Recipe: Spicy Orange Beef over Basil-Cilantro Brown Rice

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Recipe: Spicy Orange Beef over Basil-Cilantro Brown Rice will cost you much time to cook but the result will make you surprised. Tasty tender beef soaked up in a flavorful orange sauce is a must-try dish for your next dinner, guys!

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I scored some beautiful beef medallions on my last $25 Shopping Cart excursion and had a completely different recipe in mind for them. But as usual, these plans were derailed by my ever-fickle nature – and a random, sudden craving for Panda Express (??? you’d think I’d crave more authentic Chinese food). As I stepped off the light rail, I weighed the options in my head: waste $7-8 on greasy Chinese that would only give me about 2 oz. Beijing Beef, or head home, scrap the plan for the delicious idea I had in my head for the beef medallions and make something tasty & spicy, not to mention far different, healthier, and cheaper than Panda Express. I wasn’t going for the same dish by any means, but it was nice to be provided with the inspiration.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve already noticed I have a penchant for Picante and I was craving something nice & hot (on the Kimberscale). Since I was going for something similar but way different from the PE Beijing Beef flavorwise, I wanted to add a lot of heat to this dish but serve it with something healthy with cooler flavoring. When I checked out what I had left in the kitchen, I noticed an orange, one of those little cans of mandarin oranges, some lonely looking brown rice, cilantro that really needed to get eaten…. surely this had to come together nicely with a little effort. And so it did, with the help of a lot of cayenne & crushed red chilies, and the knowledge that brown rice can be kinda pretty, too.

As always, when I cook with citrus I try to make sure the juice I use is from the actual fruit, not from a carton or bottle. This is easy for me because I hardly ever drink anything but water so I never buy juice or sodas, but it is ever-so-convenient to just use a bit of Minute Maid when recipes call for OJ. Try not to fall into that trap; the flavor just isn’t the same as what you’d get out of a freshly squeezed orange (no offense to pasteurized juice! Just not the same when cooking). In terms of the mandarins, they’re more of a garnish than an ingredient; however, if they’re nice & chilled, they provide you with a nice respite from all the heat of the chile & cayenne (which I learned from experience), so feel free to load up; they’re delicious with the sauce! As for the basil-cilantro brown rice, this is an easy way to add some interesting flavor to an otherwise simple tasting food. This would go well with a nice Thai curry, some marinated tofu steaks, flavorful chicken, or just about anything. Keep this one in your recipe arsenal because you should be able to use it year-round.

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Combine the honey, soy sauce, orange juice, orange peels, and peppers in a bowl and whisk together. Reserve about 4-5 tbsp of sauce in a separate bowl. Add the beef medallions and marinate for about 1/2 hour. While the beef is marinating, cook the rice in the 2 1/2 cup water, along with the cilantro, basil, and salt. Cook for about 30-35 minutes or until rice is tender. Fluff with a fork, cover, and set aside.
In a large skillet heat the oil over medium-high heat. Place a couple of the marinated beef medallions into the skillet along with a couple of orange peels and cook for about 2-3 minutes on each side (depending on how rare or cooked you like your steak). Try to coat each medallion with as much of the marinade that’s in the pan as you can, to ensure the highest amount of flavor. Remove from skillet and cook the remaining beef in the same manner. By this time you should have quite a bit of brown bits in the skillet from cooking the beef. Deglaze with the remaining marinade, scraping up all the brown bits from the pan. If you like a thicker sauce, feel free to add a tiny bit of water combined with corn starch to thicken things up.
Spoon a fair amount of the brown rice onto a dish, place two of the beef medallions on top, drizzle with the spicy orange sauce, garnish with mandarin oranges, and extra cilantro, and enjoy!

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