s Kitchen

Today marks the start of my 3rd Blogiversary Weekend (!!!!!!!!!) and it randomly occurred to me that aside from the occasional magazine or newspaper shoot, I’ve never really shown you my little kitchen.  I talk smack about it all the time: how tiny it is, how it makes no sense to me that my water heater is right next to my stove, how tiny it is…

But despite all that, I still love my nano-kitchen.  It’s where I feel most creative; most inspired; where the real escape is for me after a long, hard day.  Sure I have to constantly move things around in order to get anything done, and I would kill for a dishwasher that involves buttons & lots of noise rather than my own hands.  But it’s the heart of this little apartment & where I create what goes on this, my baby blog, which is growing up so fast.

So, without further ado, here’s a little tour of Poor Girl’s tiny little Midtown kitchen…

In Poor Girl's Kitchen
My favorite part about this upstairs kitchen: the random set of exposed shelves, which house all the cookbooks I always mean to read but never do because I'm too busy making up my own stuff...
In Poor Girl's Kitchen
As well as a small number of my cooking magazines (Bon Appetit & vintage Gourmet are in boxes because they won't fit), and other food-related but non-cookbook books (here is where my OCD-like tendencies start to show: must. not. put. food books. with. other books!)
In Poor Girl's Kitchen
Rather than take up valuable cupboard space, I put my prettiest glasses on the other random shelf I love so much. That's the key to making a small kitchen work for you - utilize every nook & cranny you can find!
In Poor Girl's Kitchen
My fridge kinda reminds me of the inside of my high school locker, only a lot more cynical. Here you can see how much I love things like vintage-looking postcards, Frida Kahlo, and Paul Banks of Interpol. And some slightly twisted humor, too...
In Poor Girl's Kitchen
Coolest. Kitchen clock. EVER!!! (thanks, Mama!)
In Poor Girl's Kitchen
Uh, yeah... when I said my kitchen was tiny, I meant tiny. That's literally all there is to work in. Oh, and isn't my water heater stunning? 😉
In Poor Girl's Kitchen
Tiny kitchen or not, when I moved upstairs to this apartment, I MADE them bring up my behemoth stove. One thing's having zero counter space; it's quite another to be stuck with an EZ Bake Oven (at least, that's what the old stove looked like). I'm a food blogger, dammit. I have needs.
In Poor Girl's Kitchen
My little dining area. Though, I do have to admit it's hardly ever this clear of stuff because it's also where I take my food photos...
In Poor Girl's Kitchen
... and do my writing. With expert assistance, of course. 😉 (Thanks, Beni!)

That is literally all there is to my kitchen, so that’s where the tour ends, folks!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Photo Friday. Be sure to stay tuned to PGEW this weekend, as I will be celebrating PGEW’s 3rd Blogiversary all weekend long with new recipes, new stories, and my favorite: my PGEW Year In Review.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  🙂

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