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Top 5 Best Juicer for Carrots – A 2020 Review for People Interested in Healthy Products

  • SKG A10 Slow Masticating Juicer
  • Hilax Centrifugal Juicer Machine - Juice Maker Extractor
  • Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer Machine
  • Aicook Slow Masticating Juicer - Cold Press Juicer Machine
  • KOIOS Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Machine

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Are you having trouble taking your pick amidst all the best juicer for carrots currently on the market? Then let us break down the 5 best options for you.

These days, carrot juice has become one of the most popular choices for people trying to lose weight. Thanks to its healthy and nutritious nature, this sweet bright orange liquid can keep you full while not adding any number to your scale whatsoever.

Thus, if you are trying to maintain or even take your first step into a healthy lifestyle, starting your morning with a fresh glass of carrot juice is a great first step.

However, carrots themselves are hard veggies, so you will need to find the best juicer for these little bright-colored rings. In this article, we have ranked the five best current juicers that you can get through unique requirements such as model power, speed, price, etc.

We have made sure that no matter which situation you are in, there will be the best juicer for carrots that fit your needs.

Top 5 Best Juicer for Carrots Review 2020

We spent days comparing the features of the 5 best juicer for carrots on the market today, while also reading feedback from both experts and users who have tested these juicers in their homes. Below you will find detailed reviews of each of the products we have selected for our top, along with comparison tables and buying guides that will help with the selection of high-quality juicer. should be easier. Now let’s take a look at the 5 best carrot juices that made the list.

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingCheck Price
SKG A10 Slow Masticating Juicer Wide Chute Cold Press
Anti-oxidation BPA Free High Yield Easy to Clean - White
Hilax Centrifugal Juicer Machine - Juice Maker Extractor
Juice Processor Fruit and Vegetable, Easy to Clean Stainless Steel Power Juicer, Dual Speed, Big Mouth 3 Inches Feed Chute, Anti-drip, BPA Free
Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor
Cold Press Juicer Machine, Quiet Motor, Reverse Function, High Nutrient Fruit and Vegetable Juice with Juice Jug & Brush for Cleaning
Aicook Slow Masticating Juicer - Cold Press Juicer Machine
Cold Press Juicer Machine Easy to Clean, Higher Juicer Yield and Drier Pulp, Juice Extractor with Quiet Motor and Reverse Function, BPA-Free, with Recipes
KOIOS Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Machine
≤60 dB, Reverse Function & 7 Level Longer Spiral System, BPA-Free, Cold Press Juicer Machines with Brush, Creates High Nutrient Fruit and Veggies Juice
○ Type of Juicer: Masticating
○ Speed: 36 RPM
○ Motor Power: 250W
○ Dimensions: 16.5 x 14.1 x 12.5 inches
○ Weight: 22.2 pounds
○ Warranty: 2 years
Extra features: Cold Press Anti-oxidation BPA Free High Yield Easy to Clean

The experts at SKG have made it their mission to flood the market with products of the highest quality possible. This SKG A10 illustrates their dedication in the clearest manner.

SKG A10 features a 3.15″ wide chute with a flip-over design, giving us the means to feed the juicer large veggies and fruits without the need to prepare them. For instance, we can fit a whole carrot right through this chute with no issue.

In addition, it also has another smaller opening at 1.75” meant for oblong-shaped ingredients. With these two chutes, we can fit anything into the juicer regardless of its size.

Besides, the juicer has a powerful motor, clocking at 250W, allowing it to easily crush the veggies completely. This monstrous power is aided by the low speed of the juicer, which can prevent the oxidation process. Thus, there will always be more juice with all the nutrients still intact.

Also, the SKG A10 Slow Press juicer is accompanied by two types of screens. To be more specific, there is a fine screen to get purer juice and a rough screen for more pulp. The generous staff at SKG even include another secondary stainless filter alongside a large juice cup.
Now, let’s continue with the not-so-good points of the SKG A10. Firstly, it is really expensive, so it can only be a great choice for people with a high budget.

Additionally, while it is fantastic in making juices out of hard veggies like carrots, the SKG A10 struggles when it comes to leafy ones.

○ Type of Juicer: Centrifugal
○ Speed: 12000-18000 RPM
○ Motor Power: 700W
○ Dimensions: 15.75 x 11.81 x 7.87 inches
○ Weight: 10.08 pounds
○ Warranty: 1 year
Extra features: Easy to Clean Stainless Steel Power Juicer, Dual Speed, Big Mouth 3 Inches Feed Chute, Anti-drip, BPA Free

Hilax is currently one of the most popular brands of juice makers thanks to its focus on quality instead of quantity. In fact, currently, they only have two products on Amazon, but both of them are best-sellers. A great example of this manufacturing prowess is the Hilax Centrifugal Juicer Machine.

If you are a busy person and cannot afford to lose any minute even just for prepping food (or cutting veggies) each morning, this Hilax juicer is perfect.

With its turbo-boosting 700W motor and the sharp blades, it can turn even something as hard as carrots to smooth juice within seconds. That’s not all, though, as the device has an extra-large feed chute of 3 inches, so you can fit pretty much everything inside. Thus, you can save time preparing all the veggies.

Additionally, the juicer has a precision filter, so it can extract minerals and vitamins with higher efficiency. Thus, the amount of juice extracted from your crunchy carrots will increase while the foam rate will decrease.

Besides, there are two power options available, so the juicer can handle more than just one type of vegetable alone. If you want to drink juice from soft fruits such as tomatoes, oranges, or strawberries, select “1” and the blades will go at 12000-15000 RPM. For hard veggies like ginger, beets, celeries, and especially carrots, select “2” and they will go at 15000-18000 RPM.

Also, this juicer has a 60 dB design, so you will not have to worry about the noises that centrifugal juicers are infamous for.

Of course, this does not mean that the Hilax Centrifugal Juicer does not have any weakness. As it is a centrifugal juicer, it can burn away some of the nutrition. Besides, it can be quite loud.

○ Type of Juicer: Masticating
○ Speed: 80 RPM
○ Motor Power: 150W
○ Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 11 inches
○ Weight: 11.08 pounds
○ Warranty: 1 year
Extra features: Quiet Motor, Reverse Function, High Nutrient Fruit and Vegetable Juice with Juice Jug & Brush for Cleaning

Aobosi has made a name for themselves thanks to their dedicated service and their hands-on experience in producing good food. Their product design is the highest form of optimization and the Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is a great example.

As it is a masticating juicer, the Aobosi Cold Press Juicer can separate the pulp and the juice perfectly. Case in point, its auger spins 80 rounds, much slower than the centrifugal juicers, in each minute, extracting up to 30% vitamin and 20% juice more than most centrifugal juicers you come across.

The low speed that the machine works at also means that there will be no heat build-up, just as there will be little to none oxidation taking place. Thus, the juice coming out will not be all that foamy and the taste will be much better.

In addition, the smallmouth design means that you can put ingredients in without worry about getting any injury. Also, the juicer has a safety lock, which helps make things easier while assembling and disassembling.
Besides, there is a reverse function that you can use to avoid any jamming issue. Believe us, a stuck juicer can be more annoying and dangerous than you think.

In addition, all of the detachable components are anti-oxidant thanks to their BPA-free material. Thus, you don’t have to worry about them getting rusted.

Additionally, with only a 150W motor, the Aobosi Cold Press Juicer works at much less than 60 dB, so noise is not an issue.

There are, naturally, some weaknesses in the Abosi Juicer, which is its small chute. With this chute, you will need to prepare the veggies properly before you can fit them in.

○ Type of Juicer: Masticating
○ Speed: 80 RPM
○ Motor Power: 150W
○ Dimensions: 17.8 x 11.5 x 9 inches
○ Weight: 8.45 pounds
○ Warranty: 2 years
Extra features: Easy to Clean, Higher Juicer Yield and Drier Pulp, Juice Extractor with Quiet Motor and Reverse Function, BPA-Free, with Recipes

A sub-brand of Aicok, Aicook focuses on arming our kitchen with not only convenience but also modernity. Their constant application of new and improved technology has allowed them to provide us with amazing gears like the Aicook Slow Masticating Juicer.

Rotating at 80 RPM, the Aicook Slow Masticating Juicer slowly but thoroughly crushes all veggies, extracting all the possible liquid from them. With this steady speed, heat and froth will not be able to build up, so the vitamins, as well as enzymes, are still there.

Besides, with a design integrating the filter and a unique auger, you can install and uninstall the juicer easily.
Additionally, it can be cleaned by a dishwasher thanks to its BPA-free material, which is quite a unique feature.

Also, with its outstanding auger, the Aicook Slow Masticating Juicer can work on almost any kind of veggies, not just carrots. So, you can explore new juice recipes with it.

Furthermore, the motor never makes any noise above the 60 dB threshold, so the juicer always operates silently.

○ Type of Juicer: Masticating
○ Speed: 80 RPM
○ Motor Power: 150W
○ Dimensions: 10.23 x 9.05 x 15.74 inches
○ Weight: 9.68 pounds
○ Warranty: 3 years
Extra features: ≤60 dB, Reverse Function & 7 Level Longer Spiral System, BPA-Free, Cold Press Juicer Machines with Brush

KOIOS prides themselves on their science-based approach to human optimization and nutrition. The KOIOS Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Machine is a great example of their philosophy.

Operating on a system of 7 spiral levels, the KOIOS Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Machine makes the best juices.

As it works slowly, there is no need to worry about heat or even froth building up. And without the heat destroying nutrients, your juice will retain almost all the best qualities of the veggies.

The simple design may make you believe otherwise, but the KOIOS has some great functions. For example, with its oxidation minimizing tech, the juices that KOIOS B5100 makes will be able to last up to 72 hours.

Furthermore, it has quite a delicate filter, separating juice perfectly from the pulp, making its juice a lot lighter in color. Of course, this also means that the juice will retain more nutritional value.

The juice that KOIOS makes has a much lighter color
Additionally, its straightforward design means that the juicer is really easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes.

Also, as the noise it makes is never above 60 dB, you don’t have to worry about it being too noisy.

This is not to say the KOIOS juicer is without fault. In fact, it does have some weaknesses. First of all, it does not have any feature preventing slip. Thus, there is a high risk of juice splattering all over the counter.

On the flip side, there are quite a lot of components, so putting it together may be a challenge.


Buying Guide

Whether you’re looking for your first juicer to dive into juicing words or are already a veteran, it’s important to consider the many features before purchasing a new device of this type. Not all users on the market are compatible with hard vegetables like carrots or beets, but there are models that can handle this kind of challenge with ease. Below you will find instructions for buying the best carrot press machine that suits your needs.

Features To Consider When Choosing A Carrot Juicer

Before deciding on the juicer for carrots that you want, there are actually quite a lot of features that should go under evaluation. For example, you will need to take into account the motor power, the price, and the juice extraction amount.

Here are the most vital features that we selected based on what both experienced and new users would want.

Type of Juicer
These days, the main juicer types that can work on carrots are masticating or cold press, and centrifugal models. In simpler terms, centrifugal models usually work fast while cold press ones are slower. Additionally, cold press juicers are usually much more expensive due to their complicated structure.

Due to the slow crushing principle, masticating juicers can never keep up with centrifugal juicers in terms of speed. However, slow or fast is not really important if we are talking about juices.

Why? Because the slower the speed, the more nutrients the fruits can retain, so the juice produced in the process is much better.

Motor Power
If you want to make juice from hard veggies such as beets or carrots, it is generally much better to invest in a model of great power. This is especially true if we are talking about the centrifugal juicers, as their users typically need the juice ready as fast as possible.
Size And Weight

This is something that many customers tend to overlook when shopping for a juicer. But it is nowhere less important than the motor or power themselves, as a larger model may not fit into your kitchen at all, and might end up a waste of money.

Thus, looking over and calculating your available space before coming to the final decision is always better. Additionally, you should also take into account the weight of the model, especially if it will be stored in a cupboard. After all, taking a heavy device in and out can become quite difficult.

Chute Dimensions

If you are not too fond of spending time preparing the veggies, get a juicer that has a feed chute larger in size. With models that have external big feeding chutes, there will be no difficulty fitting the whole carrots, apples, or other items inside. Thus, the pre-chopping to small pieces process is no longer necessary.

Of course, some models still require you to prepare a little. For instance, you may need to core the apples or peel the veggies before putting them in.

What Other Veggies And Fruit Can It Juice?​

We know that this is a recommendation list for the best carrot juicer. However, it is always better that you consider a device whose ability is not restricted to just one ingredient only.

There are models better at juicing leafy greens and soft veggies. So, if you are seeking a versatile kitchen partner, you should look for those that can do so.

Reverse Function

If you are thinking about getting a masticating juicer, then this is something that you should remember while weighing your options. With a reverse function, the juicer can prevent jams easily.

If there is no reverse function, once the juicer gets jammed, you usually will have to take it to repairmans. Additionally, there is also a chance of it getting completely broken.

Ease Of Cleaning

Most people are against getting juicers as they are afraid of the long and time-consuming cleaning process. This was not without reason, a juicer usually has many different parts and each of them needs to be cleaned regularly.

But no need to worry, there are models that come with inner spinning brushes. These will rotate simultaneously between the chamber and the strainer, cleaning them as the machine works.

Extra Attachments and Accessories

There are juicers that have many extra accessories as well as attachments. For example, one single device can possess strainers, extra jugs, residue cups, etc.

With these, a juicer is no longer just a juicer, it can transform into something like a mincer. And as you can see, this kind of machine, even limited to one feature, can thin your wallet to a huge extent, so why don’t we get one that can perform other functions, saving money in the process?


As you may know, getting a juicer that grinds hard ingredients like butter while staying quiet the whole time doing so is not a simple mission whatsoever. However, anything with power under the 150W threshold will produce bearable noise.

Be sure to check the rating of noise level, which is often in dB. You can usually find it somewhere in the manual or the information pack.

What Else Can You Use It For?
A great juicer does not simply stop at juicing carrots, it should be able to handle more than fruits and veggies. For instance, you can use it on leafy greens or soft foods. You may go even beyond that and get a juicer that can work for nut butter and even plant milk.

Unlike many other appliances in the kitchen, getting extended warranties for juicers is really the norm. There are cases where the warranty even goes up to 15 years, which you will surely find convenient.

For the most part, these warranties will cover most of the components, especially the motors. Thus, there is no need to worry if the juicer breaks as the manufacturer will have this problem taken care of for you.

Cleaning Deposits of Rough Material

There are mixes of hard water deposits and dried juice particles that will survive regular cleaning. If left unchecked, they can provide an environment benefitting the growth of bacteria, which may go into the juice later on.

That’s not all, as these deposits can clog the holes of the juicing screen, reducing the juice yield after some time. Furthermore, if you leave them like that, they can make the screen break.

So, how do we get rid of them?

For the mineral deposits, the best way is to mix water and vinegar with a 1:1 ratio, adding some lemon juice. Then, soak the parts in the solution and leave them overnight.

As for the brown dried juice particles, you should mix water and bleach with a ratio of 2:1. Afterward,  you must immerse the parts in this mixture for at least one day.

What to Look for When Choosing a Juicer?

As mentioned above, we will be focusing on two specific types of juicer: the centrifugal ones and the masticating ones. Each of these two types has different strengths and weaknesses, so you will need to look for their unique points. For example, centrifugal juicers faster, masticating ones are more efficient, etc.
Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal juicers shred the ingredients with two rapidly spinning blades at the bottom of their sieving basket. Due to the spinning force, the juice will be separated from the vegetable’s pulp. Then, it will be filtered through a container while the pulp goes into the bin.

It is indeed the faster type of juicer, as the blades can go up to 10000 rpm. Besides, centrifugal juicers usually have large feeding chutes, so we can feed big items such as whole carrots or apples in it. Thus, it often takes no more than 2 minutes to make a glass with centrifugal juicers.

Due to the two small blades, centrifugal types of juicer may not be able to handle all vegetables. Nonetheless, they are still the most widely available and popular option. This is due to the fact that they are simply more affordable.

However, as they work really fast, the centrifugal juicers produce noise of high volume. Additionally, the gears spinning can result in high heat, which erases nutrients in the juice.

Thus, you should pay attention to the quality of the blades, the chutes, and how fast the juicer may work.

Masticating Juicers

A cold press juicer usually rotates its gears slowly, crushing the veggies and fruits after they go through the chute. Then, it separates the juice and the pulp by slowly squeezing  the product. The pulp will be going to a separate container while the juice will be running through a mesh.

We usually call this type of juicer slow juicer. True to that name, they are much slower than centrifugal ones in processing the ingredients we feed. Besides, there are preparations that we need to do as the chute is actually quite small. Thus, pre-cutting the ingredients is a must.

To make up for the slow speed, masticating juicers work well with all kinds of materials. Also, the quality of the juice produced is actually quite high, which you can surely notice in its fresh, thick, and foamless texture. In addition, as these juicers produce no heat, so the nutritious  value will not be destroyed.

What else should you look for when in the market for a juicer?

Picking the right juicer requires much more than just knowing the type you want or how expensive it is. In fact, juicers these days come with many additional features that can sway one’s opinion greatly.
Large Feeding Tubes
As you may have picked up, a large feeding tube is incredibly handy for your juice-making process. Instead of having to spend time prepping the veggies, you now only have to put them whole into the tube. Thus, if you are still in the middle of looking into all the possible models, make sure that you get one with a big enough feeding tube.
Foam Separator

With high-speed centrifugal juicers, there will always be some foam sitting on the juice after making. Of course, the low-speed masticating juicers do have them too, albeit much lesser. Despite giving the drink a nice look, they contain nothing worth consuming at all, as they are just some juice oxidizing with the fiber.

Thus, having a foam separator to get rid of the froth is always a great feature.

Non-slip Feet For Stability
If you have seen centrifugal juicers in action, you will know just how fast the blades turn. Thus, these juicers will always need to be stable, as they can easily topple and spill everything. Besides, the fast-turning blades can also break and hurt you. That is why having non-slip feet is a necessary add-in
Juicers, especially centrifugal ones, tend to drip some juices out while they are working. Believe us when we say that cleaning your desk after the juice has dripped all over it is not a great experience. Thus, having some form of anti-drip features in your juicer is always a great thing.
Streamlined Design For Easy Cleaning
Juicers require cleaning after each use, as the residue juice can be dangerous for your health if left unchecked. However, as they are made of numerous parts, sometimes the disassembling process may take forever. Thus, we recommend that you get a juicer with a streamlined design, which is easy to take apart.

What Are The Benefits of Having Carrot and Carrot Juice?

Having carrots is something that our parents always remind us about. So what exactly is so good about carrots that warrant such necessity? Let’s find out.
Health Benefits
First of all, as we all know, carrots are among the best foods which give our entire system a massive boost. However, many still do not know exactly just how they can help with being healthy. Here are the reasons:

We are sure that you have always heard that eating carrots is great for the eyes. In fact, there is a certain truth to this claim. Carrots and carrot juices are rich in beta-carotene, which is a Vitamin A, sources. As you may know, Vitamin A can help with protecting the eyes’ surface and consequently improve your vision.

We all have caught the flu or a cold at least once throughout our life. They can stick with us for quite a while and make things much more difficult for school or work. However, carrots can fix that for you as it has antioxidants. These will help the body in fighting inflammation, cell damage, and free radicals.

Cholesterol is quite a huge issue that we all have to consider these days. With a high cholesterol level, you may have limited blood flow, increased heart attack risk, and sometimes strokes.

Carrots, however, have potassium, which can lower the cholesterol level significantly. So, taking in a glass of carrot juice daily helps cholesterol to lower significantly.

Carrots offer beta-carotene, which helps to prevent hypertrophy from thickening the ventricular walls. There is also the added benefit of suppressing your heart tissue remodeling under stress.

In addition, carrots also have lots of vitamin C, which lowers the chances of coronary heart disease. That’s not all, as carrots are rich with vitamin K, lowering the risk of getting blood clots.

Cancers will start roaming when abnormal cells uncontrollably form and multiply. Due to the antioxidants’ capability to combat cell damage, carrots can help with some types of cancers.

For instance, the aforementioned beta-carotene is great for keeping prostate cancer at bay.

Benefits During Pregnancy
Any pregnant mother is surely willing to do almost everything for the sake of her child. Of all those things, one of the easiest is controlling the diet. After all, with proper nutrition intake, your baby will develop naturally without any issue. One of our best recommendations for an expectant mother diet is the carrot.

While carrying your child, there is a high chance that your immunity will get much weaker. With the consumption of carrots, however, you can get a great amount of vitamin C. Thus, your immune system will be strengthened greatly. Besides, vitamin C also helps the body absorb iron easier, and prevents anemia.

In addition, carrots can also solve one of the most common issues that pregnant women face, constipation. Thanks to it having a high proportion of fiber, eating a carrot daily will lessen your constipation issue. That’s not all, though, as there is quite a lot of phosphorus in carrots, aiding muscles in functioning properly.

There is no shortage of vitamin A and calcium in carrots, which can help your child develop teeth and fetal bones correctly. Additionally, vitamin A is also really important for the development of your baby’s eyes.

Also, carrots have quite a lot of manganese, which is vital for your child’s cartilage and bone formation.

Besides, folic acids as well as vitamin B can be found with an impressive amount in carrots. Having them regularly will be hugely beneficial for the fetus’ brain and nervous system. Yes, we are saying that carrots will indeed make your child smarter.

Finally, there is always a possibility that your baby may get cancer in the development period. However, the beta-carotene of carrots can significantly reduce that risk.

Weight Loss Benefits
Losing weight has always been one of the most difficult phases that one must go through. This case is especially true these days due to the rise of fast foods and the fact that we are all getting busier. However, what if we tell you the secret that carrots can significantly help with losing weight?

Having carrots will increase the bile secretion in your body. What is bile secretion? Bile is a fluid that the liver produces, which aids in digesting the fat in your small intestine.

Thus, with an increase of the bile fluid in your body, it will certainly be able to burn fat at a faster rate. Thus, your metabolism will be improved.

A glass of carrot juice is just as delicious as a glass of soda or any other kind of sugary beverage. On the other hand, carrots are extremely low in calories, so you will not gain any more weight.

Besides, carrots are indeed really rich in nutrients as they can provide you with vitamin A, C, K, fiber, potassium, etc.

Digestion is one of the most important functions of our bodies. A weak digestive system will give rise to a multitude of issues. One such issue is the constipation problem.

Luckily, we only need to eat some carrots to maintain great health for our digestive tract, as they have lots of fiber. Fiber will make the stool bulky, which means it will pass through the tract smoothly.

Boost Skin Health

Carrots are great for your health, everyone knows about this. However, do you know that they are also incredibly good for your complexion as well as skin? If you are having some issues with your complexion, adding some carrot juice to the diet may help.

Here are the 3 main benefits of carrots for your skins.

The beta-carotene that carrots have a lot of can encourage the cell turnover rate and reduce inflammation. Thus, by having some carrots or carrot juice on a daily basis, you are preventing blemishes and reducing acne. In addition, vitamin A is also really great in strengthening the defense your skin has against bacteria.

Having some carrot juice means that your body will receive a rich supply of vitamin A, which is vital in combating loss of hair. In addition, there is also the fact that carrots can supply vitamin C and E, which help in improving the scalp’s blood circulation. Thus, it will stimulate the growth of hair.

As mentioned above, carrots supply our bodies with beta-carotene, which can provide natural protection against sunlight. In addition, vitamin A from carrots can speed up the recovery process of your skin’s cells after UV light exposure.

However, you need to drink the carrot juice first thing in the morning if you want protection against the sun.

Nutrition Facts of Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is one of the most popular kinds of beverage offering many health benefits as we have presented. But do you know exactly just how many nutrients are there in one cup of carrot juice?

Here is the answer, as taken from the Food Data Central of the United States Department of Agriculture.

In one glass of carrot juice, there are 94 kilocalories alongside 2.24 grams of protein. Additionally, it has 21.9 grams of carbohydrate and 1.89 grams of fiber. This is much lower than the same glass of soda or other sugary drinks.

Also, we can get 689 mg potassium, 20.1 mg vitamin C, 0.217 mg vitamin B-1, 2.256 mcg vitamin A.


A slow cold-press/masticating juicer will not produce heat that can damage the nutrition of carrots. In addition, centrifugal juicers usually have a hard time processing hard veggies due to its blades and motors not being strong enough.

Thus, we can say with confidence that the masticating juicers are usually the best choice for carrots.

First of all, you should wash the fresh carrot thoroughly, then you must trim off the carrot’s end. Next, start the juicer and push the carrot through the feed tube, collecting the juice with a cup. After the juicer finishes its work, you can start to clean the components.

Of course, there are juicers that need you to carry out some steps differently. In those cases, you should read the manual carefully.

Carrot juice tastes the best when it is freshly made. However, due to various reasons such as busy work, we sometimes need to find a way to keep them around for a while.

If you want to maximize the usage period your carrot juice, you should stir it with one or two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lime juice.

No, you should wash the carrot thoroughly with cold water, and then scrape it lightly.

This is due to the fact that all the valuable minerals as well as vitamins which we need are all close to the surface. Thus, if you peel the carrot, there is a high chance that you will also peel all of them away.

You should pick carrots that are large and have a good orange color. If you are shopping in stores that are non-organic, avoid ones that still have greens on. At first look, they may be attractive. However, they are not good for making juice as the capillary action still transfers water to the leaves after picking.

Yes, it is OK if you drink carrot juice daily. There is only one true side effect that you may worry about: your skin can turn orange a little bit. Aside from that , there is no actual health risk.

Of course, as the juice cannot provide fiber-like an actual carrot, you will need to eat some other fiber-rich ingredients.

Carrot juice is much more nutritious and safer than any kind of soft drink as it does not have any added sugar or other harmful chemical. However, this does not mean that you can consume this juice as much as you want every single day. After all, even water will become harmful when you drink too much.

In fact, the Harvard School of Public Health has made a recommendation that your juice intake should be limited to 4 oz each day.

Whether carrot juice or whole carrots are better for you will depend completely on what you want from them. In the case of maintaining the weight and dieting, whole carrots can serve as a low-calorie and nutritious snack.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a powerful boost of nutrition to start the day, carrot juice will fit the bill

Carrot juice is a healthy drink that you can drink any time of the day. However, we do recommend that you start your day with it first thing in the morning. After all, it detoxifies and cleans the liver, so you will receive a great boost first thing in the morning.

For children, if they drink too much carrot juice, their skin may slowly acquire a yellowish hue. In addition, there is also an increased risk of their teeth decaying.

Of course, there are also potential allergic reactions for people who have celery, parsley, ivy, spices, mugwort, or birch allergy.

Yes, as carrots are really low on calories. Thus, when you use it instead of sugary drinks the calorie intake will drop sharply. In addition, one tall carrot juice glass is more than enough to keep you satisfied until lunch, limiting potential snacks.

Besides, carrot juice will also increase the bile secretion in your body, burning fat at a higher rate.

As you may know, juices usually contain more sugar than their fresh veggies counterparts. For example, one cup of carrot juice often has about 9 grams of sugar while the same cup of carrots provides about 6 grams of sugar.

However, when we compare carrot juice to other sugary or soft drinks, there is simply no denying that carrot juice has much lower sugar content.

Unlike carrot juice, carrots themselves do not pose any actual risk to your health if you feast on them. In fact, the only side effect you may want to consider before eating too many carrots is your skin turning yellow-ish.

The reason for this phenomenon is excessive carotene intake will accumulate in your outermost layer of skin.

Usually, when you are using carrot juice in conjunction with exercises, it will only take up to two weeks before the effects start kicking in. As carrot juice will help with your metabolism and fat-burning process, your body will get in shape in no time.

Final Verdict

From all the requirements that we put out in the buying guide, we were able to confidently identify the best juicer for carrots as the SKG A10 Slow Masticating Juicer. First of all, it has two feed chutes with flip-over designs, so you can freely fit almost everything.

Besides, the juicer has quite a great 250W motor, so we doubt that there is anything that it cannot crush. Despite the high-power motor, it still works in complete silence, never breaking 60 dB.

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